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The Best Freelance Fashion Writers For Hire

Wish to publish fashion editorials worthy of top elite magazines? Then learn why you should hire a fashion writer to turn your writing into a piece of art.


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Fashion Journalists and How to Find Them

Writing articles in the fashion industry takes a lot of creativity and expertise. If you have interviews that you wish to see crafted into sleek magazine publications worthy of Elle UK, Marie Claire, or Harper's Bazaar, then read more about how hiring a fashion writer can help.

Fashion Writers

The Nuances of the Fashion Industry: What Is Fashion Journalism?

Fashion writers aren’t just ordinary writers. Their occupation usually entails a degree in fashion, or related areas, like merchandising, design, marketing, or journalism.

There are many schools where one can get a traditional fashion education. Vocational schools, design colleges, fashion academics, and art institutes all show students how to use different textiles and styles to create garments, what construction methods to use, and how to design clothing and accessories.

Naturally, fashion has many other aspects than the seasonal trend, which is why those students who wish to work in fashion also study its history, terminology, and contemporary development. It’s also necessary to have a background in the industry for one to work as a fashion writer. A fashion writer must show expertise in two seemingly very different arts: fashion and literature.

They must possess the perspective and the experience of an expert fashion designer, and have an equal measure of passion for literary expression. However, entering the fashion world in any way, including writing, isn’t easy. Before they establish themselves as quality fashion writers, many individuals first work internships for different fashion companies, most often while still studying.

Although fashion writing and fashion journalism may sound similar, they’re two quite different jobs.

Fashion journalism publishes fresh, exciting information on television, in magazines, and on websites. However, since extensive expertise is needed for a journalist to participate in fashion-related events, they also must have adequate education in communication and journalism, and a good knowledge of fashion design.

Fashion journalists report on the following:

  • Fashion show success

  • Fashion news

  • Fashion shoots

  • And other.

A fashion journalist works with a fashion editor, a fashion director, or a fashion features director to create amazingly interesting fashion news and features. They also frequently interview fashion designers to learn what's new and fresh in the world of fashion.

It's not unusual for fashion designers to form close working relationships with fashion journalists, so they begin to invite them to their photo shoots and shows.

Fashion Copywriter Freelance

What Distinguishes Regular Fashion Writing From Other Freelance Writing?

The job of a fashion journalist is somewhat different from that of a fashion writer. A fashion journalist researches different styles and trends, and then obtains first-hand information about the topics of their interests from designers, styles, marketers, and others. They also attend fashion shows and other events to stay in the loop.

A successful fashion journalist is always on top of the industry and trending events, and they know how to access top-level fashion shows, parties, and photoshoots. They also have the talent to analyze and follow the development of the industry, and to stay in the loop with events only an expert would know about.

Aside from staying on top of events and trends, fashion journalists have a good grasp of pop culture, which includes music and other arts. They also hold a critical view of fashion, and learn about the critics' opinions of fashion lines, no matter how popular they become.

While the most famous fashion journalists work for New York Magazine, British Vogue, InStyle Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and others, fashion writers work closely with editors and other individuals in the world of publishing to create unique books and publications.

The Secrets of Fashion Writers

Now that you understand who fashion journalists are, let's talk a little more about who fashion writers are.

Are Fashion Writers and Editors the Same?

No! Fashion writers and editors have entirely different roles, as they do in any other type of writing. The confusion surrounding the terms within the fashion niche could have come from blog and article wizards using their talents as editorial writers. Editorial writers publish long-form, detailed pieces that revolve around a single topic, whereas a fashion journalist, publishes briefs, impactful news, and press releases on the latest trends.

Fashion Writer

Are Fashion Writers and Journalists the Same?

While the same person could do both of these jobs, they are not the same. Fashion writers may also publish books, blogs, and other long-form writing pieces, whereas fashion journalists interview individuals in the industry and report from the scene of major events.

What Do Fashion Writers Do?

A fashion writer doesn’t have a single task. They perform various tasks within the fashion industry and must have skills and qualifications to write fashion editorial content.

Quality, established magazine writers and journalists see their work published in newspapers, websites, television shows, trade journals, and magazines.

Aside from writing about fashion history, important fashion trends and events, as well as upcoming products and collections, fashion journalists are often sent to attend and write about fashion shows in major cities.

Fashion writers often visit and talk to fashion agencies, production facilities, and designers, to write enticing news and articles for the public. Aside from meeting and interviewing fashion experts, fashion journalists also interview models, merchandisers, and designers to create interesting news on the latest trends.

In a dynamic fashion market, a successful journalist must have many trusted contacts that can feed them the exclusive information needed for a fresh, interesting writing piece.

There are fashion writers who work for a single newspaper (a column), and there are also fashion journalists who are more focused on stories. These writing experts instead pursue fresh, original news and then pitch it to magazines and newspapers rather than working for a single employer.

How Much Do Fashion Writers Make?

Although becoming a fashion writer might appear as a dream job to some, earning career success and a lifestyle like those who are writing for Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, or Daily Beast isn't easy. Popular culture makes seem like earning a Pulitzer Prize in journalism isn't that daunting.

In real life though, the reputation of a strong fashion journalist or writer is earned through a lot of hard work. Writing pay rates in the fashion industry vary depending on where they are in their career journey and their expertise in fashion journalism and writing. With that in mind, here are the approximate earning levels in fashion journalism and publishing:

Entry Level Magazine Articles and Website Copy

Entry-level blog and article creators have usually earned a bachelor's degree in fashion, communication, or journalism. They have begun an internship with a publisher in one of their respective areas. While a writer may start their internship in a fashion magazine, they may also work as article creators in other industries that publish about style (e.g., Financial Times or New Yorker).

The majority of the time though, these creatives may work on fashion website content (e.g., product descriptions) and deliver quality fashion and style-related copy on a regular basis.

Intermediate Level

An intermediate writer in fashion may, after a time of submitting consistent high-quality work, earn recognition from the founding editor-in-chief, of their magazine or newspaper. They may be tasked with reporting on current trends or getting opportunities to write blog posts for major publications.

Should you require ghostwriting services from this writer, you'll likely pay intermediate rates for a quality-written article or a blog post. These authors have both the education, and now a decent level of experience for creative stories that your target audience will find interesting.

success in Fashion Interviews and Articles

After several years of successful work for a fashion magazine, a writer can become an editor-in-chief, but this would be an example of extraordinary success (e.g., Anna Wintour). Most of the time, though, an accomplished fashion journalist or author will write their own column, where they'll share interesting stories, interviews, and their take on trending styles in their blog or article publications.

While fashion authors of this caliber earn the highest-paying rates, it is possible to find those that provide ghostwriting services. They will, however, require the highest fees.

How Does One Become a Fashion Writer?

If you have a great passion for fashion writing and wish to follow in the footsteps of Anna Wintour, the first thing to do is gain expertise and experience in both writing and fashion. Being a fashion blogger might seem difficult at first, but the best way to grow your skills is to write, publish, and improve your skills based on feedback.

Becoming a fashion writer isn't easy, but it's achievable. All you need to do is follow these couple of steps:

1: Gain Previous Experience

Before a fashion journalist gets their first job, start with a job in the world of fashion. A lot of the time, beginner journalists gain previous experience through internships in public relations, digital media, or marketing, where they can access numerous events and personalities from the fashion world.

2: Learn to Communicate

Communication skills are essential, not only to share information with the people in the industry, but to also set a quality basis for your future writing skills. Communication helps writers build a unique style and voice, so that each of their written paragraphs is as original as the piece of clothing they describe.

Communication skills and knowledge are also crucial for a writer to know which specific rules of writing, speaking, and performance apply in different situations. This makes it easier for them to access the resources and sources necessary for their quality writing.

3: Charisma

As a fashion writer, you’ll probably meet a lot of people and talk to them about fun, creative topics. It is necessary for your personality to shine through writing, because people remember voices and faces much better than they remember dresses and jewelry.

Your personality and social nature create a friendly vibe with interviewees, for which they’ll reward you with interesting, so far unheard-of information. If you can make the other side feel relaxed and safe, it wouldn’t be common for a fashion interview to stretch out for hours.

4: Tech Savvy

The fashion industry is no longer limited strictly to magazines, TV, and newspapers. It now has a place in all social media, and fashion readers access content from multiple platforms and numerous devices.

A strong fashion writer knows what the most popular websites are to look for trends and the latest events, which Instagram and Pinterest accounts are the most influential on the scene, and which forums and chat rooms discuss the most interesting topics.

5: Educational Background

While a bachelor's degree in fashion or journalism isn’t explicitly required, you will stand a lot better among the competition if you’re as knowledgeable and well-versed in the fashion world as they are. Educational programs also give you the kind of knowledge and experience that one needs to become a content creative as a fashion insider, not an enthusiast.

If you don’t have a traditional degree, you can upgrade your education by attending all sorts of fashion, design, communication, and marketing classes. That way, you’ll have a good grasp of the industry’s slang, style, and tone preferred in different situations.

6: Interesting Portfolio

There are several ways to create and promote your fashion writer portfolio. You can compile all of your best works, print a photograph version, and then style it into an elegant binder that will remain memorable to anyone who sees it.

Or, you can post your portfolio online. Set up your social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and your personal domain. There, upload and post photos featuring your best work, so that all of your potential clients and interviewees can learn first-hand about your talent and skills.

7: Gradual Career Development

Don’t try to write too much too fast, or else you might overwork yourself, or your work may miss out on your originality and your unique contribution to the industry. Begin with small tasks and projects while still in college, and then, experts advise, get a part-time gig after college while working a full-time job.

Build your portfolio slowly, and ensure it contains only your highest-quality work. Pick your projects and only select those that match your skills and interests. Starting from a fashion blogger, steady progress with a strong portfolio will help you advance to a fashion editor, and even a fashion director after years of experience.

You may find yourself on the other side of the fashion industry, or even choose to become a chief fashion critic. Whichever you choose, whether to be a fashion writer or to enter fashion journalism, remember that your success depends on your creativity and knowledge of the fashion industry.

How to Get Fashion Copywriter Freelance Writing Services for Your Blog and Articles

Ready for some top-quality freelance fashion writing? Blog posts and articles won't pitch themselves to fashion magazines, so hurry! The Urban Writers has a superb selection of freelance fashion writers and a devout fashion editor team with an eye for detail.

If you wish to hire a fashion writer, here's what you need to do:

Create an Account on Our Platform

Purchase your package. Right now, you can get quality fashion writing for blogs, articles, emails, social media posts, and web content as part of our SEO package. Or, you can order one of our nonfiction writing packages and your writer will describe the world of fashion, fashion history, your personal fashion business, or anything else that you may need.

Create Your Fashion Writing Project

Follow the instructions on our Platform, and post your first fashion writing project. Your project description should feature an outline, a list of requirements in terms of style, tone, content, and word count, as well as any additional resources or instructions that you'd like the writer to know about.

Prepare your images, fashion content, inspiration and requirements: Upload your project description, topic, type, format, etc., so that our creative experts have a better idea about what content you need written.

Post Your Job Description and Watch Fashion Writers Apply

As soon as your job description goes live, dozens of interesting blog and article creators will begin to apply for your project. Before you settle on a freelance writer selection, browse their writing samples, so that you have a better idea of which fashion writer from our platform has just the kind of writing skills that you're looking for.

Hire and Enjoy

Once you discover your favorite writer, sign the project over to them. Whether it's writing articles or ebooks, each writing expert is given an adequate amount of time to flesh out their first draft.

While your writer posts their freshly written content, you'll be able to monitor their work from the comfort of your home or office. If you wish to share feedback, or make corrections to your writer's current writing, you may do so at any time via our Platform's freelancer chat or the document comment feature.

Once your fashion writer has finished their portion of the job, and you're happy with their writing, you can approve the first draft and move it to editing, and afterward, design if needed, so that your content reads and looks its best.

Once your entire fashion writing team, including your writer, editor, and designer, has finished doing their parts of the job, you can complete your project, and our order fulfillment team will prepare it for your download.

So, hurry! Schedule your special fashion writer with The Urban Writers! Don't let your favorite slip away!

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