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A screenwriter is an individual whose job is, as the name suggests, to write scripts. The scripts that a writer produces are then used by actors to breathe life into their characters.

Who Are Script Writers?

Screenplay writing services use the talents of a screenplay writer. These writers use their creative writing skills to adapt a story (graphic novels, sci-fi books, and other ideas) into a screenplay.

Once in script format, stories can then be used for short-film adaptations, TV shows, movie script adaptations, and other formats.

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Screenwriter for hire - Screenwriters for hire

What distinguishes a scriptwriter from other screenwriting services is that "script doctor" services translate character development, story arc development, a person's life story, and character emotional states into directions and dialogue.

That way, the same piece of writing can be adapted into different formats, from TV series to documentaries and movie script adaptations.

How Much Do Screen Writers Cost?

Once you've decided that you want to work with a screenplay writer for your film script development or a theater play, you must be wondering how much it cost.

The industry standards for freelance screenplay writer fees show that you'll likely pay between $2,000 and $4,000 for a 30-60 page-long movie or screenplay, depending on the length of your screen adaptations.

A professional writer for a script will cost significantly, but they'll help you create adaptations of your short stories that will be worthwhile.

Why Hire a Screenwriter for Your Script Writing Gig?

If you wish to write a play, record an ad for your business, or even for your podcast or YouTube video, you might need assistance from a scriptwriter.

There are many instances of why one would need a screenwriter. Let’s say that you already have a story in mind and you wish to turn it into a movie script or play. Yet, you don’t know how to use the screenwriting format.

Perhaps, you don’t know how to start with screenwriting and breathe life into your story so that it gets picked up by Paramount pictures or other professionals in the industry.

The first thing to know about screenwriting is that, as with any other writing, it’s different based on genre. With screenwriting, however, the choices are fewer than they are in literature. You have several genre choices at your disposal when choosing to hire script writers:

  • Thriller Movie Script Writer

  • Horror Movie Script Writer

  • Romance Movie Script Writer

  • Crime Movie Script Writer

  • Mystery Movie Script Writer

  • Science Fiction Movie Script Writer

  • Any Other Genre of Screenplay or Movie Script Writer

Screenwriters for Hire: Skills and Requirements That Bring Your Idea to Life

The rest of the elements that contribute to further categorization are more prominent in other stages of project creation and editing. Before you start writing your script, commit to a single genre and do a bit more research that focuses on script writing within that particular genre.

Beyond that, there are several key steps to follow with screenwriting:

Freelance Writer Reading and Research

Study the concept of the story at hand. The specific theater or movie screenplay you’re working on is unique in many ways, but it also competes with many others who fall under the same or similar category. Explore the story and discover which genre, category, and subcategory fits the story best.

After that, explore competitive shows, movies, series, and other video publications. Read their reviews and note what both critics and the audience liked, as well as what they didn’t like. These will be your do’s and don’ts for the project that you’re about to write.

Outline Development Process for Writing a Movie Script and Theatre Scripts

While your research focused more on the project's background and the competition, your screenplay outline focuses on what’s unique about yours and your client’s story, while taking everything you learned into consideration.

Create an outline that gives a very specific direction for your writing. However, a script idea outline is different from a fiction or a non-fiction outline because it has a different format and parts. It contains the elements like exposition, acts, themes, and settings that progress and grow from one another.

The client needs to approve each consecutive act before the next is written so that the story idea goes in the right direction.

Auditing and Revising

Once the entire draft is complete, you need another review and edit to make sure that the story reflects the client’s vision, or your vision if you’re writing your script. If necessary, revisions should be made.

If you’re outsourcing script writing, your writer or an agency that you used to hire will likely give you a certain number of free revisions. At The Urban Writers, we allow for up to four revisions, depending on the package you choose.


Once you’re 100% on board with the content of the script and you’re satisfied with its flow, progression, tone, and everything else, the script is then formatted to better adhere to industry standards. We will polish your script so that it’s worthy of any Hollywood producer!

Now, you must be wondering, how to use The Urban Writers for your screenwriting needs. You can order your script from one of our fiction or non-fiction packages, depending on the type of script you need, your industry, and your genre.

If you’re unsure about how to place your order and share your screenplay requirements, you can get assistance from our customer service agents. Our trained professionals will help you place the right order and determine the size and budget for your screenplay.

Once you’re happy with your order, you can then push it into the next stage, where it will be posted for our freelancers to apply. While this is happening, you can also create your separate projects, and invite our freelancers to become a part of your team. That way, you can invite the individual freelancers whose work you like to your projects, and you can keep your team for future collaborations.

Your script writing team can include one or more writers, editors, designers, and narrators, depending on what you need for your screenplay.

Freelance film writer - Script writers for hire

Why Use a Freelance Film Writer?

How do you benefit from a scriptwriter? Scripts are used to prepare public performances that need to go smoothly, without error, repetition, inconsistency, or language/speech inaccuracies.

Let’s say that you wish to publish a promotional YouTube video for your business. Do you want your customers to hear you stumble, jump from one point to another, digress, etc.? Editing can fix these issues to a large degree, but it’s not a magical solution.

Viewers easily spot cuts and edits, and too many of them can be distracting. Bear in mind that mainstream viewers, whether YouTube users or regular website visitors, understand the “trade” pretty well by now.

Many influencers shared their recording process. You can find numerous documents on how podcast authors run their process, and how theater or movie producers do their job. In other words, a well-informed audience knows what happens “behind the scenes.”

With this in mind, they have greater expectations for the content they’re viewing. Your audience is likely much more critical and observant of errors and inconsistencies than they would be only a couple of years ago.

On top of that, you want that your appearance to be perfect, whether in person or on video. Indeed, no one is perfect, but there is a certain flow to it that the audience needs so that they hear your messages. Your words shouldn’t be left for interpretation, and they should represent you as an individual, a professional, or a brand the way you intended.

Plus, scripts ensure that you allocate time to your main points more evenly and that you provide just enough explanations, examples, jokes, or information to achieve your goal. Enough, but not too much, is essential for an impactful performance.

You may be an expert in your field and industry, and you may have incredible charisma on screen or in person. Yet, if you try and give an unscripted performance, chances are that it won’t go as planned.

You're simply not a creative writing expert, nor do you know how to write a script for screenplays or plan a movie or TV performance.

This is why it’s so important to have your performance scripted and prepared ahead of time. A script is essential for quality TV! Imagine taking your precious time to sit down and watch a late-night show, only to spend half of it listening to crickets as the host tries to figure out what to say next.

Any type of public performance, spoken material, or artistic performance, such as:

  • A speech

  • Developing characters for screenplays

  • Television shows

  • A feature film/ movie script

  • An instructive, motivational, promotional, TV, or any other film

  • A podcast page script

  • Film spec scripts

  • A play

Benefits from using a screenwriter. Screenwriting is an expertise, and unless you feel passionate about it, it’s better to outsource it than to miss out on the potential to maximize your performance.

Script writers - Screen writers - Script writers near me

Freelance Film Writer: How to Work With Script Writers for Hire

Now, let’s go over the journey of screenplay writing, and outline what it takes to hire and work with a professional screenwriter:

1: Outlining Your Performance and Project

Create a brief about your screenplay and its goals. This brief should explain what your project is about, what type of performance you wish to prepare, what it will be used for, and other relevant requirements, such as:

Screenwriters Talent Requirements

What traits, talents, and skills do you wish your screenwriters to have? Keep in mind that every screenwriter has an authentic style and writing routine. Even if you give the same brief to ten screenwriters, they’ll each turn in stark different versions of your performance.

Screenplay, Web Series, or TV Show scope

Describe the size of your screen adaptations in detail. How big do you expect your audience to be? Who will be in your audience? Share any audience demographic and targeting information that you have gathered with your writer. This will help them better understand the tone, language, and style that’s needed for that particular audience.

Finally, share relevant information about yourself. Provide your screenwriter with your previous performance recordings, so that they can for your traits, mannerisms, tone, personality, gestures, speech style, and other relevant details. This will help the writer create a more authentic script that will come across as truthful and genuine to your audience.

Screenplay length

How long do you wish your performance to last? This is important for the writer to understand the size of written screenplays and to better plan their writing from start to finish.

Note the crucial points of the performance that you wish to create, which will help the screenwriter create a more consistent structure.


Provide the screenwriter with the background and history of the project itself, and you or your cast as individuals. Knowing this helps the screenwriter include relevant facts and elements into their work, which will make them consistent with the work done so far.

In other words, providing your screenwriter with the screenplay background gives them better-writing direction. Your screenwriter should know about the work done so far so that they make their work consistent with it.

Budget For Screenwriters

Finally, let your applicants know about your budget. This will ensure that your screenwriter feels comfortable working under your terms, and that there are no misunderstandings later in the project.

Your budget should also include payment preferences. Outline the mode of payment that you wish to use, whether you wish to pay hourly or on an individual screenplay basis, and any other relevant payment preferences.

2: Advertising Your Performance as a Job Offer

Get your job post out there for interested applicants to apply. You can join our Platform now, share your screenplay details, and simply wait for interested writers to come with their applications.

You can even post your job offer to numerous online platforms and job websites, and only start interviewing candidates when you feel like enough of them have applied.

3: Interviewing Interested Applicants

Now, you need to select your favorite applicant among them all. At The Urban Writers, you can review our freelancer profiles. You can then send an invite to your project to those freelancers that you prefer, or accept or decline freelancer applications as you choose.

We give an additional option to private message our freelancers. Private messages further allow you to learn more about the freelancer, get their thoughts on your projects, and ask questions that you’d normally ask in an interview.

4: Hiring Your Professional Screenwriter

At The Urban Writers, you don’t have to individually hire every person you wish to see on your project team. Instead, all you need to do is start a project, choose your freelancers, and assign your order to whichever team member is the best fit for the particular role.

Select an applicant who ranks highest in the following traits:

Understanding your project brief and needs

We are all individuals. Each expert has their take on the job at hand, and their vision needs to align with yours. If not, it’s important that your writer’s take on the project contributes to the development of your idea, and not take away from it.

Understanding the style, tone, and message that you wish to send

The screenwriter should understand how to put your key requirements into writing. Their writing style should also align with what you want to be done for your script, and the same goes for the tone of their writing.

At The Urban Writers, we let our freelancers upload various writing samples that they take pride in and think are representative of their skills. These samples also show what tone and style will thread into your script, even if the writer does their best to emulate your natural style and speech.

Write a quality Movie script

This goes without saying, but your screenwriters should have high writing efficiency and competence. Their work shouldn’t require a lot of revising, and you certainly shouldn’t have them rework the script several times because they didn’t follow some of your requirements.

At The Urban Writers, we insist on adherence to film industry outlines and requirements. We’ve created a space for our clients to share relevant information about their projects so that the screenplay ghostwriter is always aware of the main guidelines.

Edit their Screenplay Writing for better flow, continuity, and impact

Although we offer separate editing services that truly make the best of your written script, all our screenwriters are trained and expected to proofread their work before the end of the writing stage.

Your writer should go through their work several times and correct any errors they come across. They should ensure that it has certain elements that were required before writing, like movie or TV character's names, arcs, and character development cohesion.

The creative writing expert is also expected to check if their feature film script, TV show script, screenplay, or movie script doesn't have plot holes. A cohesive plot is essential for bringing great ideas to life, while poorly done scenes can ruin them.

Hire The Urban Writers Script Writers Near Me for Thrilling Scripts

If you're thinking about hiring the best screenwriters for your future PAGE award-winning movie or screenplay, you have a great idea underway!

At The Urban Writers, you can have your screenplay writer work on your terms. Your great idea will see an amazing plot, award-winning character development, and skillfully written scenes that will make it worthy of most notable film production companies.

The film industry is tough, but you're tougher! Have your dialogue and short stories adapted into movie scripts or TV series using our screenwriting services. We can help with the following projects:

  • Feature film scriptwriters

  • Short film screenplay production

  • Creative writing and ideas for short film characters

  • Screenwriting for movies and screenplays

Do you wish to know more about our writing process? Drop us a message, and we'll answer your screenwriting questions within days!

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