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SEO Content and Article Packages

All SEO Packages Include:

    Your Selected Number of Articles

    SEO-trained copywriter & copy editor

    Title & Meta Description

    Internal & External Page Linking

    Researched FAQ Section

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SEO Copywriting and Editing

You get to choose from our dedicated team of SEO trained copywriters to work on your content. Whether it’s an article, blog post, or marketing content, our team is trained to optimize content for SEO to help you rank on search engine results pages (SERPs). Copywriters and copy editors will work together to ensure your content meets standard SEO specifications, along with adhering to your provided requirements.

SEO Title and Meta Descriptions

When it comes to ranking on Google, your content title and meta description play an important role. Your copywriter will ensure they’re optimized with your keywords, increasing your chances of ranking, which gets your content in front of your targeted readers as they search for products, services, or information with those same keywords!

Professional Analysis

Our copywriter will conduct a quick analysis of any existing content on your website to see which articles have already been published, the current style of your content, and the voice you are projecting. Copywriters will also conduct some searches and find out how your site is currently ranking to get a point of reference for your unique SEO content needs.

Effective Keyword Optimization

You can provide up to 5 keywords for us to optimize your article against: one being your main keyword and up to four sub-keywords. Our SEO copywriters and copy editors are trained to use keywords properly and check for keyword stuffing (overuse) that can actually hurt your ranking. Your copywriter will strategically implement your keywords sporadically, and in context, for the best possible optimization.

In-Depth Page Linking

We will link to your current content internally, to further optimize for SEO. External linking is recommended as it adds value and credibility to your content. Our team can also incorporate external links to relevant content organically so it feels natural for readers. You can also request to have images and a video URL added to your content for a well-balanced article.

Researched FAQ Section

While our copywriters conduct research for your content, they can compile several FAQs that people also ask on Google and answer those in your article. This strategy will help further optimize your content and have your article(s), blog posts, or marketing material directly answer and rank, frequently asked user questions, meaning even more exposure for your business or personal brand!


How Does SEO Content Work For You?

If you want your business to be a successful one, you can’t ignore the importance of Micro Moments. These are occasions when people turn to a device to act on a need to learn, discover, watch, do, or buy something. These are Intent-Rich Moments where awareness is gained and decisions are made

Our SEO Services connect you with experts who will research, write, and optimize your content with the right keywords and enable you to rank higher in SERPs, thus amplifying your business’s reach.

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What We Have Accomplished So Far

Over 20,000 Satisfied Customers
Over 1 Billion Words written and edited by our amazing Freelancers
Over 5000+ Exceptional content creators to choose from: Writers, Editors, Designers, Illustrators, Formatters, Narrators


Who Can Benefit from Our

Businesses and Organizations

Writing high-quality SEO optimized blog posts takes time. Let our dedicated team of SEO trained copywriters create next level content to help increase your search rankings over time.

Personal Brands and Entrepreneurs

As more and more people are using social media channels, take advantage of the one medium that not only personal brands and entrepreneurs are capitalizing on, but that consumers are turning to to discover new products, services, and resources: Blogging.

Individuals and Authors

Looking to bring more traffic to your personal blog? Our high-quality SEO articles will apply your tone of voice to all content to make sure you're attracting and keeping readers, helping you connect and build relationships with your audience.

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