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Book Bundles

Check out our cover to cover manuscript bundles!

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Cover Design

The extraordinary book covers that appeal to your readers

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Nonfiction Book Writing

Writing packages and bundles to meet every need

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Fiction Book Writing

Your ideas brought to life as a story readers will love

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Content Translation

Reach new markets with flawless translations from English to Spanish and German

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SEO Content creation | Image of a rocket implying higher ROI for SEO Content

Expertly researched, high-quality, and effective written SEO content

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Editing Services

You write, our professional editors polish and perfect

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Our diverse team of illustrators create custom artwork for a variety of uses

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Professional Book Descriptions

We can help your book stand out and catch your readers’ eyes

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Businesses and Organizations

Boost your business’s online presence and stand out in the digital market by working with a team of our first-rate content creators, editors, and designers. We take your success as seriously as our own. Don’t sacrifice quality or quantity, we have options for every business’s budget and needs!

Personal Brands and Entrepreneurs

Diversify your brand or small business offerings and achieve the growth you are aiming for. Work with our qualified, highly skilled content creators to get exactly what you need to catch the eyes of potential clients, affiliates, and more!

Individuals and Authors

Make your publishing dreams a reality or collaborate with our creatives to revamp an existing book through content revision, professional editing, a fresh cover design, or by adding custom illustrations.


Work with Next Level Freelancers

benefit-1 We Do the Legwork

All freelancers go through a rigorous application, testing, and training program prior to being added to our Platform. We take care of the vetting so you can focus on finding the perfect fit!

benefit-1 Extensive Variety

With more than 5000 freelancers on our Platform, we are always actively seeking to attract new freelancers to our Platform. This means finding the right fit for any niche topic is even easier when you work with Dibbly | The Urban Writers. Save time and find subject-matter experts for your next project!

benefit-1 Transcendent Customer Care

As part of the training and onboarding process, freelancers learn about Dibbly | The Urban Writers' core values (communication, quality, trust, and compassion). They embody these values, not because they have to, but because they love what they do! Working with our freelancers ensures you will have a positive, enjoyable, and professional experience.

benefit-1 Inclusive Recruiting

We know our customers’ content creation needs are as unique as they are. We are proud to have an amazingly diverse team of freelancers from around the world who can offer their perspectives, experiences, and expertise. Original, authentic, and exceptional content is the norm around here!

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Backed By the Best

Thank you guys so much for the Platinum Bundle. I've used different writing companies in the past, but you guys are the best in my opinion. I really love how you continuously try to innovate and fine-tune your craft, it really helps me a lot. :)


Dibbly | The Urban Writers is an amazing platform. They have excellent customer service, writers, editors and designers. The team was a huge help in assisting with questions on this new adventure I've embarked on. Highly recommend their services.


By far and away the #1 ghostwriting company for nonfiction self publishers. Consistent delivery time, good communication throughout and the only company I count on to produce books which generate organic 5 star reviews from Amazon customers.


Great writing company! They offer very good prices as well as deliver good quality work. Haven't had too many issues with their writing quality. They have other services such as cover design, which is also great! Good cover designer. Highly recommend!


If you’re looking for high quality writing en masse, this place does an incredible job. They are super responsive and work with you to create a manuscript that is high quality for whatever you may need. The owners are great people are have a commitment to making the customer feel valued and cared for!!


I have worked with Dibbly | The Urban Writers on a number of projects and each time I have been overwhelmingly satisfied with the quality and timeliness of the work delivered. I look forward to working with them on future projects.


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