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To make collaborating with freelancers an effortless and enjoyable process. With a focus on high-quality content and exceptional customer service, we are changing the way businesses and individuals get the content they need.


Born From A Desire To
Provide Better Service

Marco and Natasha didn’t have a great experience on their own content creation journey. Using other writing services left them wanting more in terms of the service they received (or lack thereof) and the quality of the content that was being delivered. These experiences with other businesses drove them to create Dibbly | The Urban Writers, to shake up the content creation industry and make outsourcing content an easier, more enjoyable process.

Giving customers what they had been searching for—a truly collaborative and seamless content creation platform where customers can form real connections—was the sole purpose for the inception of Dibbly | The Urban Writers!

Visionaries Taking On a Challenge

Marco Moutinho

Chief Executive Officer + Founder

Building Dibbly | The Urban Writers from the ground up, Marco took on the challenge to create something better. Since day one, his innovative mindset has allowed him to do just that as he took Dibbly | The Urban Writers from a concept and made it a reality.

When he sets his mind on something, he always gets it done. That is why Dibbly | The Urban Writers are constantly evolving and finding new ways to improve the experience of all users, whether they are customers or freelancers. With his software background and problem-solving skills, he has transformed Dibbly | The Urban Writers into a Platform where customers can manage, work, and communicate directly with their team.

Natasha Moutinho

Chief Operations Officer + Co-founder

Joining the company several months after it launched, Natasha brought her passion and drive to Dibbly | The Urban Writers. With a burning desire to establish the standout culture in the industry, Natasha is a driving force behind the customer experience.

Her belief is that every member of the team adds value and plays a vital role in the company's success. Natasha’s killer management skills and ability to foster long-lasting partnerships through sheer love and a genuine desire to support those around her have helped strengthen the foundation of a company that was built to make incredible content attainable.

Sylvia Wells
Human Resources Manager
Robert Clarke
Marketing Manager
Michael Costa
Instructional Video Creator/Software Educator
Vitaly Svidersky
Web Developer
Nina-Mari Grobler
Platform Success Manager
Lis Perez
Customer Success
Nonkululeko Kubheka
Customer Success Coordinator
Nyasha Mutama
Customer Success Coordinator
Maria Sseruyange
Freelancer Success Coordinator
Matt Reid
Lead Software Developer, Create
Anton Chernetskyi
Software Engineer
Sean Cordes
Senior Software Developer, Platform
Pranav Mistry
Software Developer
Zhimao Lin
Ai Software Engineer
Christine Sava
Graphic Designer
Riley Gray
Software Developer
Younes Amor
AI Software Developer
Alexandra Spychalska
Executive Assistant
Dean Hamilton
Senior Software Developer
Allan Grimmer
Operations Project Liaison
Annemarie Lamprecht
Design and Illustration Success Coordinator
Tanya Bezuidenhout
Senior Order Fulfillment Coordinator
Mikayla Schilling
Senior Sales Representative
Desire Meyer
Senior Customer Success Representative
Gwendoline Greyling
Escalations Coordinator
Emmanuel Mayisa
Sales Representative
Talita Du Plooy
Customer Success Coordinator
Sandy Masia
Freelancer Success Coordinator
Suchetana Bhattacharyea
Freelancer Success Coordinator
Paul Jocobus
Customer Success Representative
Abbygail Kroeker
Freelancer Success Coordinator
Geovane Rocha
Sr. Software Developer
Isha Thakker
HR Generalist

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Making an Impact

In March 2017, Marco and Natasha decided to start a self-publishing business in the pursuit of earning passive income. This evolved into Dibbly | The Urban Writers we know and love today!


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