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The Best Copywriters for Hire

Are you looking to hire copywriters? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, find out what top freelance copywriters do, how much it costs to hire them, and how to discover the best freelance copy writers for your business!


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Why Hire Freelance Copywriters When You Can Write Copy on Your Own?

Great copy boosts your sales!

In fact, copywriting is known to increase ROI.

Copywriting is more than understanding how search engine optimization (SEO) works. Quality content also affects your return on investment (ROI), and that is valuable knowledge when it comes to deciding what kind of copy to post to your small business website.

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How Copywriter Quality Boosts ROI, Content Marketing, and Platform Performance

The type of copywriting that increases ROI and boosts your revenue share common traits:

Creative Writing Shaped and Organized by Audience Segments

Most businesses organize their content by service or product categories, as that’s the most logical way to do it. However, different customer profiles, depending on age, needs, and demographics, think in different ways when it comes to searching for products.

Their age, gender, background, personal interests, and preferences all shape the type of phrases they’ll enter into a search engine or your search box. Customers of different ages, genders, and demographics also use different language patterns. You won’t make the same kind of content for your millennial and baby boomer because one is unlikely to understand or relate to content that’s been made for the other group.

But, you can’t have different websites for different consumer segments, right? That’s where content creation comes in.

Keyword Popularity for New Ideas in Blog Writing and Writing Product Descriptions

Not all keywords are equally popular. You compete for your reader’s wallet by competing for their keywords. Keyword research that we do at TUW helps craft product descriptions and website text that caters to the most popular search demands.

Marketing Copy Text Analysis For Sales Copy Conversions and Local Government Compliance

Did you know that most customers don’t read website text completely before choosing whether to buy or leave? This is because people instinctively skim for phrases and words that give out the exact information that they look for.

Our copywriters are mindful of the fact that consumers care about relevant phrases, prices, convenience, delivery, deadlines, and others when scanning through website pages. We craft content with that in mind, while also ensuring your website puts forth the type of information that the reader is looking to find.

However, you need to work with trained professionals who know how content marketing affects your ROI and sales, as well as have the skill to craft the kind of content that will contribute to your company's growth.

Having a good copywriter at an arms reach gives you instant access to a quality copy that’s optimized for your target audience’s best experience and geared toward conversions.

Good copy doesn’t just spark interest. It makes you look invaluable to your readers so that they have no other choice but to proceed with their purchase.

Plus, seamless copy means no typos, grammar and spelling errors, inconsistencies, or redundancies!

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Why You Need a World Class Copywriter With a Proven Track Record,

Should You Train Beginner Copywriters?

There are both advantages and disadvantages to hiring and training beginner freelance copywriters. The advantages would be the following:

Budget-Friendly Copywriters

Beginner copywriters typically charge entry-level prices. If you're looking for someone to train in-house, it's good to be able to save as much as you can.

Freelance Writer Style Shaped to Your Needs

Beginner copywriters haven't yet fully formed their writing style and voice. This gives you a unique opportunity to shape the specific writing style that best fits your business.

Easier Communication and Unlimited Access

Beginner copywriters don't yet have full schedules.

Your freelance copywriters will have much more time to work on your cover letters, web copy, press releases, landing pages, website content, product listings, and white paper drafts if they don't have their next clients' copywriting project lined up in days to come.

However, there are considerable disadvantages to hiring beginner copywriters, especially if they haven't had their backgrounds checked as we do here at TUW:

Unreliable Copywriters

Beginner copywriters likely haven't fully committed to their work yet. They may not yet be a full-time writer, so their time is divided between school and/or work while copywriting remains a side hustle.

There's no risk for copywriters if they abandon projects or turn in poor-quality content writing, so they often simply disappear.

Questionable Copywriting Services

It takes time for beginner copywriters to hone content marketing and content strategy skills. A beginner copywriter may understand how to create nice-looking content, but they don't know how to do keyword research and optimize content writing for measurable increases in website performance and sales metrics.

Spam and Plagiarism

Unless a copywriter has references that you can check or they had their writing published in the media, there's no way to tell if their work is original before you've already spent time and money working with them.

Beginner copywriters who aren't serious about their job sometimes turn in plagiarized work, which can be a serious problem for you and your business.

Find Cost-Effective Copywriters For Hire With The Urban Writers

Don't worry, we've already done all the onboarding, training, and background-checking that you need when working with reliable freelance copywriters.

Copywriters Amplified: How to Directly Boost Sales With Copywriting Services

Great copy can boost your sales!

In fact, quality copywriting can increase your ROI.

However, you need to work with trained professionals who know how content marketing affects your ROI and sales and has the skillset to craft the kind of content that will contribute to your company's growth.

Having a good copywriter at arms’ reach gives you instant access to a quality copy that’s optimized for your target audience’s best experience and geared toward conversions.

Good copy doesn’t just spark interest. It makes you look invaluable to your readers so that they have no other choice but to proceed with their purchase.

Plus, seamless copy means no typos, grammar and spelling errors, inconsistencies, and redundancies. Did we mention that yet?

Here's how to boost sales with professional content writing:

1: Content Strategy Aimed at Audience Profile and Segments

Your buyer persona or audience profile outlines as many pieces of information as possible about who your consumers are, what they do, and what are their aspirations, needs, and grievances. That way, you can start creating your content strategy with knowledge about what your customers need.

Your content strategy should be created in advance. It outlines the message and actions that you wish your audience to take upon reading the content. This sounds simple, but applied across different services, product categories, etc., it can get very detailed and complex.

This is why it’s necessary that you profile and run text analysis on your buyer persona to determine what type of content triggers emotional reactions and leads them to take action.

2: From Interest to Action

You’re not only competing for buyer interest. Ultimately, your goal is for your consumers to take action and make purchases from your business. Your content scheme should contain elements that first grab readers’ attention, and then spark their interest in the type of service or product that you’re offering.

When the customer is interested, you then need to have a copy that triggers their desire to have your product or service, or entice them, into taking action.

Action is the ultimate goal of every marketing strategy, and it aligns with the conversion from reader to buyer. What does your customer need to pick up their phone and order your product or add it to their cart?

This last piece of information is the right mystery you’re trying to solve with content and marketing research. Luckily, our copywriters have experience in this area and are capable of researching the type of tone, style, and wording that makes readers take action.

3: Sales Copy Appeal

Your website content must be appealing to your readers for them to feel safe to purchase. However, not all reader demographics have the same literary taste. Skilled copywriters research the type of language that your audience will like best, and then use it to create your website copy.

Copywriting Services | Freelance Copywriters

How to Hire a Copywriter You Can Trust

Knowing how your business can benefit if you hire freelance copywriters for a profitable content strategy is one thing, but finding quality writing experts for your press releases and blog articles is a lot different.

Your choice of best copywriters can affect your business performance, so make sure you have only the best freelance writers on board! Here are our ultimate tips for finding top copywriters:

1: Contact Copy Writers Through Their Websites

Connecting with your freelance copywriters before you commit to working with them is highly recommended. That way, you get an opportunity to test their copywriting skills and professionalism right from the get-go.

2: Hire copywriters From Job Platforms Cautiously

Keep in mind that typical job post platforms have some major limitations. First off, you're not allowed to get in contact with copywriters who apply for your job post outside the platform. That means you have limited ability to ask for more documentation or even verify their identity.

Some job post platforms allow video chat and testing, but you still can't get enough information about freelance copywriters to make an educated choice.

At The Urban Writers, we verify each of our applicants' identity and writing skills. This minimizes the chance of problems with their quality or performance down the road since everyone involved in the process can be held accountable for their actions.

3: Check Out Copywriter Portfolio Samples

Always get writing samples from copywriters before choosing which freelance copywriters to hire.

Copywriters typically submit samples that show their best writing skills, so bear in mind that the type of quality you see in their samples might get reduced over time if they work full hours and manage robust content writing volumes.

4: Come to The Urban Writers For Compelling Copy

At The Urban Writers, we've taken into account all factors that affect copywriters' quality and efficiency. All things considered, we've provided training and instructions that help our writers create content that's fresh and inspiring regardless of the volume and size.

5: Copywriters For Hire Should Create Appealing Marketing Copy

Your website content is much more than just a collection of words that describe your products and services. Your product descriptions must stand out from the bunch, and your blog writing must reflect the brand voice that you're trying to convey.

Well-completed copy must infuse all of the brand markings and lead generation strategies together for your small business to thrive. Many copywriters just don't get how important each word of your website content is for your business to get good reviews.

We understand! We know everything that goes into the complete work of helping start-ups and small business owners to fill their websites with high-quality content.

No Time For Superb Content Writing? Hire a Copywriter!

Content Creation: Freelance Copywriters for Hire–Create Quality Content

Copywriters can tailor your website content, from website text to blog posts so that each word, sentence, and paragraph promote your business effectively. Such well-targeted content simultaneously teases your consumer and quells their worries regarding the pricing and budgeting of your products and services.

Copywriters For Hire FAQs: Everything You Wanted to Know About Copywriting Services

Why Hire Copywriters (What Copywriters Do)?

Skilled freelancers help you cut marketing costs by tens of thousands of dollars! If you turn in website content creation to our freelancers, you could have massive savings in your marketing department.

What Specific Skills Copywriters Must Have?

The right person to write for your target audience must possess the following content production skills:

  • Landing Pages

    Landing pages show your customers that they've come to the right place. They often feature your job description or company description, products, services, and other relevant offerings.

  • Creative Writing

    Find copywriters who are capable of writing original, fun, and creative content. Don't hire a copywriter who'll produce the same content that your competitors have. Your clients deserve better than anyone else can provide.

    Your blog writing, email marketing, and content of your websites must prove that you have the solution for your clients.

  • Email Marketing

    Alongside blog writing, email marketing copy helps stay in touch with existing clients who have the potential to continue your working relationship.

  • White Papers

    Have a problem to report to authorities, your consumers, or business partners? Your white papers can quell anxieties and offer reassurance that you're on top of all issues. Find copywriters who can convey such a message while using only accurate information in their copywriting.

  • Blog Content

    Blog articles help connect with readers, spark interest in your products and services, plus keep your audience updated and entertained. On the marketing side of things, each blog post can become a purchase if carefully crafted to address the reader's immediate needs and problems.

  • Social Media Copy Creation

    For your business to make more money, you need a copywriter who'll ensure that you're always a strong competitor. Find copywriters who have the skill to analyze competition and adjust their writing to current social media trends.

    Such a copywriter will write Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts and captions that will inspire customers to visit your website and find out more.

How Writers Become Copywriters?

Aside from literary expertise, some writing experts get more interested in copywriting over time. Copywriting is a type of content writing that emphasizes quality more than quantity, and there's a certain appeal to writing based on market research.

However, for the average writing professional to become a copywriter, it's necessary to have quality training in the art of copywriting and social media marketing.

What Are Some Copywriting Examples?

Good copywriting examples would be:

  • Website pages. A good copywriter uses as few words as possible to convey your message. Here, copywriting is all about staying original and on-brand while adhering to other copywriting principles.

  • Social media pages and posts. Business owners don't just write up and publish posts. A copywriter first outlines a brief containing social media marketing goals, then uses these guidelines to write posts that lead to conversions.

  • Product and page descriptions. Copywriting creates descriptions that can tease and appeal to the customer, but still share truthful information that's required by the law. Your talented copywriter will know better than to write carelessly and drive your customers away with poor copywriting skills.

How Much Do Copywriters Cost?

Studies show that ordering over 16 monthly blog posts can triple your website traffic! Imagine what all that extra traffic can do for your sales and revenue.

At a fraction of the cost you’d normally pay individual freelance copywriters, we can give you a yearly supply of well-researched and optimized blogs worded around your brand, voice, and customer persona so that your content scores conversions day after day!

Professional Copywriters For Hire: What We Bring

We deliver creative, original, optimized copywriting that's based on your business needs and marketing goals. The copywriter you choose will first inquire about your needs and goals, then this will lead them to create the kind of inspired writing that will elevate your website traffic and business performance.

Find copywriters now! Post freelance copywriter jobs today to find your writer for compelling content marketing with The Urban Writers!

Frequently asked questions
Can You Pay an Expert to Proofread?

Absolutely! You shouldn't pay others to write your academic work, but it's currently legal to hire someone to proofread your writing.

What's the Average Proofreading Hourly Rate

There's no exact amount for an average proofreading hourly rate. Each freelance proofreader editor charges based on their skills, education, professional background, and experience.

How Much Does Proofreading Cost?

While each editor has their individual pay rates, your cost will vary depending on the type of work you need. It will also depend on the type and volume of your writing.

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