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The Best Freelance White Paper Writers For Hire

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Who Needs a White Paper Writer?

Aren’t all writers after greater career upgrades? Both freelance writers and their clients constantly look for ways to grow their skills and the returns of their labor. In that sense, the benefit of freelance white paper writing is two-fold:

A client gets to outsource this very important work to a professional who specializes in it.

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White Paper Writers

Freelance writers get to hone new skills and upgrade their careers by learning how to write white papers, which is a step up from regular freelance copywriting and ghostwriting.

White papers are very specific written works in which a company or an organization shares its message. On the surface, it is a very simple piece of writing. One is only to overview what a company is about and the message that they’re sending, and to put it down in professional-looking writing. Or, is it?

Aside from communicating the company’s message, a white paper is a formal document intended for the general public. As such, it requires using several different content marketing skills and strategies, as its ultimate purpose is to represent the company and promote the writing.

Company Branding

A quality white paper writer uses everything they know about the company, their brand, and value proposition, as well as their voice. Each business post must fit into the company philosophy and must display its values.

Beyond that, brand-based writing uses the phrases, tone, language, and style that the company otherwise uses to communicate with its customers. A freelancer shouldn’t emulate others’ white papers or use their own style and voice.

Instead, white paper writing is first about analyzing the brand and its language. That way, a professional white paper writer can use a consistent style that “goes well” with the company’s other publications. If the writing style stands out from what the customers are used to seeing from that particular brand, the white paper may come across as disingenuous.

Content Marketing

As we all ready mentioned in our previous blog post, all writing is content marketing after it leaves your company building. Each piece of correspondence you send out, your social media posts or news article, and every manual and brochure promote your business.

Even if the content isn’t meant for marketing, it still markets. However, white paper writing is different than copywriting. In a way, it’s a presentation of a change that a company is introducing, a combination of a press release and a brochure.

While the primary task of a white paper is to educate customers, it must entice them into trying the product first. With this in mind, every white paper writer must hone content marketing skills. They need to understand the ins and out’s of how customers think and how written content fits in into addressing customer needs.

Audience targeting

While we’re talking about needs, audience targeting is a major part of all freelance writing, copywriting, and of course, white paper writing. A good white paper writer always thinks about the audience and how the said message will affect them.

Aside from the effect that the company hopes to achieve with its white paper post, it is also necessary to consider how the message will come across in the mind of its recipient. If the customers have gotten used to a set of services by a brand, will a change bring them discomfort? If so, do they need reassurance? Now, it’s up to the writer to uncover what kind of reassurance will a customer need and to find the best way to convey it.

Why so Many Companies Need White Paper Writers?

White paper writing is a specialty. Not even all professional freelancers can write good white papers. If you’re a business owner and your average workday is spent managing your organization, you likely don’t have the time to engage in quality white paper writing.

On the other hand, most businesses find that onboarding a full-time copywriter isn’t a good solution either unless they need frequent publications or otherwise publish a lot of written content.

When you need white paper writing only occasionally, then there’s no need to acquire in-house talent. Instead, you can outsource this type of writing and hand over the work to a white paper professional.

White Paper Writing Services

How Much Does White Paper Writing Cost?

White papers are a more laborious form of content writing. Expect to invest more in your white papers than you would in blogs or social media blog posts. The upscale cost of a white paper is in its great return potential for a business.

A single piece of content can bring in a spike in quarterly numbers if it's done well. A white paper both educates and sells, so its value for a business is enormous. With that in mind, there are a couple of factors that affect the budget size needed for white paper writing, such as:

  1. Word Count

Also known as 'the project size,' the word count is the exact measure of how much work will a white paper writer do.

  1. Project Requirements and Complexity

Companies from different industries have different needs when it comes to white paper writing. For example, a project for white papers technical writing, like those for IT companies where the content writer must put more effort into promoting functionalities of an AI software, will cost much more than fashion white papers.

The same goes for writing white papers in the cryptocurrency industry, or those about blockchain technology. A white paper serves as a lead magnet. The greater investment needed, the greater the skills that white paper writers must possess.

  1. White Paper Topics

White papers sometimes publish case studies, security policies, or a new solution by a company or brand to make the client's work easier. These topics are more laborious, so the white paper writer must do more work regardless of the project size.

A lighter white paper topic, related to niches like lifestyle, fashion, parenting, and several other niches that don't require in-debt research, will be more affordable.

  1. Branded Content

If the white paper is to simply communicate a change in the company process or introduce a new website, it doesn't require that much skill and ability by the writer. Here, the writer only needs basic research to find out the essential information needed for writing.

However, if a writer must utilize their brand content marketing materials and skills, the budget requirements will rise. If you wish your writer to draw from a case study, your marketing materials, and other branded content, they will use more expertise. This will increase the cost of your project.

Most white papers fall under the medium range of professional skill and ability use, so most clients first calculate an average budget needed for the project and later add more resources based on their needs.

  1. Writer Qualifications

For a writer to be successful with white papers, it’s necessary to learn, practice, and gain extensive experience. Since there is no formal training for white paper writing, and there’s also no certification required for this form of content marketing, any writer who wishes to improve their skills is welcome to do so.

However, be prepared to guide, manage, evaluate, and test learned skills on your own. Your future clients likely won’t know the inner workings of a white paper, but they will expect you to know. And they will expect an impeccable result.

How to Start With Freelance White Paper Writing

So, how does a beginner paper writer gain experience when they haven’t yet had clients? Typically, writers offer discounted, or even free, white papers to small businesses in exchange for a referral or a review of their business profile.

Another smart way to promote your services would be to create a white paper showcasing your services. Here, you’d do some market research within your selected writing niche, and find out what the potential clients look for.

Some of the topics you can focus on would be:

  • Branded content and content marketing

  • Statistics and case study examples of how businesses benefit from using freelance writers

  • How content marketing, case studies, and white paper posts benefit businesses

  • And others.

Find as many opportunities as possible to sharpen your writing skills. Over time, you’ll perfect your business and writing skills, and you’ll start getting more advanced job opportunities.

White Paper Writing

How to Start Freelance Writing White Papers, Articles, and Case Studies

Now, let’s talk a bit more about finding white paper writing jobs. Most companies need white papers regularly, but they don’t recognize them as a distinct form of writing. To them, publishing an article, a blog post, or a case study about their recent update is enough.

However, you can help your potential clients understand that they can benefit from your services. You can contact various businesses and explain what a white paper is. Prepare to give the following presentation:

1: What are white papers, what do quality white papers look like, and how do they differ from other forms of writing? Write answers to these questions with emphasis on key differences.

2: How businesses benefit from white paper writing. Showcase facts and statistics about the benefits and increases for businesses that post white papers.

3: How companies benefit specifically from your services. Here, you can break down what makes you different than any other white paper professional.

Essentially, you need to present your white paper writing skills, while at the same time, educating your future clients about what white papers are and how they benefit from them. Show the clients your samples and portfolio.

When choosing what businesses to reach out to, focus on those that you know to prefer to outsource content marketing materials. Businesses like tech companies already order plenty of brochures, articles, and blog posts.

Some businesses benefit from white paper writing more than others. Those that already rely on content marketing to attract and keep customers typically benefit more from having their content expertly written.

In the beginning, you might want to offer a discount or offer a minimal price. That way, you will easily collect your first few portfolio samples. Once you’ve gained more clients and more experience, you can start increasing your price rate depending on the competition, market conditions, and demand for white paper writing services within your niche.

How to Write a White Paper Proposal and Get First Gigs in Blog Post, Article, or Technical Writing

Your work at pitching to clients and landing freelance white paper jobs will consist of several crucial steps. Here are a few more ways to reach out to potential customers and get more job opportunities:

Personal Website Advertising

Set up your personal website portfolio. Make it professional, simple, and uniform, but still well-representative of your unique writing style.

Your website should contain your basic information, contact, and payment details, as well as the information about your writing styles, background, experience writing white papers, education information (e.g. whether or not you have a bachelor's degree in relevant fields), and the marketing tool range you use in writing white papers.

Job Ad Applications

Job boards and websites are great places to start looking for opportunities to establish yourself as a white paper writer. Showcase your expertise in writing white papers, news articles, and social media posts by including your writing samples in your profile.

When applying for jobs, always remember the need for in-depth research about the company and its marketing goals. Emphasize that you can also write articles, and that could inspire collaboration on a magazine article as well.

Cold Calls

Cold calls aren't so recommended for freelancers because they might take up your time and increase business costs. However, if you've previously worked with a business, you can ring them up and remind them that you're always there to write more white papers for them.

Cold Emails

Write up an email to a business or website you'd like to work for and explain to them how their readers can benefit from your work. Make sure to write up a good pitch that represents your talents as a freelance writer.

Send your white paper examples as well, and select the best ones so that the prospective client knows that you're an experienced writer who delivers good written white papers.

Mistakes To Avoid When Writing White Papers, Blog Post Articles, and Case Studies

If you follow the recommended steps, you’ll likely earn enough jobs for a full-time career on a monthly basis. Yet, despite your talent and professionalism, it’s still possible to make mistakes that could ruin your career and reputation among clients:

Stepping in Blind

Research your clients. Learn their backgrounds and only work with established, reputable businesses. The problem with working online is that the internet is flooded with cybercrime. If your client refuses to be transparent about their business information, and they settle invoices through a personal account rather than a business one, it’s possible that their work isn’t entirely legal or ethical.

The problem with doing business with such companies is that you don’t know what your work will be used for. If the client agrees to sign your name or logo on their white paper, and it later turns out that the business defrauded their clients, this could have a negative impact on you as well.

Only work with businesses with a good reputation among their consumers. You can easily vet a company by reading their Google reviews and scanning online forums for posts and comments about the business. The company should also have a transparent name, address, and contact information that check out.

Working With Anonymous and Obscure Agencies

Sometimes, agencies who don’t appreciate transparency as much as we do at The Urban Writers wish to keep their freelancers from knowing who their customers are. This is awkward if you’re supposed to write advertising materials for a said business.

To prevent writers from learning about their client’s identities, agencies use code names and give writers only partial information about the client.

The problem with working this way is that you never get a clear picture of the client’s brand identity. With a fake company name, address, and value proposition, no matter how similar to the original, you’re not giving your best to the client.

Such work organizations typically require many revisions and become stressful for writers over time.

In other words, they’re simply not worth it. Agencies who work in this way do so to prevent private freelancers from poaching customers for their own agencies, but they fail to provide a quality service to their customers.

As a result, businesses such as these have a short lifespan, and anyone associated with them might have a difficult time finding work later on.

Poor Research

Don’t rely on individual writer research for successful white paper writing. A writer needs both company input and independent research to get a better feel of the market and competition.

As a service recipient, a company provides information about products and services, and it’s also advisable to provide previous advertising materials so that the writer can make them more consistent. However, a writer should also look into the competition and stay on top of their advertising strategies.

Agree on The Writing Process

Both the freelance writer and the business they work with need to agree on key elements of content writing, which include:

Writing sources. Both parties should review sources and consult about the best sources to use.

Relevant paperwork. Requirements, notes, release forms, and any other documentation needed for the writer to start working should be handled ahead of time. In particular, pay attention to how the contract is laid out and whether it includes all relevant elements.

Key features and visual elements

It's essential for both the freelance writer and the customer to agree on key points to explore in the writing, as well as who will be in charge of any visual art.

Chain of Command

While it's possible that a company owner will personally interview the writer, particularly if it's a small business, that job is most often done by a marketing manager or another employee from the marketing department.

On that note, any writer on their way to finding clients should carefully inquire about who to contact for work submission, approvals, payment, feedback, etc.

White Paper Writing FAQs

How Much Will a Freelance Writer Charge to Write White Papers?

The Urban Writers provides white paper writers at a price range specified by your package. In that sense, you won't pay more for the white paper format than you'd invest in a fully written case study, official report, SEO article, or any other form of copywritten content.

Can a Content Writer Write a White Paper?

Yes. Your white paper writer most likely specializes in a certain industry, but they certainly have advanced copywriting skills.

What’s an Average Wage for Freelancers to Write White Papers?

Industry standards demand that you pay thousands for a single white paper copy. Luckily, The Urban Writers charges based on pre-set terms. That way, all of your expenses make sense, and you know that your article, case study, or post will cost as needed to write a white paper in a quality fashion.

Are White Papers Same as Case Studies, Press Releases, and Landing Pages?

While there are some similarities that white papers share with landing pages and press releases, they’re different forms of writing.

Press releases are more focused on announcing the news, while white papers have a more prominent marketing role.

Landing pages are entirely different as well. They are website pages that customers access to purchase products and find out more about services, while white papers have a more document-like structure.

Case studies show results that the company recorded by using a certain formula or an innovative solution, while white papers usually have a broader message to send about the company philosophy.

What Does a White Paper Look Like?

A white paper is a simple publication that can be an online post or a print copy. It has a more uniform look and a more formal tone than a blog or social media post. However, a white paper is still styled to match the company's aesthetic and to showcase the brand's voice and identity.

What Information Should I Include in a White Paper?

A typical white paper contains an introduction, a main topic or message, important points and explanations, and a conclusion.

How Do I Start Writing a White Paper?

If you're about to write a white paper, follow the following basic steps:

1: Research Articles and Online Blog Post Sources

Start from more formal sources when researching for a white paper. Although companies provide reliable source material, it's always good to check how competitors tackled a similar topic or situation.

Read more than a single blog post to get inspiration. Start from the company publications, which should provide guidelines regarding style and tone. After that, look at industry competitors and see if you can emulate some of the strategies that they use.

2: Research Company Materials and Case Studies

Know the client's practices, style, and language inside-out before writing blog post articles and white papers.

3: Note White Paper Requirements

What were you told about the white paper? Writers should always know what their work is expected to include. If your white paper includes case studies and should showcase an innovative solution in the industry then make sure to cover the basics with your superior.

4: Outline the White Paper

The outline is crucial for any successful post, article, and thought leadership publication. This is particularly important with thought leadership-related topics, where you need careful verbiage and a comprehensive overview of how an organization contributes to broader innovative solutions for the industry and the society.

5: Start Writing!

Write with the reader in mind. While your primary task is to cover all the company requirements, always think about how your reader will react to the writing. Try to think like an average reader, and note potential feedback for the next stage.

6: Revise and Finalize

Read your copy again and make necessary improvements before sending it into editing.

Want to Hire a White Paper Writer? Book a Demo With The Urban Writers!

Our copywriters await to take up your white papers and write up targeted, well-optimized, yet genuine and on-brand content pieces. Have your white papers written in these simple steps:

  • Create an account on our Platform.

  • Order your SEO package and upload project requirements.

  • Post your project.

  • Choose your favorite white paper writer.

  • Watch your white papers being written.

  • Choose editors and designers for seamless brand representation.

  • Download the finished copy and post your white paper.

Couldn't be simpler, right? If you need more help, let us know!


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How Much Does Proofreading Cost?

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