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Platform Video Call Policy


This document outlines the policies and expectations for freelancers and customers using video calls on Dibbly | The Urban Writers Platform. It serves to ensure a respectful and professional environment during all virtual interactions. Please note that all calls on Dibbly | The Urban Writers Platform are recorded.


The policies and procedures described in this document apply to all video calls facilitated through Dibbly | The Urban Writers platform, involving both freelancers and customers.  These policies are binding for all participants and must be adhered to at all times


Dibbly | The Urban Writers is pleased to provide the convenience of video calls on our Platform, offering an effective means to enhance communication between talented freelancers and valued customers. This feature allows for seamless interaction, enabling clear and efficient collaboration on any project.

Expected Standards

  1. Professional Conduct: Both freelancers and customers engaging in video calls on Dibbly | The Urban Writers platform are expected to maintain professional conduct throughout the entirety of the call. This includes treating each other with respect, refraining from offensive language or behavior, and adhering to ethical standards.
  2. Confidentiality: Participants in video calls must respect the confidentiality of any information shared during the call. Freelancers and customers should not disclose or use any shared information for personal gain or unauthorized purposes. Confidentiality is crucial to maintaining trust between parties.
  3. Punctuality: Participants are expected to join video calls on time. If a participant is unable to attend a scheduled call, notification should be given as soon as possible to reschedule or make alternative arrangements.
  4. Respectful Communication: All participants are expected to communicate in a respectful and courteous manner. Offensive language, derogatory remarks, or any form of harassment will not be tolerated. Dibbly | The Urban Writers platform is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all users.
  5. Dispute Resolution: In the event of a disagreement or conflict during a video call, participants are encouraged to address the issue calmly and professionally. If resolution cannot be reached, either party can reach out to Dibbly | The Urban Writers admin support team for assistance in resolving the matter
  6. Non-Solicitation: Freelancers and customers are reminded to uphold the terms of the Platform Usage Agreement in which all parties agreed to not solicit or accept business from any supplier, customer, or potential customer of Dibbly | The Urban Writers outside of the Platform

Recourse for Non-Compliance

  1. Warning and Repercussions: If a participant fails to adhere to the expected standards outlined in this policy, they may receive a warning from Dibbly | The Urban Writers. Continued non-compliance may result in temporary or permanent suspension of their access to video calls on the platform.
  2. Escalation and Removal: In cases of severe misconduct, such as harassment or repeated violations of the policy, Dibbly | The Urban Writers reserves the right to remove the user from the platform and sever the working relationship with immediate effect. This action is taken to protect the well-being and safety of all platform participants. Any users removed from the platform will be contacted via email by an admin escalations representative. This will include Dibbly | The Urban Writers reviewing recordings and/or transcripts to validate information.
  3. Reporting and Investigation: All reports of misconduct or violations of the video call policy will be taken seriously. Dibbly | The Urban Writers will conduct a thorough investigation into any reported incidents and take appropriate action based on the findings.

Dibbly | The Urban Writers platform is committed to providing a professional and respectful environment for freelancers and customers. By following these policies and expectations, we can foster productive and positive interactions during video calls.

Dibbly expressly reserves the right to change, modify or delete the provisions of this Policy without notice.

Thank you,

Dibbly Inc. Human Resources Department