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Are you looking for the best writers for hire? If you’ve been struggling to find content writers that meet your expectations, then read this article! In this article, you’ll also learn how to write as a freelancer if you’ve been looking for freelance writing opportunities.


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Do you need top-notch content, but have no time to write? Perhaps, you understand the role that a freelance writer can have in producing copy and creative writing, but you're still too cautious to give them a chance?

There are many reasons why one would need a freelance writer by their side. A professional writer can take all your own blog writing, article writing, press releases, business writing, and other content-creation jobs off your shoulders.

Perhaps, you’re an expert in your field, but creative or technical writing isn’t your strongest suit? If you're looking for someone to create content for you, and high quality content for that matter, then perhaps you should consider hiring content writing services.

In this article, we'll explore what different experts in content creation do in case you're considering freelance writers for hire, like getting blog writing or another professional book, website or blog writer.

If you've tried and been duped one too many times, find out how to get a blog writer or a freelance writer for your paper. You can also get help with your own blog writing, content writing services, marketing campaign, whitepapers, or corporate website content.

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What is a Freelance writer?

Freelance writers, as the name suggests, do blog, eBook, or website content writing professionally and for compensation. Take can work part-time or full-time, with one or several clients, depending on the workload. There are many different types of content that freelance writers produce, and there are also different types of freelance writers.

While most freelance writers begin their careers wanting to explore all possibilities, most specialize in a certain niche after some time spent in the industry. Your freelance writer’s specialty depends on:

Writer Skills and Talents

Each writer has a unique style, tone, and proclivity toward certain types of writing. Some freelance writers prefer to work on eBooks, while others prefer blogs, articles, or advertising/ marketing copy.

These different types of writing require different style, vocabulary, tone, research, and structuring skills that vary from writer to writer.

Freelance Writing Background and Education

Most freelance writers opt-in for working in those topics and industries where they have most expertise in. Since writers have various educational backgrounds, and usually sport college degrees and academic achievements, their field of expertise, whether they’re engineers, teachers, doctors, or artists, gives an extra level of sophistication to your written works.

Experience in Creative Writing

Experienced freelance writers only take up projects that they know to be able to follow through. Over the years, they gain insight into the information, knowledge, structure, and tone that needs to be used with different content writing pieces, so they choose to do what they’re best at.

However, working with freelance writers individually can be very costly. Professional writers have built their client pool, know how to negotiate rates, and are quick to drop clients if the collaboration isn’t working for them.

Freelance Writing Examples

Here are a couple of scenarios that showcase what freelance writer do when they make arrangements through job post agencies with a client:

  1. A client first posts writing opportunities for freelancers to apply. A freelancer recognizes that the job matches their skills and talents.

  2. Your writing professional then applies for the job, and if they hear from their prospective client, whether an individual, a project manager, or a CEO of the website they're applying to, they then proceed to give more information about themselves.

  3. Crucial information about your freelance writer includes their identity (or pen name in our case, since we verify our writers' identity and backgrounds), their education (whether they have a bachelor's degree or master's degree), and more information about their skills.

  4. You, as a client, then review “writers for hire” samples to see if their landing pages, search engines content writing strategy, marketing strategy, copy editing and quality writing and background, and other skills and talents, match the type of experienced freelance writers for hire  profile that you're looking for.

  5. Once you hire a writer whose skills to write articles or eBooks, both fiction and non fiction, satisfy your criteria for high quality content, you can proceed to work with the said writer. If not, you can keep looking writers for hire whose talents better fit your needs.

  6. After you hire a writer who is certain to provide you with high quality content, you can then sign a contract with them so that they can start writing.

Freelance Writing Skills Needed for High Quality Content

Whether your writer specializes in technical writing, content writing, fiction or non fiction writing, or even SEO content writing, they need a certain basic skill set to be successful. Your writer needs the same basic traits as the rest of their fellow writers:

Grammar and English language skills. You don't need an award winning writer to get talent from the freelancer marketplace. Yours, as all other writers must have superb language skills and creative writing abilities that leave few to no types for your copy editing services experts to correct.

Original writing. Basic content creation skills, both for part and full time writers include being able to create content that’s not plagiarized. Plagiarism is when your writer's work closely resembles other published work online.

You don't want this, so make sure that your writer doesn't use stolen content to advertise your small business and compromise your reputation with copied press releases and website copy.

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Why Do You Need a Writer for Hire

There are many reasons why it would be a good idea to find writers to do some professional writing work:

Hiring Experienced Writers Benefits

Brand Marketing Strategy.

Your website copy needs to come from a well-planned content strategy. It has to be impeccable, correct, accurate, engaging, appealing, and SEO-friendly. An expert in content writing easily recognizes what type of content you need, so they adjust their style to provide it.

Brand Guidelines.

Your content writing is all about pleasing your reader or a customer, but what happens when you need to send messages that your audience doesn't want to hear? Your freelance writer for hire can help you communicate guidelines and boundaries to your customers in a tactful way, using friendly language that won't cause tension.

Content Creation Process.

If you have your own successful career, a website, or a small business, then you know how big of a content volume your produce each day. A writer makes that content easy to read, polished looking, and gives it a dose of professional appeal that show you in your best light.

Target Audience.

Even a beginner writer knows how to adjust their creative  writing to match the target audience. This knowledge helps them create more compelling content and more engaging content for online magazines, brands, or businesses.

What to Look for When Hiring a Content Writer?

Freelancers With Non-Fiction Writing Skills:

  • Copywriters, Technical Writers, Digital Content Writers

Freelancers With Creative Writing Skills:

Article, Blog Writing and Book Ghostwriters

You need content published under your name, and no one should know that you weren’t the professional writer who crafted it. 

Ghostwriters are there to help you write a small business book, an autobiography, or even entire blog and turn over all credits and royalties to you.

When working with ghostwriters, you sign an NDA that outlines your responsibilities regarding the payment and project management, while the freelancer obliges to turn over all rights and royalties to you, in confidentiality and without ever revealing that they wrote your work.

Non Fiction Website, Magazine Articles and Book Content Writers

What if you need magazine, emails, social media posts, or blog post? If you hire content writers who specialize in non fiction, they’ll have skills in various forms of article writing, online content, or book writing. Your writer should understand your brand, message, and needs to create content that’s compelling and engaging.

That way, your content attracts better reader attention, leaves stronger messages, and makes you memorable to whoever reads your online publications.

Is a Content Writer Different Than a Copywriter?

If you hire content writers for digital marketing, they’ll mainly work with eBooks, website content, media content, and other types of content that belong on digital marketing platforms. The unique skill set needed for this type of copy or article writing include search engine optimization (SEO), online content style and structure, independent research, and others.

Copywriters are slightly different. They too write similar content to digital marketing article writing content, only with a greater understanding of content marketing.

Combined with SEO copywriting skills, copywriters also have content marketing skills that allow them to tailor content marketing toward industry-specific needs and audience, as well as your marketing goals and needs.

Copywriters, unlike other types of writers out there, have the ability to convert your reader into a byer upon reading the shortest of content marketing pieces, like ads, product or book descriptions, or social media posts.

How To Hire Freelance Writers: Where to Find Help With Book, Website Copy, Website, or Blog Writing?

If you're looking to outsource article writing for your personal needs or your local businesses, you can go the following places for some legitimate freelance work:

Job Board Platforms

There are several established job board websites that host freelancers with skills to create content marketing-effective copy, write white papers and online magazine articles, and even create content for your email campaigns. However, before you find writers for hire, make sure to check their samples and credentials so that you only work with the best writers out there.

Freelance Writer Websites

There are also websites that specialize in freelance writing, and screen their staff similarly to how we do it here at The Urban Writers. However, these websites don't offer the additional services that we do when it comes to SEO work, landing pages, web copy, and content editing and proofreading to make sure that your freelance writing or article writing is ready to publish.

The Urban Writers Always Hires Freelance Writers

We are always on the lookout for talented writers from all areas of expertise. From web development to teaching, marketing, and even politics and public relations, we hire writers from all walks of life. Even better, we guarantee that our writers are reliable and that they won't turn in poor quality article freelance writing, landing pages, white papers, or website copy.

How Much a Professional Writer Costs?

Freelance writers charge different rates depending on their niche, expertise, experience, and status on the market. The rule is that the more experienced writers have higher price rates, while beginners and intermediate freelancers offer more affordable pricing.

Hiring A Writer | Why Hire a Writer

How to Write as a Freelancer?

Freelance writing can be an amazing career choice if you know how to jump-start your writing, hone skills, and quickly gain dependable clients.

At The Urban Writers, we give our talented wordsmiths guidance for how to develop their business and boost their career, productivity, and profitability while producing high quality content that our clients. If you wish to start a freelance writing career, here are the basic steps to follow:

Step 1: Commit to a Freelance Writing Niche

The sooner you narrow down your freelance writing career expertise to one or several niches, the better. The choice is vast, from travel to lifestyle, parenting, technology, finance, education, arts and crafts, religion, fiction genres, and many more.

Choosing a creative writing niche gives you an opportunity to better explore its market. Each niche requires a different style, tone, and content structure for writers to follow to keep their clients. Furthermore, it helps build up your skills over time and advance your career.

The more you’re involved with certain topics and network with community members who share an interest in those same topics, the more likely you are to get publishing and collaboration opportunities.

Ideally, your selected niche will align with your formal education and boost your credibility and knowledge in the area, but that’s not a rule. You can write in a niche of interest as well, where you don’t have formal education, but you’ve gained enough experience through research and learning.

Step 2: Create Amazing Article Writing Samples

The best, if not only way to get clients as a beginner is to post quality samples online so that prospective clients can read your work first-hand. Your samples reveal your unique talents and original tone, voice, and style that helps better align with client’s expectations.

Make a collection of your published works, from your blog post to articles and eBooks and promote them online.

Step 3: Set Up a Freelancer Portfolio, Blog, or Website

To better access potential clients, you should have a professional blog writing or website copywriters panel where you’ll post your portfolio and present your skills. Your samples should align with the type of writing jobs you’re looking for.  Explore what clients look for when it comes to quality, structure, style, and tone, and create content samples to match.

Step 4: Start Pitching Your Freelance Work

Next up is presenting prospective clients with your writing samples. You can do this in a couple of different ways:

Sending email pitches. Browse the internet for websites, magazines, and individuals who you think might be interested in your services. Send them a professional email that explains why you think they’d benefit from your freelance writing services and refer them to view your samples and check out your content creation process and skills.
Count on only about 1-2% of pitches converting into jobs though. To get a couple (3-4) regular clients, you’ll likely send up to 200 emails.  The effort is worth it though, since the job opportunities will translate into a profitable career that will support your living while your pursue your dreams.

Applying for a job post on job boards. The same pitching steps can be done much easier and faster on job boards. Explore those job posts on the freelancer marketplace that appear to be the best fit for your skills and talents. Similar to email pitching, count on only a fraction of job applications to come back with a request for an interview, and an even smaller portion to convert into successful collaborations. Don’t despair, it’s nothing personal!
A match between a client and their writer is a unique one, as any other business relationship. The client that reaches out to you likely loves your work, and from our freelancers’ experiences, one or two successful collaborations is much more fruitful than dozens of one-time opportunities.

Posting your portfolio link on social media. You can find social media groups to post your ad and portfolio link, and use social media channels to connect with potential clients.

Step 5: Pursue Freelance Job Opportunities With The Urban Writers

Regular writing jobs, job posts from reliable clients with pre-set standards, supportive work culture, and a never-ending supply of inspiring work makes us the top freelance writer finder for both content creators and clients looking to outsource writing content.

Step 6: Get References and Writing Publications

Pitch your work to blog writing authors and websites with a note that you'll let them have your copy writing samples for free if they choose to sign you as an author. That way, you'll have samples to attest that someone found your writing worthy of publishing.

Step 7: Track Time Spending and improve Time Management

Your time is an asset, so spend it wisely. Freelance writers don't make a living unless they have payable hours, so don't full yourself thinking that an extra coffee break is not that big a deal.

Step 8: Network to Build a Client Base

There are many prospective clients out there looking to hire a writer finder or sorts, or someone who'll introduce them to trustworthy freelancers. Join online communities and groups that revolve around helping individuals make a writing career, and you'll soon learn where to find clients who'd be most interested in your work.

Step 9: Upgrade Your Writing Qualifications and Skills

If you're looking to create content for a living in the long run, you'll need much more than literary skills and the understanding of how the creative writing process works. You'll need to constantly learn and enhance your skills.

At The Urban Writers, we don't only give a chance to any talented writer looking to make a freelance writing career. We also provide training and materials that show you how to work well with clients and successfully follow through with a project from start to finish.

Frequently asked questions
Can You Pay an Expert to Proofread?

Absolutely! You shouldn't pay others to write your academic work, but it's currently legal to hire someone to proofread your writing.

What's the Average Proofreading Hourly Rate

There's no exact amount for an average proofreading hourly rate. Each freelance proofreader editor charges based on their skills, education, professional background, and experience.

How Much Does Proofreading Cost?

While each editor has their individual pay rates, your cost will vary depending on the type of work you need. It will also depend on the type and volume of your writing.

Step 2
Find The Right Fit Before, You Commit

Connect with the right freelancers for every job! Browse freelancers, review profiles, and send direct messages. When you find the perfect fit, you can invite freelancers directly to your project(s) and/or approve freelancer requests. No commitment until you find your freelancer!

Step 3
Track and Manage Your Project

Manage your project fully on the Platform. Track timelines, progress and chat with your freelance team via dedicated project chat for every order. Receive automated emails and internal Platform notifications as your projects move through different stages of the process. Chat directly with Admin if you need to escalate anything. Various approval stages allow you to be in complete control.

Step 4
Download and Share

Once your work is completed, and our quality assurance team has finished the product,  you are able to approve and download your project to share and publish.

Step 1
Post A Project

Sign up to the Platform to gain access to game-changing content creation! If you already have an account log in and you can either post a project or manage existing ones.


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