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Why You Should Consider Hiring an SEO Content Writer to Help You Rank

Quality online content can greatly serve your marketing goals, whether it’s to increase the visibility of your brand or spark the sales of your latest launch. A talented SEO content writer can become a trusted ally in outsourcing content for your blog or website, particularly if you choose reputable article writing services to manage your SEO content.

What Is an SEO Content Writer?

If you’re in need of quality online content, crafting blog posts, landing pages, email campaigns, and even facebook ads can be a challenge if writing isn’t one of your skills. Remember, there’s no shame in outsourcing online content writing! You remain the creator of the work, without whose ideas the content would’ve never existed. 

In these terms, a talented content writer will take your ideas, plans, goals, and guidance and use them to create a piece of content that will showcase your vision through the lens of your audience’s taste. Content writing is a skill in its own that involves passion for research, understanding the reader’s needs, and the skill to emulse your vision into a product that captivates the reader.

Here are a couple of basic online content terms you need to know to understand what SEO writers do:

  • Content writing. Online content writing includes the creation of numerous types of online content, like eBook writing, copywriting, article writing, landing page writing, email writing, advertisements, whitepapers, research articles, and others.

All of these types of content feature different formats, tones, structures, and volume standards, serving different purposes. However, all forms of content writing have a couple of things in common:

  • Topic. Each individual form of content writing normally revolves around a particular topic, whether it’s brand, research, reader, or problem-solving oriented.
  • Goal. Each piece of writing has one or multiple goals. Usually, online content serves a goal to gain an audience, spread brand awareness, solve a problem for the reader, provide entertainment, sell a product, or all combined.
  • Audience. Quality content writers understand that every piece of online content revolves around audience traits, interests, specificities, problems, needs, and understanding of the topic.

Based on audience knowledge, a good content writer will adjust the tone, structure, and vocabulary to spark an interest and convey the information in a manner suitable for the reader.

  • Message. Ultimately, SEO content writing, as all writing, serves to send a message. When hiring professional writing services, it is crucial to be crystal clear about the message you want your content to send to consumers, as the message usually drives to further reading, sales, and other desired actions.
  • SEO content writing. Search-Engine-Optimized (SEO) content includes all content writing types, but accents the principles of search engine optimization. This means that SEO writing, aside from the quality traits of regular content writing, includes the following:
    • Special attention to article structure by headings and subheadings to abide by preferences of search engines, highlighting the logical structure of content and strategic use of keywords.
    • Structure and keyword distribution of the content to meet search engine requirements in terms of keyword volume and density.
    • Attention to other content details relevant for search engine optimization, like meta descriptions and tags, backlinks, and anchor texts (words and phrases that serve to link other relevant articles).

What Do SEO Writers Do

As you learned in the previous section, SEO writers craft articles according to requirements of search engines. All content published online requires optimization to be detected by search engines and placed in front of a reader.

Google’s algorithm does this by ranking the billions of web pages available online, and SEO writers ensure that your article is one of them. They do this by using the following strategies:

  • SEO research. Aside from regular article research, where a writer will obtain the necessary information for the content, an SEO writer will additionally look for those pieces of information that are most popular and highly ranked.

Skillful SEO writers will also use the technique called ‘skyscraping’, which involves structuring the information within the article to cover all elements found in most popular articles and then adding more in-depth information to surpass the highest ranked articles in quality, depth, and breadth of data.

  • Keyword utilization. A talented writer will make sure that the content is relevant and well-written for the reader, but an SEO writer will additionally make sure the keywords and phrases are well-distributed and optimized across the article, so that the search engine picks it up as relevant.

In addition, an SEO writer will put in extra effort for the keyword usage to flow naturally and evenly throughout the article.

  • Content organization. A quality article structures information in a way that is logical to the topic and reader. However, SEO writers additionally make sure the content is broken down into sensible, logical, and strategic paragraphs to capture the attention of search engines.
  • Linking. Last, but not least, you’ll need a certain number of other web pages linked to your article for the search engine to pick it up easier and place it on the first page of your reader’s query. For this, SEO writers look into the best-quality pages to link to your content, additionally making sure that phrases (anchor texts) where they link these pages come across as natural and organic.

Why Do You Need Professional SEO Writing Services?

SEO writing ensures your content doesn’t only suit the reader but the search engine as well. Ultimately, the algorithms of the search engines decide whether or not and in which order the web pages will be offered to readers. SEO writing ensures that your articles meet the requirements for this, aside from meeting the reader’s expectations.

How Content Affects Your Business/Website

Optimizing your online content to be recognizable for search engines brings many benefits to your brand and business, mainly in terms of:

  • Audience. SEO writing is based on keywords, and, as such, targets the group of readers most likely to search for those keywords. In this sense, SEO writing helps target your desired audience.

There are great possibilities to profile audience segments based on search trends and to find out which audience groups typically use phrases and words relevant to your website when looking for online content. SEO writing uses this information to include the highest-ranked keywords into your content, increasing the chances your content will reach the target audience.

  • Reach. SEO writing increases the visibility of your website, as being picked up by search engines ensures your content is offered to the highest number of readers. Well-planned SEO can significantly increase the number of potential readers your website will reach.
  • Conversions. Greater reach ultimately leads to more conversions, which, for you, can mean more purchases, subscriptions, memberships, or any other action you hope to see from the website visitor.
  • Website ranking and performance. Ultimately, brands and businesses don’t profit solely on their products and services. Their company websites can also become a source of passive income, either through a high amount of website traffic or for selling ad space.

The more you optimize your content to meet the requirements of search engines, the higher it will rank. This has the potential to broaden not only your reach to potential target readers and consumers, but also gain additional benefits from website engagement and increased reader loyalty.

Well-optimized content helps your website perform better, as it accounts for technical factors beyond the quality of writing.

How SEO Affects Your Website/Business

Search engine optimization, as you already learned, helps gain and engage a greater number of visitors to your website. This can yield many benefits for your business, such as:

  • Increased brand visibility
  • More sales
  • More engaged customers
  • An easier engagement of new customers
  • Higher return on investment (ROI) from marketing campaigns
  • Faster reach of new products, news, and launches
  • And many more

Google Ranking and Penalties

Trusting a quality SEO article writer or hiring article writing services ensures not only that your website ranks well but also helps prevent penalties from search engines. Certain practices, like low quality content, disorganized content, repetitive information on your website, or oversaturation with keywords and links, can result in penalties from Google and other search engines. In this case, your website can become invisible and omitted from search queries, preventing you from reaching your audience.

How to Hire a Professional SEO Article Writer/SEO Writer

Finding a good SEO article writer will be simple if you follow a couple of simple steps:

Design Audience Profile

Before screening for writers, define audience personas and segments, which will make it easier for both you and the writer to strategize the content. Next, define website and content goals, which will later serve to shape the content in terms of information, structure, tone, and voice.

Brainstorm Your Content      

  • Research audience preferences in terms of topic, style, voice, information, and other relevant aspects. Find out what are the competitive blogs and websites your audience profiles enjoy, so you have a clearer picture of what will capture their attention.
  • List interesting topics and subtopics. Every SEO article starts from a main topic, and it is up to you to decide what the article will revolve around.
  • Gather inspiring, successful samples from other websites. While your content should be unique, collecting samples from other websites will give a writer something to model and inspire after thematically, in terms of tone, voice, style, and structure.

Hire the Right SEO Writer

Now that you know what type of articles you need, it’s time to find a best writer to turn over the work. But, how does one do that in the sea of talented SEO writers? First things first, it’s essential to gather the information from the previous sections, and screenwriters to decide who will be the best fit. The most effective approach to hiring SEO writers to follow these simple steps (or you can leave the hard work to The Urban Writers):

  • Review writers. Look into writers’ portfolios, backgrounds, personalities, and writing styles to decide which are the best fit for your project. Next, narrow down your list to a selected few and start the interviewing process.
  • Interview writers. Interviewing SEO writers consists of testing their suitability and availability for the job (most often by ordering a small sample), inquiring about their interest and ideas for the projects, their work process, etc.
  • Choose the winner. Whether you’re looking for an individual writer or a company, you will evaluate the samples you’ve gathered from the creators and review the information you got from them to decide who is the best suited individual and business to handle your work.
  • Negotiate terms. Both freelancers and content writing services have their payment terms and conditions, and you’re more than welcome to voice any thoughts and concerns on the matter. While some work with fixed rates, others adjust prices based on requirements of the content.

It’s recommended to get informed about pricing during the process of interview; however, there’s always the possibility for the price to skew your perspective from the highest quality of the content. Our recommendation is to get informed on the price either after choosing the best candidate or while choosing between the final ones to remain sure you trust only the biggest talent with your work.

  • Sign the contract. Usually, both freelance SEO writers and content writing services require signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that outlines content requirements, deadlines, and payment details.


Well-crafted SEO content can boost your sales, increase the awareness and reach of your brand, and bring you closer to your audience.

Since quality SEO writing requires gentle balancing between technical requirements of search engines and a natural, organic, creative approach to sculpting words and conveying messages, a skillful SEO writer or a company can greatly benefit your business.