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-Markets are volatile. Don’t invest, and forget about taking out a loan!

-Invest in cryptocurrencies, they’re sure to help you get rich!

Sentences like these could very easily make you liable for misinformation. This wouldn’t make your life easier, right? You’re not a commentator, you’re someone publishing finance-related content that readers will buy.


Financial Services Content Writer | Freelance Financial Writer

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Your readers will take your advice seriously and make financial decisions based on it.

What does this mean?

  • Your finance-related content creation has to be spotless.

  • It has to be written from a place of deep knowledge and understanding of how finance works.

Or else, you might end up in trouble. Your work can get discredited online, or someone who makes a bad investment due to information that you provided can take legal action.

After all, publishers aren’t really meant to give financial advice, but instead, educate readers on financial matters.

But, how are you supposed to know this? Your expertise is numbers, not the finesse of online publishing.

What's a Freelance Financial Writer?

A person who knows the difference between personal and commercial finance. Someone who recognizes the difference between credit history and credit score, and can shed light on market bubbles and how they affect inflation.

These are only examples, of course. Financial writers are content creators who have both literary abilities and expertise in finance.

Should You Get Content Writing Services From a Freelance Financial Writer?

Yes. From our experience at The Urban Writers, not every decent freelance writer is equipped to write finance-related articles, ebooks, social posts, and blog posts with the same level of quality as a writer who specializes in finance.

Freelance financial writing services pose an entirely different set of demands. Professional writing in the finance content niche demands that a writer has a great understanding of personal finance, financial markets, and market research capabilities, as well as the skill to spot and follow industry trends.

Your financial content writing must be a result of dedicated work by industry professionals who stay on top of financial news and create content that makes your marketing efforts worthwhile.

A good financial writer often has a history of working as a financial analyst or a virtual assistant and is now passionate about creating content, from white papers to web content, breaking news reports, content management, and other forms of financial content on a regular basis.

Here are the benefits of hiring a financial writer:

Knowledge and Extensive Experience With Financial Writing

Financial writing takes a great deal of information and experience within the financial industry. There are writers with different backgrounds and levels of experience, as with any industry.

Beginner business writers have a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in either finance or/and marketing.

Intermediate-level writers, aside from education, also have writing experience within the financial industry. They spent some time in the market, or have practical experience with accounting. These writers are capable of producing your finance-related documents, posts, manuals, or guides with added value to their work. They can explain theoretical concepts with real-life examples, and use simplified terms accurately to convey accurate information to your readers.

Expert-level business and accounting writers have both educational and practical industry experience in finance. However, their writing experience is much longer, from five to ten years or more. Many expert financial writers also have reputable publications under their belt, Ph.D.’s, and published academic articles that attest to their capabilities.

Credibility and Financial Business Expertise

Most freelance writers combine clients’ ideas and industry experience with their own creative ideas and outside research to create compelling, high-quality content. However, standards for publishing are much higher.

A writer can’t just read a couple of studies and blog posts and produce a reliable publication for your website or finance-based small business. They need to be able to interpret complex financial terms, calculations, trends, and projections to give your customer base the type of answer that they’re looking for.

Speed of Content Writing For Finance

A typical freelance writer or a copywriter will struggle to produce volumes of original content within a reasonable time since they have to fact-check everything they write. Financial writing comes with so much responsibility, both professional and legal, that very few writers dare to turn in their work before fact-checking.

As a result, your regular freelance writer might miss deadlines or need extra time to complete their work. A financial writing specialist, on the other hand, doesn’t have this problem. They’re confident in their intellect and capabilities to can produce quality content in a timely manner.


Legal and Ethical Considerations

Lastly, this type of writing is as serious of a niche as medical writing, if not more. The information that readers get from this type of content can seriously affect their lives. Hence, the legal and ethical liability that goes with publishing misinformation.

A professional financial writer wields intricacies of the stock market, bond market, commodities, and other hot financial topics skillfully. They’re experts in giving considerable advice that’s properly worded so that not a single person misinterprets it, nor your business ends up accused of fraud.

Financial Writer | Freelance Financial Writer

Running a Financial Services Small Business? You'll Need a Financial Services Content Writer!

Hiring a financial writer to craft your ebooks, blog posts, and social media posts on finance-related matters is a great investment, but also a major benefit for your small business.

Anyone working and publishing within a high-risk, high-responsible industry like finance can’t afford for their hard-earned reputation to be tarnished because of content rewriting, plagiarism, or misinterpreted information.

Your professional financial writer will know how to create an interesting piece of reading on most dry financial matters, all while staying accurate and ethical.

What to Look for in a Quality Financial Writer?

Whether you're looking for a writer with a company or an agency, or you're tracking referrals that attest to your applicant's investments, research, management, and other project-related abilities, your freelancers must possess the following traits:

Spotless Business Background in Financial Writing

Being a financial writer requires a lot of skill and sophistication. It isn’t a job for everyone, because finance business writers need to be able to create valuable, information-dense content, and offer commentary on current finance events in such ways that prevent their clients from being at risk.

Most writers are freelancers skilled in writing clear, sharp, and investigative copy that reflects current New York market trends. Beyond that, the following abilities and intelligence are required for successful writing:

  • Understanding accounting techniques, principles, and standards to boost profits and cut losses

  • Being familiar with data analysis, as well as their interpretation

  • Knowing the ins and outs of cash flow and budgeting

  • Knowing jobs within the industry

  • Project management

  • Research capabilities

  • In-depth understanding of several industries: Monetary and marketing industries, as well as market, flows for specific industries that your customers focus on.

  • Being skilled in analyzing cost, cost reduction, and data management

  • Understanding compliance policies

  • Being familiar with decision-making, financial advising, modeling, engineering, planning, and analysis

  • Knowing how to make educated forecasting commentary

  • Understanding strategic planning, valuations, technology, wealth management, and risk analysis

  • Knowing how to write profit and loss statements to help you increase profits for your business

The list doesn’t end here!

Admirable Portfolio of Published Work in Business, Accounting, and Relating Business/Industries

We require anyone who applies to write in our financial writing niche to submit samples of previous work. 

A trustworthy financial writer will at least have their works uploaded to relevant academic websites and journals, even if they are intended for self-publishing students who merely wish to post their papers.

Quality Test Samples

Before hiring a financial writer, you should give them a test topic to not only check their literary skills but also test their financial literacy. Choose a topic only an expert like yourself would understand, and see how well your writer does.

At The Urban Writers, each writer gets a test order to complete, where we verify that their skills meet the highest standards of quality writing, that their work is original, and that they also have the interpersonal skills of a true professional.

Your writer must be able to develop content that can build trust with your consumer. Your created content must showcase stellar finance management skills, whether your company is big or small.

There's so much in need of managing when it comes to personal finance and business finance writing. From the proper search for relevant data to helping readers focus on the main purpose of your site rather than worrying about investing in a portfolio manager, a writer's job is to truly navigate a lot.

Most writers are well-versed in several different industries. Such is the case with those with a knack for creating money-related content.

They are advertising your services, creating financial content worth reading, making sure to create high-quality content, and are constantly in search of exciting stories to share. They do all of this while also keeping in mind that readers look for educated investing, project management, and research services and information.

Ethics and Diligence in Business

A quality financial writer is devoted to completing projects on time, and with minimal delay. Here at TUW, we give reasonable deadlines for the completion of our projects, but we do require our freelance writers to adhere to set deadlines.

On-Point, Engaging, Business Writing Style

Financial literacy is of little use for compelling articles if the writer doesn’t know how to present their abilities in a compelling way. Whatever publication you need, whether it’s a book, an analysis, a project proposal, or a report, it needs to be a quality read for its intended audience.

Content Writing For Finance | Freelance Financial Writer


How Important Is Content Writing for Financial Business?

Whether you’re an accountant looking to promote your small business through engaging blogs and social media posts, or a financial advisor in search of quality content marketing, or trying to get ahead in the financial sector by publishing articles, you need the services of a professional financial writer.

Why? Financial work may be your strength, but writing it is not so much. Perhaps, you have amazing advice and out-of-this-world secrets to share, but if you don’t find the right words and voice for it, your work won’t appeal to readers!

Experienced financial writers understand that content marketing is the basis of all publishing, and they tailor each sentence and paragraph with a purpose in mind. Working with a professional financial writer doesn’t only save you time, it also ensures that the content targets your audience, states your messages in an advertising-friendly way, and infuses your marketing and brand goals, all while being true, accurate, useful, and compliant with regulations and policies.

Quality Freelance Financial Writing Starts Here With TUW!

At The Urban Writers, we don’t allow any writer to work as a financial writer. In fact, we’ve made financial writing a “restricted niche/industry,” which means that only our Urbanites with qualifications and a high level of financial sophistication can take up said projects.

If you choose one of our financial writers, you can rest assured that we checked their background, credentials, writing experience in the industry, and quality writing to ensure that only the highest service level is given to our clients.

How to Become a Financial Writer

Find Your Next Job

Show your clients that you write killer white papers, reports, project briefs, articles, and books by posting work on investing or other finance topics on available platforms. That way, your business will start growing from clients who take a look at your writing quality as proof of your financial understanding.

Promote Your Business to Clients

Becoming a financial writer isn’t easy. First, you need a background in finance, and then you need clients who'll entrust the reputation and profits of their business to you.

Ideally, you’ll have formal education in finance, and after a couple of years in the financial industry, you can start making your own financial publications. These can revolve around the type of business or industry that you find most inspiring, or they can be general.

Boost Financial Content Writing Abilities

Becoming a freelance financial writer requires having reputable publications, either academic or blog posts, and also possessing admirable financial literacy and writing skills.

Ultimately, being a financial writer primarily means being a good writer. No matter how much education and writing experience you have, you can’t compensate your clients for their lack of literary skills.

If you’re honing stellar financial gifts and skills, you’ve published work on reputable platforms, and you wish to earn extra money from being a financial writer, give us a call!

Much like other platforms that post jobs, The Urban Writers, too, has a higher standard for financial writers than we do for other niches, given the responsibilities that come with all jobs.

To find financial jobs, you first need to create your writer’s portfolio, where you’ll collect your published content pieces. Then, you can either promote your skills on boards for jobs, pitch your samples to clients directly, or apply here with The Urban Writers. We will test your writing skills and financial literacy, and if you pass our thorough test, you can get to work!

How Much Do Financial Writers Earn?

Financial writers typically earn higher rates compared to regular freelance writers. These higher rates result from a greater level of expertise and responsibilities that come with the job. 

A financial writer also must have above-average writing skills to present financial information to readers so that they sound interesting, compelling, and punchy. Lastly, a financial writer needs to have the special ability to convey complex ideas in simple words without compromising the accuracy of the information. Financial rules and guidelines can hardly be summed up in a sentence or two without making the content at least partially inaccurate by regular writers. But, financial writers have this skill since they know the ins and outs of the industry.

Get Financial Writers Now: Schedule a Call

The Urban Writers collaborative platforms give you a chance to post your financial writing job, browse freelance financial writers, check out their writing samples, and ultimately, pick the writer you like best.

There is something that The Urban Writers offer that other platforms don’t: A chance to watch your financial content live, as it’s being written! That way, you can track your content as it’s being created, share your feedback, upload files needed for writing, comment to communicate edits that you wish to make, and more!

Even better, you have continuous system support from our admin team who monitor project chats to ensure that all collaborations are running smoothly. You can reach out to them if you ever encounter any difficulties navigating our platform or anything else for that matter!

Frequently asked questions
Can You Pay an Expert to Proofread?

Absolutely! You shouldn't pay others to write your academic work, but it's currently legal to hire someone to proofread your writing.

What's the Average Proofreading Hourly Rate

There's no exact amount for an average proofreading hourly rate. Each freelance proofreader editor charges based on their skills, education, professional background, and experience.

How Much Does Proofreading Cost?

While each editor has their individual pay rates, your cost will vary depending on the type of work you need. It will also depend on the type and volume of your writing.

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