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Ever heard of business writers? Find out how hiring business writing services online helps obtain quality, target copy for your press releases, white papers, blog posts, or website content. In this article, you’ll find out why hiring a business writer is one of the best moves.


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Why Business Writing Matters: Reliable Business Writers for Outreach and Content Marketing

You need quality business content. The marketplace standards are getting higher by the day, with brands worldwide competing for the audience’s attention with all resources they can muster. The success of your business doesn’t only depend on the quality of your product. It also depends on branding and leaving a good impression on your customer.

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Why are Professional Business Writers a Prerogative for Your Company?

You need quality business content. The marketplace standards are getting higher by the day, with brands worldwide competing for the audience’s attention with all resources they can muster. The success of your business doesn’t only depend on the quality of your product. It also depends on branding and leaving a good impression on your customer.

Original, well-optimized, targeted content helps you stand out in oversaturated markets. It increases your visibility and makes you more credible and recognizable. Above all, your goal is to stand out from the competition if you wish to be noticed.

Quality content helps turn window shoppers into loyal customers. When reading your content, your customer makes deductions about how professional and reliable your brand is. Why should they put their trust in someone who wouldn’t make an effort to write interesting copy or correct typos in their promo materials?

Yet, customers don’t decide about your brand solely on your ads and flyers. They also screen your vocabulary and writing style in emails, product descriptions, press releases, and social media posts. Every 21st-century small business must compete on digital media, and it is a territory where you can’t showcase the high quality of your product or service. It is a place for branding, and branding is all about messages.

Your messages communicate brand values and are the most powerful marketing tools. From creating your marketing plan to writing up a thoughtful social media post or a press release, staying on-brand and keeping customer pain points in mind should be your primary concern.

But, what if you don’t have the literary or copywriting skills needed to craft a compelling copy that instills trust and attracts leads? Remember, your content is a way you communicate with your customers. You no longer have their attention in-store where you can showcase the product and reassure them of its quality.

You now depend on ads, emails, social media posts, and press releases to market your product. There, each word counts. Each sentence’s style, structure, and wording choice paints a picture of your brand and echoes in your customer’s mind, sending subliminal messages about your product.

Your clients and customers make conclusions about your business based on your representation, whether they want to or don’t. Words are powerful, and advertising messages send strong, suggestive ideas to your customers about why they should buy your product.

Unless there are typos, grammar errors, syntax inaccuracies, or poor word choice. Nowadays, you’re always one social media post away from losing your customer if you publish a wrong statement.

Does business content creation look like something that should be taken for granted? We think not. Here at Urban Writers, we constantly study content marketing strategies and train our freelance writers and editors to follow the latest research findings for our clients’ best success.

Benefits of Outsourcing Business Writing Services

No matter how hard business writing gets for someone who is not a professional writer, outsourcing it can come across as unnecessary. However, poor quality business content can cost a lot in revenue loss and audience/customer retention. As opposed to that, outsourcing business writing comes with many benefits.

So, what are the most important benefits of outsourcing business writing?

Here’s what we offer when it comes to business writing and why you need it:

1: Freelance Writer Talent

First, we employ literary talents. Your employees might be good at their jobs, but writing skills are an entirely different animal. Our freelance writers possess passion, creativity, and niche experience when it comes to business writing. Plus, they do it full time, so they can produce dependable amounts of content whereas you or your employees must set time aside from your work to write up a copy.

2: More Than a Decade of Experience

We have years of experience in writing business copy under our belt, and we’re familiar with how each worth or phrase can come across to your audience, what works best for engagement, retention, and conversion, and more importantly, what are the things you need but aren’t able to voice.

3: Accumulating Website Content Experience From Past Clients

A lot of the time, our business clients have certain industry-specific needs that are so common to them that they don’t remember to communicate them in their requirements. Luckily, we’ve trained our writers to analyze and research customer needs independently.

If you let us take up your business writing, our freelancers will run their own research to find out what type of content, language, style, and tone works best for your unique intents and purpose, without you having to do all this research on your own.

4: Exceptional Content and Editing Services

We are trained professionals. Each of our staff members was not only selected for their positive personality traits and superb skills, but we also provided training for spotless freelancer-client work and collaboration. Our entire organization is tailored around a satisfying customer experience, and each person you work with has your benefit in mind every step of the way.

5: A Cost-Effective Business Writing Project for Our Loyal Customer

Naturally, working with freelance writing teams means that you’ll only pay for the work you need to be done, with a guarantee of satisfaction. If you wish to create and maintain business content in-house, you’ll need a team of full-time writers. This means extra expenses to compensate them for their time even when you don’t need regular content production.

We’ve tailored our packages around cost-effectiveness and fair trading. Every product, service, package, and bundle that we offer was planned with a customer in mind, saving costs included. Our staff members will help you work out an order package that provides what you need from your business content, but without unnecessary costs. We will make sure to maximize the value of your investment.

6: For Us, There's No Such Thing as a Time-Consuming Project: Start Drafting Your Business Plan

Aside from offering high-quality, cost-effective services, we also pride ourselves on timely turnarounds. You won’t have to wait for weeks or months for your copy to be finished. Instead, you’ll see it done within a reasonable number of days depending on the volume.

Outsourcing business writing helps save the time and effort you’d otherwise spend on content research, creation, and optimization.

Business Writing Services Online | Hire Business Writers

Why Delegate Business Writing Services Online

Your business writer can create a top-notch business proposal, a neat, effective press release, a marketing plan, or a blog post worthy of sharing. With professional training to recognize and infuse brand voice and values into content, business writers make all of your copy relevant, compelling, and original.

While some businesses choose to hire and train their own copywriters, there are also those who wish to consult content marketing agencies. At The Urban Writers, we’ve trained our freelance writers and editors to apply the principles of content marketing when writing copy for individuals, businesses, and book publishers. While we may not call ourselves a content marketing agency, we sure guarantee a quality, on-brand copy.

Most businesses don’t have the staff they can train for copywriting, so they get by with what they’re able to write on their own. You don’t have to be one of those businesses! You can get cost-effective business writing services here with The Urban Writers for your company’s competitive edge.

Here’s what we offer when it comes to business writing:

  • Press Releases and Press Release Writing
  • Manuals and Instructions for Business
  • Guides, Handbooks, Marketing Brochures, Content Marketing, and Marketing Consultations With Our Staff
  • Brochures and Educational Materials, Product Descriptions, User Manuals
  • White Papers
  • Technical Writing Services
  • Newsletter Writing Services
  • Brief Market Analysis to Learn More About Your Brand and Industry
  • Business and Other Non-Fiction eBook Writing Services
  • Company Descriptions, Social Media Profiles, and About Us Pages
  • Website Content Writing Services

Your Company Deserves Quality Business Content Marketing

Your content writing and marketing directly affect revenue, customer retention, return on investment, and social media presence.

Our writing services primarily focus on crafting the type of compelling writing for your social media posts, white papers, press releases, and case studies that align with your brand values and voice.

Engaging, Concise Content

Did you know that fluff, redundancy, poor grammar and language, and insufficient SEO optimization keep your company from reaching all potential customers?

Content writing services help prevent and amend any damage done to your brand by publishing poor-quality writing.

Polished Brand Representation for Your Company

Quality business writing services define brand language. Your brand language is an additional element to the design, logo, color schemes, fonts, and other effects that you use to communicate your brand values.

Quality business writers know how to recognize this unique brand voice even when not explicitly stated by the customer.

We understand that business owners are kept busy by their daily commitments, and our writers have the capability to draw from the existing content and independent research to give your brand the right voice if you don't have the time to commit to designing it.

Start Creating Customer Business Communication Through Business Writing: Company No. 1 Concern

Our business writing services help you establish strong relationships with your customers, business partners, and social media audience.

You have an important message to pass on, and we are here to help you do so seamlessly and without additional commitments in your calendar.

Create High-Quality Content For Better Content Marketing

Our business writing services boost your content marketing strategy with carefully chosen keywords, style choices, and wording alignments that help you assume your rightful place among industry competitors.

You can let us take over your social media posts, blog posts, emails, and press release writing and focus on further growing your business.

Professional Business Writing Services | Hiring business Writers

Specialized Industry Professional Business Writing Service for Your Target Audience

All of our freelance writers who take up your business writing project have undergone training and testing for the following skills:

  • Recognizing what language and style to use with different industries and audience demographics

  • Performing independent SEO research and incorporating competitive keywords into your business content while attaining quality and brand language

  • Creating original content writing pieces that won't expose you to plagiarism and other forms of legal liability

  • Working together with you and taking your constructive feedback into account until they create content that you'll love.

Why Hire a Professional Writer

A business writer helps craft content solutions for:

  • Target Audience and Social Media Clients for your business

  • Web content for Search Engines and Search Engine Optimization for significant impact

  • Business documents, and business proposal writing services to show your company in the best light

  • Technical Documents

  • Industry Publications

  • Website Traffic and Landing Pages

Wait! Don't Forget About Editing Services!

Quality content marketing doesn't end with acquiring the best possible business writing copy. Your research papers, case studies, business documentation, marketing plan, and other great writing pieces also need editing.

We offer copy editing services for whatever type of content you need. More than a decade of experience with business writers taught us that quality editing services matter as much as creating content that meets the highest quality standards.

We may not be able to write your case study, but we can cater to your editing needs so that your website content and other business copy are reviewed with enough detail and put through an in-depth analysis to ensure that your brand message is loud and clear.

If you're to submit business documentation to important decision-makers, it needs to be written and edited so that it represents your brand and company process to the best of your ability.

We specialize in catering to businesses across many different industries and have an enrolled process to create quality content writing for our clients with diverse needs, and from diverse industries and fields of expertise!

What Do Business Writers Do For Your Target Audience?

Now, we come to the truly important part of all business writing efforts. All content writing, particularly business writing services, revolves around the reader. In literature, a writer writes with a reader in mind.

In business writing, your customer is thought of as a focus of all services that are being provided. Your writer will adjust website copy, case studies, project language and syntax, and other content writing elements to the type of written word your customers need so that they receive your message as intended.

Your writer is focused not only on where the reader's mind is at when reading your business and web content but also on other factors that might affect them, like life and professional circumstances.

For example, if a business freelance writer is to write you business proposal or a press release, they already know that the reader comes from a place of grand insecurity and has a proclivity to criticism.

With that in mind, your freelance writer will adjust word choice, tone, and style to instill a dose of trust and reassurance for everyone who reads.

Why You Need Constant Communication With the Intended Audience?

You are always competing to stay relevant with your intended audience. From art to health care, any company or facility that publishes content does so to create and maintain a connection with the receiver of their product or services.

If you don't post regular updates, send fresh and interesting emails, or let your audience know where you're at with your ongoing project, that connection weakens. Your competitors then come in and assume your place!

Think about all the customer engagement and retention you might be missing because of a lack of time to find quality writing services.

What Do You Get From Professional Writers' Quality Service

With The Urban Writers, you don't get only top-notch business writing services. You also get Editing services so that your case studies and website copy come out flawless.

We offer cost-effective, quality, timely business writing services for you to create the most compelling website copy. The kind of writing we offer leaves your audience wanting to come back for more, with the right understanding of what you have to offer and trust in your company and work process.

How to Find Reliable Business Writing Services?

Not everyone who's capable of providing writing services should call themselves a business writer. Quality business writing services demand advanced writing, literature, grammar, and content marketing skills that one obtains through years of work.

At The Urban Writers, we allow our freelancers to pitch business writing services and connect with clients who post projects only once we're certain that their writing skills meet the highest SEO, website copy, and business writing standards.

You can easily post your project on our website, and any applications that you receive will come from writing experts who've spent enough time with our company and we can vouch for their services!

Frequently asked questions
Can You Pay an Expert to Proofread?

Absolutely! You shouldn't pay others to write your academic work, but it's currently legal to hire someone to proofread your writing.

What's the Average Proofreading Hourly Rate

There's no exact amount for an average proofreading hourly rate. Each freelance proofreader editor charges based on their skills, education, professional background, and experience.

How Much Does Proofreading Cost?

While each editor has their individual pay rates, your cost will vary depending on the type of work you need. It will also depend on the type and volume of your writing.

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Connect with the right freelancers for every job! Browse freelancers, review profiles, and send direct messages. When you find the perfect fit, you can invite freelancers directly to your project(s) and/or approve freelancer requests. No commitment until you find your freelancer!

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Manage your project fully on the Platform. Track timelines, progress and chat with your freelance team via dedicated project chat for every order. Receive automated emails and internal Platform notifications as your projects move through different stages of the process. Chat directly with Admin if you need to escalate anything. Various approval stages allow you to be in complete control.

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