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The Best Freelance Press Release Writers For Hire

Are you looking to hire a freelance press release writer? A press release writer helps your company send out on-brand news, job posts, and announcements. Find out how you benefit from press release writers for hire!


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Individuals and companies use professional press releases when they want to make an announcement, publish news, post a job, promote some of their new products or services, and much more.

For this, companies need their written content professionally done, and they often use other platforms. Typically, companies hire press release writers if they want their press release writing done on a regular basis–with managed service and a quick turnaround time.

Unless an organization has a full-time writer for their content marketing, they will need assistance from a press release writing service. 


But, who are press release writers?

Simply put, professional press release writers have experience writing press releases! They can write up a perfect press release from rolling out the first draft to providing unlimited revisions for their clients.

At The Urban Writers, we also offer the managed service option, where you can get one or multiple press releases done by the same freelance writer, or a team of professional press release writers.

Our press release writing services also give you the opportunity to monitor our writing process, the option to add more words to your order beyond the initial word count, have numerous revisions with our press release writers and editors, and all that within a quick turnaround time for your convenience.

Press Release Writers For Hire? Why Not Use In-House Talent?

Your company undoubtedly homes talented staff, whether it's a personal account manager, dedicated account manager, your press release expert, or anyone else working within your marketing department, your staff takes care of public relations, and media contacts, and overall ensures that your product and service remain relevant and visible.

But, does your staff specialize in content creation? Is writing their full-time job? Do they know the process to the T and can create numerous news pieces, job posts, research articles, and other press release writing work with the same efficiency? Is the content provided written as if they have more than a decade of experience?

Chance are they can't! Professional press release writers are PR pros in their own way. They understand how public relations work, specifically in regards to content. They understand how the audience thinks, as they have worked with dozens of companies so far, and your writers and journalists likely worked within a single or a handful of companies.

Writer's talents vary depending on their specialization, which is based on their education, background, and writing interests.

Why You Should Hire Press Release Writing Services

Large or small, business owners and brand owners tend to have mixed feelings about outsourcing content creation and social media content. After all, when writing is supposed to directly represent your identity and personality, and on a brand that you worked so hard to create, you feel a duty to address all issues personally and directly.

After all, your audience, clients, and consumers deserve your messages to come straight from you. Right? Businesses and individuals working in the public have a lot of responsibility for each word shared with the media. Your content creation doesn’t only share your main message. They also display your brand values and views on social matters, which tend to be sensitive for many of your customers.

As a business owner, a brand owner, or a public figure, you need to choose your words carefully. Your words must represent you accurately, and they need to be true! Yet, subtle phrases, formulations, and even the order in which words are said can cause an audience to make assumptions about what you meant and how you meant it.

Benefits of Hiring a Press Release Writing Service

Addressing the public is tricky in the content marketing business, particularly knowing that each reader or listener interprets a message in their own way. When you have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of audience members, it’s a true art to craft a press release that will sound the same in everyone’s minds.

Because of the seriousness and sensitivity that comes with addressing the public, many brand and business owners choose to have professional writers create their press releases.

Press releases are more than information shared with the public about ongoing changes in your business and brand. They are an essential tool for business promotion. Press releases gently spark interest in your company or the things you do and create an impression of you–an image you wish your customers to have.

Unfortunately, when press releases go wrong, your business may come across as unprofessional. Even worse, it can appear disingenuous or provocative, and cause a rift with your customers instead of bringing you closer together. This is one of the main reasons why it’s so important to have an expert carefully choose your every word.

For that, you benefit from hiring a press release service, whether using an agency or a press release writing service!

Not all writing is the same, and press releases are different from your regular content. When you publish blog posts, you can have a virtual conversation with your reader. You can explain your feelings, give argumentation, and share ideas in ways that make readers understand where you’re coming from.

A similar applies to social media posts, where you can share information about your product launches, discounts, company announcements, and policy updates using brand tone–and with the reader in mind. You can use the verbiage that would be most effective, and you can add further links, images, and sources that give your post more dimension!

Press releases are more limiting in that regard. They tend to have a more dry tone and come across as more journalistic. Press release writing is more formal, professional, and one-dimensional compared to your other publications.

The formal tone of your press release can have a twofold effect. The positive effect is that a more neutral tone appeals to different reader profiles.

The downside of the formal tone, or negative e is that it doesn’t invoke emotion. It doesn’t create the type of emotional connection that makes the reader feel like your content addresses their important needs and concerns.

Using a more professional approach to content is always beneficial for a business. On the one hand, it establishes you as a serious business that wields data, facts, and tackles the market and any issues that arise with integrity and responsibility.

The downside of it though is that it lacks the type of casual appeal that social posts and blogs have. At the end of the day, people always respond better to reading more casual, friendly-toned content. A skillful press release writer will know how to instill trust and a positive note without compromising the professional authority that a good press release reflects.

The final, and the trickiest aspect of a press release, is that it can be considered one-dimensional in terms of communication and information exchange. With a blog or a social media post, you can ask your reader a question, even a more hypothetical one that doesn’t demand a response.

Press release writer - Press release writers - Press release writing

Intricacies of Writing a Press Release: Why You Need a Press Release Writer

A press release is there to communicate very specific information. As such, it doesn’t communicate with the reader but to the reader. It doesn’t leave you much space to work around any misinterpretations, additional questions, or concerns that the reader might have.

It is up to the professional press release writer to word the press release in such ways that leave little to no space for misunderstandings.

How to do that:

1: Effective Communication

A press release writer ensures your press release contains enough essential information, but not so much that it confuses the reader.

2: Knowing How Your Audience Thinks

They also look into areas where the reader could potentially become concerned, confused, or upset, so they add further clarification to prevent complications.

3: Brand Awareness

All this, of course, with mindfulness of the tone and style, will make the press release representative of your brand.

As you can see, there are many things that a press release writer must achieve professionally and simultaneously for it to have a positive impact on your business.

4: Marketing Psychology and Research Skills

At The Urban Writers, we’ve trained our freelancers to take both the client and their reader into consideration, no matter the type of content they’re writing. We could go on and on about how this is done (not that we don’t enjoy it), but we can tell you that such writing entails both psychological knowledge and market research expertise, aside from top-notch writing skills.

How to Choose the Best Press Release Writers

But, how to choose the best press release writer for your business?

To answer this question, you first have a good understanding of how press release writers run their processes, how they approach their writing, and how they impact your business.

Full-Time VS Part-Time

Freelance press release writers can be both a freelance writer or a full-time content or copy writer employed in your company. There are writers who specialize in only a single content form, while there are also freelance writers who write press releases, articles, blogs, social media content, and even writing ebooks with stellar skill and quality.

The Range Of Press Release Writing Services

The range of services that freelance press release writers provide isn’t necessarily a reflection of their talent, efficiency, and professionalism. In most cases, it’s merely a plain career choice. Strong writing skills in a single content form, whether a blog or a press release, take time to learn and practice.

Each time a writer wants to improve their writing skills in a new content niche or category, they have to spend at least a month learning and gaining experience.

Niche and Industry Specialty

With this in mind, many freelance writers choose to specialize in a single or a small number of content forms. There are also many who are equally good in ebook writing and copywriting–releases included.

The first thing to do when choosing your freelance press release writers is to check their copywriting skills. Your press release writer, shall their skills match your brand well, can create media-ready content that increases your brand reach and communicates intentions to the target audience exceptionally.

Targeting Skills

For well-targeted pieces, a specialty press release writer first analyzes the requirements of your press release. They create a list of the core information that is to be included, as they become the topic of their writing.

With this in mind, your press release writer will want to know if you wish to promote an event, which they’ll need to describe and promote. Perhaps, you’re announcing a launch of a new service and product, which will entail product information and more promotional writing.

News Publishing Goals

Small businesses also publish press release news to highlight a particular service or product that already exists, but either needs more promotion, or the market tides turned and made it potentially more profitable than it once was.

For this, a good press release writer will analyze how to present circumstance changes, how the specific product or service helps the customer, and why the product is being emphasized more than before (its potential benefits).

PR Management Skills

Moreover, there are situations when companies need to put more emphasis on their ethos and stance on social events, or as a response to a sensitive situation that had emerged.

Here, a skillful press release writer will know how to analyze company values, the events in question, and they’ll also have the type of business savvy needed to craft soothing, empowering, yet safe statements for your business.

Writing a press release - How much to write a press release

What Does a Quality Press Release Looks Like?

On the outside, a press release is a set of information that small businesses wish to communicate to the reader. On the inside, it contains the two key elements of business writing that sort of opposes its initial purpose, but are undeniably there, regardless of all circumstances:

1: Advertising Aspects and Public Relations Writing Skills

No matter the cause or the type of business writing, it always serves to promote said business and (ideally) bring in more work and revenue. If the effort isn’t made to achieve this, the effect can be the opposite.

A poorly written press release can harm your business unintentionally. It can frustrate or anger your writers, and if not, then it can make them think that the brand identity you’re showcasing is just a façade.

This can happen if your press release is flat and uninteresting, which can make the reader feel as if there’s the same type of “greedy businessmen/women” behind your business, and you’re no different from the rest.

Like it or not, a press release is a content marketing piece just as any other.

2: Copywriting Aspects of Press Release Writing

Press release writing namely includes basic copywriting skills. Without those skills, your writers can't do a good job with:

  • Company case studies

  • Addressing customer problems

  • Writing ads

  • Social media posts

  • And more.

To achieve a press release goal effectively, your freelance press release writers use the further key elements of a quality-written press release:

3: Search Engine Optimization and Web Development

If published online, a press release must be SEO-optimized as well. This means that, on top of the ability to conjure a quality press release content body, your writer must have a deep understanding of how optimization works.

They need the ability to track down the most important keywords, both short and long form. Beyond that, your writer must understand other elements that make for quality SEO, like formatting, paragraph, structure, and other aspects of copywriting.

4: Understanding Press Release Format for Companies

As with any other content publication, press releases have an attention-grabbing headline, subheadings, introductions, conclusions, and sections. Each should be written carefully so as to not exceed the recommended volume and length, to follow style guidelines and formatting rules, and much more.

5: Knowing What the Main Parts of a Press Release Are

Each press release has an opening paragraph, main body, and a conclusion. The opening paragraph is to be accurate, brief, and effective. A good writer will pay close attention to it and most likely will write it last, once they’ve already acquainted themselves with the entirety of the press release.

The main body of a press release news piece is more flexible in terms of writing, style, and tone. The writer can be more creative here when talking about your partnerships, products, services, or events.

Lastly, a press release wraps up with a conclusion. A conclusion should be written carefully and serve to leave a brief, yet impactful message.

6: Determining the Right Press Release Word Count

Companies shouldn't publish overly long press releases as they lose reader attention. Unlike blog posts, press releases are typically packed with new information, so they should be too overwhelming. Your professional press release writer should limit their work to up to 500 words, leaving no more than 350-400 words for the press release body.

If you wish your press release written professionally, then you ought to hire the best press release writer. At The Urban Writers, we give you the opportunity to hire press release writers at an accessible cost!

Press Release Writers FAQs

How The Urban Writes Conjures Professional Press Release Writing?

Our freelance press release writers have more than a decade of experience in press release writing, and their work will result in the type of effective press releases that will check all the boxes.

Our press release service is website content and email marketing friendly.

When writing press releases, we keep the target market in mind! You'll effectively use our media-ready content on your social media channels, plus save time and resources that you'd otherwise spend hiring PR professionals and public relations services.

How Much to Write a Press Release? Press Releases Average Costs

Now, you wish to know how much will a press release cost. The costs of your press release writing service will vary depending on:

Your job proposal. Are you offering continuous work or one-time opportunities?

  • The number of revisions. Do you wish for unlimited revisions or you're willing to accept the writer's work as-is? Revisions will add to your writing cost.

  • Writing requirements. Can you let writers work independently, or do they need to follow strict sets of rules for language, company policy, format, targeting, tone, etc? The more requirements needed for writers to follow, the greater the writing costs turn out.

  • Writer background. Are you willing to work with beginners for a lesser cost, or do you wish for more experienced writers, perhaps those who worked as journalists with major publications like Huffington Post? Writers who used to be, or currently are journalists tend to have higher pay rates.

Want to Hire Press Release Writers? Let Us Know!

The Urban Writers has a team of trained copywriters, copyeditors, and designers who'll take up various forms of your business copywriting and make it magical. Want to know more? Contact us and book a demo!

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