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Letter Writers for Hire

Do you struggle with writing correspondence? Many business people choose letter writers for hire for their various messages, emails, letters, and other written communications. In this article, find out why people choose to hire someone to write a letter, and what a professional letter writer can do for your business.


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Need help writing a letter?

Writing letters can appear so easy. It's no more than simply writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper. Seemingly, letter writing is even easier than writing emails. Or, is it?

If you thought that letter writing was simple, think again. Perhaps, you don't struggle to write a letter to a friend, who knows your voice, intentions, sense of humor, and unspoken meanings behind your vocabulary.

But, what about more professional letters? What if you need to send a letter to an angry client, or an application letter to a prospective employer? In said circumstances, each word counts. Using wrong phrases, bulky sentences, and wonky formatting could very easily cost you your job!

Letter Writers for hire | Hire Someone to write a Letter


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Top letter writers will help write a letter that's well-adjusted to its intended purpose in terms of form, format, writing, and style.

Hiring a professional writer for your thank you or any other type of friendly letter for your business associates helps show your best features to the person reading the letter. Writer assistance is essential if writing skills aren't your strongest suit.

Another reason for outsourcing letter writing is that a professional content writer helps with expressing support. Letter writing helps address sensitive topics that require careful wording, like when you're expressing your condolences or writing to someone in a difficult situation.

Should You Hire Someone to Write a Letter?

Beautiful letter writing can help your friends deal with hardships, and it can also attract attention to your job application or work-related memos left to coworkers.

If you're a skilled "Thank you" letter writer, it will help craft a friendly letter with superb content writing skills and capabilities that make you memorable and improve your personal and business relationships.

But, how well have your developed your writing skills? Being a good letter writer isn't easy. You need the ability to put your thoughts in writing in ways that showcase your intentions, personality, motivations, and messages in a manner that will echo in the recipient's mind.

For this reason, many people consider hiring a letter writer for their correspondence. But, is this truly necessary?

Who'd Hire a Professional Letter Writer?

Are you communicating a lot through emails and text messages? If so, do you think that all of your communications represent you the right way?

In the eyes of many, the time of letter writing has passed. We no longer send out a thank you letter or the like to our friends and family, let alone distant cousins abroad. We also don't send out sympathy cards to friends dealing with loss either. Or do we?

The few occasions when you’re tasked with writing a letter might be few, but they’re certainly high-stake. For an individual, letter-writing skills become important when applying for a job, funding, addressing institutions for any reason, and engaging socially.

In those situations, it becomes obvious how much each written word matters. Letters sent to organizations, institutions, and other individuals don’t only communicate information, like your offer, needs, intentions, skills, and motivations. They also have a legal significance in the sense that you’re liable for the things you say.

With this in mind, think about potential problems that can occur if your recipient misinterprets your skills or the intended purpose for which you’ll use their help and resources? Confusion and miscommunication are only lighter potential consequences of saying the wrong thing.

Nowadays, even indicating to someone that you might consider them as an employee, a partner for a business venture, or a member of your study group could cause trouble should the person decide to hold you to your word.

Words carry a lot of significance. We’re reminded of that every time something that’s been written incorrectly or vaguely in an email or an official statement causes problems in real life or work.

Looking for a "Professional Letter Writer Near Me?" Become One Yourself!

Writing a formal letter can seem intimidating, especially when there’s a lot at stake. Let’s say you’re pitching your project or business to another organization. You can potentially score a lucrative deal, or they can completely misunderstand your business model and decide you’re not a good match!

What about your vocabulary? You might be brilliant at your job, but your “soft skills” might have gotten a little rusty. Too much time on the field or in production can make one forget the “fancy words” needed for your true skills and capabilities to truly shine.

Don't fret, you don't need a professional letter-writing service! Build your own content letter writing expertise with these few simple tips.

Step #1: Decide on the Level of Formality

It's often difficult to tell how formal your letter should be. The good news is that there is a simple way to know, and it's by reviewing the recipient's public posts and publications, as well as any previous post you received from them.

Your writing should match their tone, style, and vocabulary so that everyone is on the same page and communicating effectively.

Step #2: Outline Your Letter

First, write the core message of your letter in one simple, concise sentence. Each letter communicates at least one important message. That message should be "as clear as day," so there's no confusion in its interpretation.

Then, structure your letter by important points that you wish to make. Think of it as a piece of writing similar to an essay, but not quite like it. It has an introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction should be just that–detailing who you are, relevant information about your background, and why you're writing to a particular individual and organization.

Next, the letter body should contain a concise breakdown of relevant points, questions, or any other requests or pleas you're making. If the letter is fully formal, you can even use bullet points and subheadings to further break down the important parts of your argumentation.

The conclusion of your letter should sum up the points mentioned above, and detail the type of response you're hoping to receive, as well as how the recipient can reach you (beyond your returning address).

Step #3: Work Out Your Vocabulary/Language

People who send out a lot of writing, or otherwise work public jobs and address media, are used to exercising their speeches and planning out their writing to the smallest detail.

Don't be ashamed of doing the same, because your representation can skyrocket your success, while misrepresentation can drag your hard-earned reputation into the dirt.

Before you start writing your letter, observe the recipient's published writing, or letters and emails previously sent to you. What were their tone and word choices? How would you describe their vocabulary?

Given that you're the one reaching out to them, it's advisable to adjust your tone to theirs, and use their wording to address essential points. Take your outline and pay close attention to the key points you're trying to make. Find verbiage for those points in the recipient's writing and compare how your written language differs than theirs, and make adjustments that you feel will ensure effective communication.

Step #4: Write the First Draft of Your Letter

By step four, you have clear messages that you're communicating to your recipient and you know quite a bit about their writing style and language. Put those two together, and write the first draft of your letter from introduction to conclusion.

Step #5: Revise Your Letter

Now, read your letter once again. Are there things that can be phrased better, simplified, and made more on-point? Or, perhaps, some of your points seem to need more argumentation? Make the necessary corrections in your letter before creating a final draft.

Step #7: Write the Final Draft of Your Letter

Write a second copy of your letter with the necessary changes included. Read it once more from start to finish and make corrections until you're happy.

Step #8: Proofread and Edit

Correct typos, sentence structure, and readability issues in your sentences and paragraphs. Your letter must be grammatically impeccable! Need help? Let us know!

Step #9: Address and Mail Your Letter

Make sure that all sender and recipient details are written properly and mail your letter.


Still Need "Letter Writing Service Near Me?" Let Us Know!

Despite doing your best, it's still possible that your letter needs some revising and tweaking. If you're sending an important letter, or you'll be writing frequent letters further down the line, The Urban Writers can help!

You can inquire about any of the following services that we provide:

  • Content Writing

  • Ebook Writing

  • Editing and Proofreading

  • Formatting

  • Design and Book Cover Creation

Plus more!

How to Hire Personal Letter Writing Service for Your Letter Writer Needs | Letter Writers for Hire

Our Professional Letter Writers Deliver:

  • Original content writing

  • Writing according to your needs

  • Tone and style matched to you and your recipient (or target reader)

  • Your message communicated clearly

  • Grammatically correct writing and spelling

  • Content editing and proofreading

  • Plus more!

What is Letter Writing Service?

Letter writing help is a form of writing service we offer!

Letter writers specialize in professional letter writing help for your job application letter, cover letter, creative writing, political letter writing, and even love letter writing services.

For many, letter writing is a dream job.

Letter Writing Services for Fresh Letter Inspiration

Letter Writing Service Types:

  • Letter Assignment

    Professional letter writing services sometimes offer letter assignment writing. We don't do this at The Urban Writers!

    Not much demand, questionable ethics.

  • Recommendation Letter

    Write a letter to help someone advance their career. Your recommendation letter writing can affect other people, which is why it's important that a recommendation meets the highest standards.

  • Cover Letter Exactly The Way You Need

    Accompany one's job application with the right cover letter, and the applicant's personality and soft skills shine through! Your cover letter can set the tone for how the rest of your documentation will be observed and interpreted.

  • Personal Letter writing

    A custom letter writing experience for your close recipient to feel respected and understood. The rare letters being exchanged with friends and family remain memorable, so each word should be chosen carefully.

  • Job Application Letter Services

    A job application letter writing service ensures that your job pitch makes you stand out as competitive and on-brand for the employer.

  • Personal Message on Written Paper

    Creative writing can help your business by sending hand-written messages. Almost all high-profile clients and customers expect hand-written courtesy messages from time to time, especially if they're ordering an expensive product.

  • Personal Manager Custom Letter Writing Services

    Personal managers are expected to juggle different jobs, personalities, and operations within a business, all while getting along well with everyone. Many times, you'll have to write a sensitive message or a letter that could affect relationships within the organization.

  • Personal Manager Business Letter Writing Services

    Personal managers are also in charge of interacting with other businesses and handling written communications. These messages need to be noted carefully in regards to business/industry expertise, as well as soft skills and legal intricacies.

  • Personal Message Letter

    Exchanging personal messages written on paper or printed also requires careful language and word choice.

  • Support Team "Express Gratitude" Letter

    Do you wish to express your gratitude to a person or a group of people who've shown support for you? This can be done simply in a short message or a social media post. But, if the recipient is a public figure or an organization, more thought and skills are necessary to properly express your feelings.

  • Love Letter Writing Service if You Struggle to Talk About Feelings

    Perhaps, you want to send a personal letter that would greatly impact your romantic life, but you lack words. In that case, you can turn to an expert for help!

    We also offer:

  • Custom Letter Writing Services for Your Business Letter Creation

  • Custom Written Paper Letter for Non-Specific Recipients

  • Creative Writing Service Letter Addressed Properly

  • Political Letter Writing Services: Public Figure Aimed Letter

    What not to order when purchasing professional letter writing services:

  • Academic Papers

  • Research Papers

  • Academic Career Correct Format

Who'd Hire a Professional Letter Writer | Hire Letter Writers


Letter Writing Service Helps Send a Heartwarming or Professional Letter Alike

Hire Letter Writers With the Right Skills and Capabilities for Your Special Letter!

Hire letter writers NOW!

Your letter writer must have the following:

Letter Writer Skills

Cover Letters Expert Letter Writers. You need specific skills for writing an effective cover letter.

Professional writers know how to choose tone and language based on letter purpose and recipient characteristics.

Finding a "virtual assistant" writer when needed: good writers ask questions, research, and seek support.

Letter writer discretion: Understand how sensitive the topic is and have the expertise to instill trust in the recipient.

Developmental editing: After writing your first draft, it's necessary to revise your letter and make the necessary changes.

No "Money Back Guarantee": Understand that the damage from sending an unprofessional-looking reader will be impossible to fix!

Free Title Formulation: Identify whether you can write a title for your letter as you see fit, or if there are some pre-set requirements by the recipient.

Referral, recommendation, or previous employer's letter can help your coworker or associate advance their career. It should be written carefully with both the employee and their prospective future employer in mind.

How to Hire Personal Letter Writing Service for Your Letter Writer Needs

As you can see, writing a letter takes a lot of skill, patience, and exercise. If you're finding yourself to struggle still, you can choose to hire letter writers. Here at The Urban Writers, we can help with many of your letter-writing hurdles.

Need a letter? Your chosen professional writing service:

  • Professional Writer

  • Online Writing Job Opening

  • Quality Letter Written Strictly By Job Description

  • English Language

  • Order Form

  • Rough Drafts

As you can see, letter writing is a very specific skill. If you don't like writing, don't have the time, or simply have too much content to write, you can let us know and we'll help in the best way we can!

How Does Content Writing Benefits Your Business? The Urban Writers Gives You Options!

Aside from professional letter writing, your business also benefits from skillful content writing and publishing:

SEO Writing, Copywriting, Business Writing

Your business copy, emails, promotional materials, social media posts, and others need to be accurate, legally safe, and fully represent the positive values of your brand.

Plus, they need to be well-optimized for search engines to pick them up and show them in the results of your customer searches!

Non-Fiction Writing: Publish an Ebook About Your Business!

Your business idea was unique and innovative. Things you've done so far have helped thousands of customers improve their lives, so why not write a little bit more about what you do? We can help spread your philosophy and share knowledge about your industry, all while creating an extra source of revenue!

Fiction Writing: Give Your Product/Service A Story

Why not write a fictional story that complements your business? The general public is never tired of novel reading, and if they can use your business to feel like a part of the story, then that's a chance you can't miss!

Written content can greatly contribute to marketing your business, as well as creating passive income streams. Once made, your publications can last forever. There's no limitation to how many customers can download/purchase them, and you don't have to worry about maintenance, upgrading, and other adjustments that await your products and services.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us know what your content needs are! Feel free to share details about yourself, your business, and your needs.

Check out our writing and editing packages!

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