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The Best Freelance Food Writers For Hire In 2023

You can't say that you aren't a fan of good food. After all, who doesn't want to go and experience the best mouth-watering cuisine known to humanity?


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Well, if you are the type of person who loves to do just that and you have a knack for writing, then you should consider freelancing as a food writer!

A food writer aims to create articles, pen reviews, and even tackle columns in newspapers and magazines. When they call food writers "your typical food critic," in essence, that is what you are.

You have the job of telling all the food stories out there. Whether it be about the next hot opening in the food industry or about a restaurant that has become renowned for a specific pastry or meal, you enjoy the meal and simply write about it.


You will even have the opportunity to test out recipes in cookbooks, review the recipe writing by restaurants, and focus on some of the leading industry food trends within the food network!

The Different Types of Food Writers

Jobs for food writers depend on what kind of food writing you do. For example, you could become part of the elite group of food journalists that works for your general digital media outlets, newspapers, and food-specific magazines.

Alternatively, you could become an independent food blogger and record your own podcast.

Many food writers usually focus on either savory or sweet food items. After all, it is scarce that food magazines will only have the opinion of a single food writer.

But if writing isn't your style, you can choose to become a food editor. Everything in the restaurant industry, from blog posts to formal restaurant reviews, needs to pass through an editor. This means you have to be able to work well with other people.

The Average Salary of a Food Critic

Luckily, to become a food writer, you don't need to have a bachelor's degree. Although having a degree in journalism, English, or communications will be beneficial, keep your dreams of becoming a food writer from being halted by your educational qualifications.

With that being said, your average salary will likely be dependent on your qualifications and the amount of experience you have as a food writer in the food industry. Not to mention, depending on where and whom you are writing for, your salary will most likely also fluctuate.

For example, if you are one of the lucky food journalists to have a job as a freelance writer in New York or Los Angeles, you will be earning a lot more than someone writing for a professional chef in Texas. The reason for this is that the former are media hubs!

According to Zippia, the average salary food journalists earn is $63,594 per year. Naturally, based on the above, this will differ.

Have we piqued your interest? Are you ready to become an expert in reviewing French cuisine and tapping into the culinary arts? Well, then it is time to jump into some of the responsibilities of food writers.

A Few Responsibilities of Any Food Writer

As food writers and in food writer projects, you will be privileged to cover many food trends or a cookbook. However, there are a few responsibilities that you will have.

The Crafting of Food Reviews and Recipes

Food writers have a specific hunger to explore everything regarding food. You will be able to taste-test award-winning dishes, write some of the best recipes for a cookbook, and provide readers with reviews of where the best food can be found at all the different new restaurants.

Within the context of creating recipes, you have the opportunity to promote good eating habits, sustainable meals, and even advance the education of your readers. You don't just have to write restaurant reviews!

Covering Food Trends as a Food Writer

Food is like fashion; the trends keep developing. And it doesn't necessarily have to be about food directly; it could just be food-related! What do we mean by the latter? Well, you could focus on the beverage industry and write about which types of wine pair perfectly with specific foods.

Food writing means you need to be up-to-date with everything in the food industry. You have the capabilities and skills to bring the world to your people and vice versa. This is through the common thread we all know: food!

The Ability to Review the Restaurant Industry

Many restaurants have their own inspiring stories. Their beginning may have been tough, but they had a breakthrough food item that caused their reputation to soar!

As a food writer, it is essential that you don't just focus on a restaurant's food. Yes, we love eating, but people are drawn to a restaurant that has kind owners, friendly staff, and a story to tell.

A part of reviewing restaurants would be interviewing the owners, understanding their culinary roots, and discovering what started their passion for food!

Remember, reviewing a restaurant is an art! Yes, we said it! The reason for this is that you need to take everything into consideration.

Everything needs to be recorded, from the ambiance to the quality of service you receive, and even the prices for the food portions you receive. After all, that is what makes you, as a food writer, construct the perfect review.

Writing Your Own Books as a Food Writer

Food writing has no limit to the opportunities available to you. You could even go ahead and publish a book about a specific type of food. Whether it be American cooking, a memoir, the effects of food on mental health, the history of specific types of agriculture, or even how to eat home cooking on a budget, you pick the topic and let your brain and fingers type the rest.

Some of the more popular food writers in the industry include the likes of Julia Child, Anthony Bourdain, and David Chang, all of whom have at least one "bestselling author" title.

Their skills in their career have not only interested food writers across the globe, but they have prompted them to write cookbooks and even appear on talk shows across New York!

How to Become a Food Writer

Food writer jobs are relatively easy to come by. All you need to do is make sure you are able to showcase yourself and your talents. If you would rather not sit in restaurants and think about what you just ate and prefer writing remotely, why not look at writing for The Urban Writers?

Not only do we look at your experience, but we offer you the opportunity to really grow in your food writing, supporting you every step of the way! What more could you want?

But to land your first job, or any job at all, you need to know how to become a food writer. You were the one who was interested in food writing as a career, and we are going to tell you exactly how to do just that!

Food Writing Jobs Require a Personal Portfolio

Any freelance job you are applying for, whether you have a degree in science or journalism, will require a personal portfolio!

The aim of this portfolio is to showcase the life you have lived as a food writer. Here, you may be interviewed by food editors who want to see your ability to write a story about food that can be read and understood by anyone across the world.

As a part of your portfolio, you can show your published works, blog ideas that you have written down, and even your skills at constructing articles related to food.

Yes, your educational background may be present here, but trust us when we say that a food editor will focus more on skills than how long you studied.

Do Some Research and Learn About the Food Writing Industry

The food industry in America, especially in media hubs like New York, is dynamic and rather cutthroat. Just think of the amount of cooking shows online and how many people have made a career out of living a life surrounded by food!

Whether it be reading a memoir, participating in award-winning competitions such as MasterChef, or learning about the story of a well-known food writer, any research is valuable!

Cooking with different types of food will not only boost your own food writing story but will also allow you to tap into the cultures of those you interact with. It may even be quite worthwhile to shadow a restaurant's kitchen to see how it operates, especially if your career includes becoming one of the elite food journalists.

Focus On Your Education

To be a food writer, you really only need to have finished high school or obtained your GED. Yes, there are many jobs that may require a bachelor's degree, but it is not necessary!

If you look at the life stories of some of the more popular food journalists, you will see that many of them didn't get a formal university education when they wanted to break into the industry as a food writer.

Some food journalists even decided to write articles about their journey through culinary school.

Your journey as a food writer should not be defined by your level of education. If you want to write the memoir of a renowned chef, then go for it! If you want a memoir written about you one day, then strive for that!

You have the power to become a successful food writer with or without an education. Remember that!

In Summary

A food writer needs to be able to value the food they eat, the people they interact with, and ultimately the food industry as a whole.

Whether your career begins with The Urban Writers or with the San Francisco Chronicle, it is your love for writing, combined with your passion for bringing the tastes of the world to others that will make you a successful food writer.

Who knows? After a few years, we may be reading your memoir. All things are possible if your passion and heart are in the right place. Yours is, so why not get started?

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