Refund and Revision Policy


Here at The Urban Writers, customer satisfaction is our top priority. That’s right, the most important person to us is whoever is reading this sentence right now! If you’re a customer (or future customer) of ours, you can expect to be treated like royalty. Not only are we renowned for our world-class writers, but we’re also famous for our fantastic customer service. 

In the spirit of high-end customer service, The Urban Writers offers a streamlined revision process that makes it easy to ensure you’re getting exactly the kind of product you envisioned when placing your order with us. 

Our revision policy ensures that quality controls, such as editing and proofreading, have been properly conducted, and furthermore, it ensures that order requirements are adhered to. However, it ultimately remains the customer’s responsibility to engage with their freelancer during the creation of their project to ensure that it is to their liking and that it matches their expectations. Our revision policy only works if you do!

Revisions and Our Revision Policy

Our Revision Policy is here to ensure that customers have control over their projects and the outcomes of those projects. We believe that a customer should get exactly what they paid for, and we believe our revision policy empowers them to get exactly that! 

Here at The Urban Writers, your project really is your project, and you get a say in it. If a product produced by The Urban Writers does not meet the requirements the customer provided when placing the order, the customer needs to communicate this to their freelancer or request a revision while the project is still ongoing. Our freelancers are happy to revise their work for you if you submit your revision request in a timely manner and ensure that it adheres to this Revision Policy. However, please note that all requests for changes and/or revisions must be made while the project is still ongoing and that requests for changes cannot be made once the project has been fulfilled and has passed through the “Customer Approval” phase.

Customers who give their approval during the Customer Approval phase, or who let this time lapse without response, and who do not request any revisions, waive their right to any further complaints or action regarding the project in question once the Customer Approval window has closed or lapsed. The Urban Writers cannot entertain any complaints originating from orders where customers gave their approval during the Customer Approval phase or allowed this time to lapse with no response.

At The Urban Writers, each package has its own revision count which displays the number of available revisions. Information about our packages’ revision counts can be found in their product descriptions on our website. We provide revisions within five (5) to ten (10) days of the order going into the Customer Approval Phase (“Waiting for Customer Approval”) in the Order Management Platform. The length of the Customer Approval phase will depend on the ordered package. If revisions are not requested during the Customer Approval phase and instead the customer gives their approval or the phase’s time lapses, no further revisions will be available. Additional changes can be made to a project after the Customer Approval phase has lapsed at an additional cost. However, this service is dependent on freelancer availability. If you have questions about the revisions available for a specific package, please feel free to reach out to We are always just an email away!

It is important to stipulate your expectations and requirements when placing the order to ensure that your freelancer is able to deliver the kind of content you have in mind. Vague instructions are not recommended unless the customer is proceeding with the intention of allowing their freelancer to take full creative control of the project at hand.

For writing projects, revisions come into play at the end of the order process once the product has been submitted by the writer for review and the status has been updated to “Draft Approval.” If the customer wants any content revisions, they need to request them at this point. Editing revisions come into play once the editor submits the order for review and the status has been updated to “Waiting for Customer Approval.” The customer may request revisions directly in the platform using the Document Comments and/or Chat to ensure that the requirements that were set when the order was placed have been met. Please note that customers can also communicate expected changes to their freelancers before the Customer Approval phase to minimize delays.

It is not considered a revision or a revision request to review your order while it’s in progress, to ask for changes while the order is in progress (if they are reasonable and in line with the original requirements that were provided), or to provide feedback or direction to your freelancer during the completion of your order. Customers may clarify their expectations of their freelancers and their orders to ensure that the final product meets the requirements that were provided when it was placed.

The Urban Writers highly recommend staying in contact with your freelancer and regularly reviewing your order to ensure that it is to your liking. Additional instructions or requirements pertaining to the order’s creation may be provided to the freelancer after their start date if such a request is a.) reasonable, b.) in line with what is provided by the package you’ve purchased, and c.) made at a reasonable point in the order’s creation.

Please note that narration, design, and illustration revisions do not allow for the complete recreation of the project at hand, but rather amendments to the existing submission. For example, a narrator would not be able to re-record an entire project as a revision. However, they could be asked to re-record a certain chapter or piece of the project. Each change requested of an illustrator, designer, or narrator will constitute one revision and the request for such a change will need to be made within the package’s indicated timeframe. In terms of writing and editing orders, each review of the product or “round” of Document Comments will constitute one (1) revision (additional revisions will depend on the purchased package) and will need to be made within the package’s indicated timeframe.

The following requests are not permitted as revision requests:

  • Requesting new or additional content that was not originally stipulated or provided at the start of the project
  • Rewriting the content on your own and asking your writer and/or editor to paste this content into their document
  • Rearranging content or moving images around if there were no requirements or instructions given to the freelancer regarding the structure of the order or the inclusion of images
  • Sending screenshots of changes or lists with page numbers on which you require revisions. It is highly recommended to make use of our Document Comments system to request revisions
  • Requesting custom formatting that was not mentioned in the order's original requirements
  • Requesting a change in tone or content if no tone or content requirements were stipulated when the order was placed and requested by a freelancer and no further instructions were given in this regard during its completion

Please note that The Urban Writers reserves the right to intervene in situations where our revision process or policy is being abused or misused in terms of the requested changes and the timeframe in which they take place.

The customer is always welcome to make changes personally to any content they receive from us after the order has been fulfilled and before publishing. Customers fully and wholly own the intellectual property rights to fulfilled orders they have purchased from us and thus have full right to modify or change the content as they see fit before publication.

If no revisions are requested during the Customer Approval phase and the order is instead approved (or the package's indicated approval timeframe expires), it is understood that the order is of satisfactory quality and that no revisions are required. If the Customer Approval timeframe expires with no revisions requested, the order will become available to download and be considered Fulfilled. Revisions requested after the Customer Approval timeframe has ended and the order has been Fulfilled will be subject to additional charges and may be affected by your freelancer’s availability. The cost of additional revisions will be determined by the Order Fulfillment Team on a case-by-case basis as needed.

Our freelancers are eager to ensure that they deliver the order of your dreams! Our revision process is in place to assist them in doing so. For more information regarding the revision process and policies, please follow this link:

If you have any concerns or questions about an ongoing order, please reach out to We are always happy to assist. Producing world class content is our goal, and we will happily help you to ensure that your content is just that: World class.

If you’d like to find out more about placing an order with us, or if you’d like help in placing an order, please reach out to our Customer Success Team at

Refunds and Our Refund Policy

Our team will always work with the customer to resolve any issues to the best of our ability. However, we also know that life happens and that there may be times when you may need a refund!

In the case of a refund and/or cancellation request, you contact our Customer Support Team to sample our world-class customer service:

We do not accept any returns on fulfilled orders due to the nature of the products we produce. Equally, we are unable to offer full refunds for projects that have already commenced or that have been completed due to the need to compensate our freelancers fairly.

We handle refunds on a case-by-case basis and do our best to stand behind the customer and take care of their needs. We believe that each customer deserves to be treated like our only customer, and we sincerely try to embody this ideology in every customer interaction. However, The Urban Writers does not provide full refunds once a freelancer has commenced with your project due to the need to fairly compensate the freelancer in question. We believe in paying our freelancers fairly and endeavor to provide services to customers who feel the same.

Circumstances in which a refund/partial refund may be provided include, but are not limited to:

  • Force majeure or acts of God that impacts the freelancer’s timely commencement of the project;
  • Force majeure or acts of God that impact the customer’s ability to be available in terms of supervising the project at hand; and
  • Any reasonable reason if your order has not yet been allocated and/or started at the time of the refund request. Full refunds can only be issued in instances where the project has not yet commenced. If your project has already commenced, please note that only a partial refund may be available and that the size of this refund will depend on the amount of work already completed.

Refunds, if processed, take between five (5) to fifteen (15) days to reflect on the customer’s end. Confirmation of approval for the refund request will be provided by the Customer Success Team. You will also receive a notification of refund via the email used at the original time of checkout. Refunds can only be made through the original payment method used at the placement of the order.

Please note that PayPal does not allow refunds once 180 days have passed since the initial transaction date. The effect of this is that we are unable to offer monetary refunds to customers who have made payment via PayPal if such payment was made more than 180 days ago. In cases where an acceptable refund is sought after the timeframe allowed by PayPal, the customer will be offered credit with The Urban Writers to the value of the refund that was granted.

Revisions, Refunds, and Third-Party Publishers:

The Urban Writers does not offer refunds or revisions for difficulties or problems that customers may encounter with Third-Party Publishers like Amazon KDP. The Urban Writers does offer paid revisions to content if such difficulties are encountered, but cannot encumber ourselves with the responsibility of ensuring that orders placed with us cover topics that are in line with all Third-Party Publishers’ guidelines.

It is the customer’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the rules and guidelines of any Third-Party Publisher that they may want to make use of before commissioning work through our Platform. The Urban Writers cannot be held responsible for any projects that do not comply with the standards and/or requirements of any Third-Party Publishers.

Third-Party Publishers, like Amazon KDP, have content guidelines in place which allow them to turn away customers who are attempting to publish content that is too generic or over-published.

Please see Section 6 of our Terms of Service for more information..

Additional non-returnable items:

  • Gift cards
  • Downloadable Digital products
  • PLS (Publishing Life Services)