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  • All services
  • Translation
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  • Cover design
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How Long Will My Order Take?

We have a neat little tool to help you calculate all your expected due dates depending on the package and word counts you are interested in!

Check out our Delivery Estimator here: Delivery Estimator

Are Orders Processed Right Away?

All orders are usually processed within 24 hours. Once we have assigned the order, you will receive an expected date of delivery, which you can also view in our Order Management Platform. Please keep in mind that order processing may take longer in some cases.

Do You Provide Formatting?

Yes, all written content is delivered properly formatted, ready to be published as an Amazon Kindle eBook. If you need us to format content you have provided, such as an Editing & Proofreading Package, we can do so at an additional cost upon request. Paperback formatting comes free with our Bundled Packages or at an additional cost upon request.

Do You Add Content To Existing Books?

Yes, we can add content to your existing books. The price for written content is the same and includes copy-editing and proofreading for the content that we add. You will need to order an Editing & Proofreading Package for existing content to be copy-edited and proofread.

Can I Choose a Writer?

Certainly! Please feel free to sign up to our Order Management Platform, here. On our platform, you can browse our extensive database of creatives, view samples of their work, and chat with anyone that interests you. Once your order has been placed, you can then invite urbanites to work on that project with you.

Are Packages Restricted to Certain Topics?

Yes, Urban and Rising Packages have content restrictions. The niche drop-down menu contains the relevant niches for each package. If a niche is not listed, it is not available to be ordered with that package.

How Do I Request Revisions For My Content?

Once your order is in the Waiting for Customer Approval stage. You have the opportunity to request a revision on your order if needed by clicking on the Request Revision button on the order page and follow the prompts that appear.

Do I Own The Copyrights To The Content I Order From The Urban Writers?

All content delivered to you is yours. You retain all copyrights. Each of our team members signs internal contracts that relinquish rights to the content, so you can rest assured that the work will not be used or shared elsewhere as this is our disclaimer to you as the customer. Because we can guarantee this, you are welcome to claim credit as if you wrote the book yourself. This is your property.

Do You Provide Essay Writing or Academy Writing Services?

No, The Urban Writers does not provide writing services to students or for any academic purposes. We are a professional writing service that caters to professionals, self-publishers, and authors. We do not condone academic fraud.

Do I Need to Provide an Outline?

If you have specific requirements that you want your writer to adhere to, we recommend providing a detailed outline or purchasing a Platinum/Ultimate Fiction Bundle, which includes a professionally created outline. Our goal is to meet your requirements with each order you place with us.

Learn more about outlines here: Why Are Outlines Important in Writing: Your Guide to Detailed Outlines for Ghostwriters

Do You Include Images With Written Content?

If you select a Premium, Top, or Bundled Package, we do provide commercially-free images relevant to the content! Alternatively, you can provide your own licensed images for the writer to insert. The number of images we can provide differs depending on the package ordered. We can source more images above the package limit upon request for a small fee.

Why Would You Need To Verify Your Identity With Us?

Can you trust this request?

If you place an order with The Urban Writers, there is a chance that you will receive an email from our Order Fulfillment Team; support@dibbly.com

Please rest assured, there is nothing to worry about if this happens! This is a security process that we have in place for certain situations in order to ensure the protection and safety of our customers and our team. Once your ID has been verified, our team will be able to move your orders into process and we'll help select the best Urbanite for your order.

Who is our Order Fulfillment Team?

Our Order Fulfillment Team manages all active orders within the Order Management Platform. They'd be happy to assist if you have any queries or concerns! Please note that our Order Fulfillment Team will be the only ones to reach out via the above email address.

There are two reasons that you might be asked to send us proof of identity:

1. This is your first order with us.

If you have never placed an order with us before, our team will require proof of identity. Once your identity has been verified, your order will be processed and from there, our team of Urbanites will be able to view the order and request to work on it.

The Order Fulfillment Team will let you know the next steps once the order is ready to be processed! At this point, you can schedule a call with our Support Representatives for a demonstration of the Order Management Platform, where you will be collaborating on your orders.

2. Your payment has been flagged in some way.

In the event that a payment has been flagged on our system, we will reach out to you for proof of identity. If your identification matches the system, then there will be no issue. This is a process we have in place to ensure that no one is using your details to commit fraud.

Once again, our Order Fulfillment Team will be in touch regarding this flag. They will process the order in exactly the same way as above.

If you hear from anyone who you think is not an official member of our team, please reach out to us immediately via support@dibbly.com and we will investigate for you.

How Do I Access The Order Management Platform?

Please feel free to sign up to our Order Management Platform, here. On our platform, you can browse our extensive database of creatives, view samples of their work, chat with anyone that interests you, and even post your projects without needing to pay a cent upfront.

Here is a quick video to assist you with getting started!

Will I Be Able to Talk With My Urbanite and View My Project Progress?

In each package, you have full access to chat to the team live in our Order Management Platform. In addition to having the chat function, you can also view each item live as it is written in the "Document/Design Preview" tab of your order. Here, you can leave comments on the document for requested changes or other feedback.

Can I Access The Order Management Platform on a Mobile Device?

You can access our platform on a mobile device. However, our platform is not optimized for mobile at the moment. In order to access the full scope of features, please sign into the platform from a browser on your Mac/PC.


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