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The Best Freelance Proofreaders for Hire

Tired of typos in your books, articles, and blog posts? It's time to find proofreaders for hire! Learn why you should hire a proofreader, and how to hire a proofreader who'll make your spotless writing shine.


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Are you looking for a proofreader?

Perhaps, you're browsing freelance proofreading jobs in an effort to find out how to hire a proofreader and get quality proofreading services. But, you have so many questions! What's an average hourly rate? How to find a freelance editor/proofreader?

Whether you're looking for someone to proofread and edit an email, an essay, a book, or a blog post, what you're actually doing is offering online proofreading jobs to those offering editing services.

Freelance Proofreaders for Hire | Proofreaders for Hire

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Are Remote Proofreaders and Editors Common?

Online proofreading jobs are highly sought after by every freelance proofreader looking to not only correct grammatical errors in writing, but also provide academic editing services for teachers, professors, and even students.

Your freelance proofreader will not only do the basic copy editing but will also be detail-oriented when it comes to ensuring that you turn in a polished paper.

Can You Pay an Expert to Proofread?

Absolutely! You shouldn't pay others to write your academic work, but it's currently legal to hire someone to proofread your writing.

What's the Average Proofreading Hourly Rate

There's no exact amount for an average proofreading hourly rate. Each freelance proofreader editor charges based on their skills, education, professional background, and experience.

How Much Does Proofreading Cost?

While each editor has their individual pay rates, your cost will vary depending on the type of work you need. It will also depend on the type and volume of your writing. Basic grammar corrections and making sure that your cover letter or email looks professional usually doesn't cost much.

Yet, if you want someone to edit your entire doctorial thesis or a book, you might have to invest significant money.

How Can You Hire a Proofreader?

Right here at TUW! We have packages in place for authors to hire editors who'll polish their content. Aside from that, you can also hire editors from numerous boards and platforms. You can also go to their personal profiles, like we allow at TUW, and chat with them directly!

Post Remote Proofreading Jobs

Proofreaders scour job openings to find opportunities in the English language. Remote proofreading jobs attract proofreaders from all over the world. Here at TUW, we carefully screen our proofreaders before letting them work with clients.

Rest assured that our proofreaders went through numerous checks, from testing their skills to giving test projects to ensure that they'll adhere to deadlines.

Our every editor has extensive experience in editing and proofreading which most often comes from their education. English proofreading requires at least a bachelor's degree in the English language.

We offer remote proofreading jobs to talented, creative individuals who have demonstrated practical skills in making content great.

Trust your editing and proofreading applicants when posting remote proofreading jobs because all of them, if able to show proof of certification, has many jobs under their belt. Editors are also passionate readers who love written work and have an eye sensitive to the slightest errors in structure, style, or consistency.

To become an experienced proofreader, one first looks for remote proofreading jobs and works hard to specialize in English proofreading.

Should You Post a Part-Time Job or a Full-Time Job?

Your proofreader can work remotely proofreading jobs, part-time, full-time, and office jobs. An average proofreader is more likely to take up several jobs at a time. That's normal, so don't worry.

Your proofreader is likely working on several projects at a time because they need creative breaks from longer jobs, and they also send back their work to authors to check and verify. That way, everyone is kept in the loop with how proofreading and editing is going.

We Hire for Remote Proofreaders Jobs | Proofreader

How to Hire Proofreaders?

A proofreader is commonly known for their grammar, spelling, and content development skills. Editors, both in offline and online proofreading jobs, specialize in the following jobs:

  • Finding grammatical errors in all sorts of writing

  • Sentence structure and content consistency proofing

  • Google docs collaboration with other writers to address any writing or formatting errors

  • Finding typographical errors when copy editing

  • Copy editing, academic editing services, academic proofreading

  • And others.

Are All Remote Proofreading Jobs the Same?

Although all of them are done by freelance proofreaders and editors who work in the publishing industry, editing jobs are slightly different than remote proofreading jobs.

Remote proofreading jobs mainly include line-by-line editing jobs, as proofreading services are more grammar-related.

Markings of a Professional Proofreader

While professional proofreading mainly covers spelling errors, capitalization, and basic content structure, editing is a more detail-oriented process.

Your editor doesn't only do remote proofreading jobs. They also find mistakes in content structure, formatting, mechanics, and paragraphs.

Your grammar specialist will also look for tone and style inconsistencies.

If you're writing fiction, posting editing jobs also ensures that your final total project price doesn't exceed your budget substantially.

How to Post Editing Jobs and Freelance Proofreading Jobs

Whether you're looking for a copy editor or someone to scan for formatting errors in your academic writing, you need to post an ad on job boards!

Hiring a proofreader requires the following steps:

Step One: Create an Employer Account

Whichever job board you choose, getting a quality proofreader requires you to sign up at a platform, fill out basic user information (your name, regular or business name and address, and the payment method).

Step Two: Create Job Postings for Editing Jobs and Online Proofreading Services

First, fill out your job posting. Your applicant must know what type of work you're looking for. Create an ad that contains the following information:

Proofreading and Editing Requirements

What type of proofreading/editing work are you looking for? Is it basic proofreading and editing? Will the proofreader be required to do the basic work of looking for grammar mistakes, or do you need them to do more creative, developmental editing?

Proofreading and Editing Content-Type and Volume

When posting remote proofreader jobs, explain whether you need your proofreader to go over a book, an essay, an academic paper, a cover letter, etc.

Proofreading and Editing Content Niche and Audience

The best way to get a proofreader for contract work is to explain what the content topic and niche are (e.g. medical, lifestyle, parenting, IT), what the typical audience will look like, what their expectations are, etc.

That way, your proofreader knows whether to tweak your writing for an employer or a Kindle reader.

Step Three: Interview and Negotiate Work With Online Proofreading and Editing Experts

Great job! You now have about a dozen freelance proofreaders applying for your job. You now need to look at their profiles and decide on a final list. Then reach out to those that you like the best for an interview and select the best editor that job boards have to offer.

Hiring A Proofreader | Freelance Editor | Hire Proofreaders

How to Select Best Freelance Proofreading Services

Step One: Post Online Proofreading Jobs

Posting remote proofreading jobs is a great way to get superb editorial services. Make your job postings attract experienced editing experts who'll love working on your project.

First, post your remote editing jobs on various job boards starting with The Urban Writers. Your job description should cover everything that a copy editor is expected to do.

When you post editing work on a job board, outline what edits you want the editor to do.

Remote proofreading work or gigs should mention what the content topic is, or what the content is about.

Then, you need to address content volume and the amount of editing experience you want your editor to have.

Offer competitive pay. Your new job posting should specify whether you're offering a part-time job or a one-time gig.

Many quality editors prefer to do home jobs, and almost every good proofreader will want to know if they can schedule their own work, or if they need to find clients whose schedules match theirs.

Step Two: Check Freelance Proofreader Portfolio

Your job openings serve to help you find the best freelance proofreader who'll work by their own schedule to create a polished paper for you.

Your proofreader should also be specialized in the type of content you need help with.

A proofreader portfolio is a collection of the works they did in their previous remote proofreading jobs.

Any proofreader should be proud to show you their samples. Now, look at those samples and see if they match the look that you want your written work to have.

Is it polished paper enough? Does it have the type of style, tone, and structure that you wish your writing to have? If so, proceed to hire your chosen proofreading services.

Step Three: Review Their Credentials

Your editor should have a graduate degree in English or have reputable experience.

They should have documentation at the ready to confirm that they're certified in English proofreading and English translation if needed.

Be careful to ensure the editor has the right certification to avoid working with someone who believes they're good at English translation simply because they're fluent in English.

If your editor works on their schedule, a lot of time may pass before you realize that their skills aren't at a required level since they don't have a college degree in English.

This might sound harsh, but a college degree is guarantee that your editor is extremely eager to get the job done.

Check Proofreader Availability

When proofreading and editing written content, working with an independent contractor can be a good solution.

An independent contractor likely has extensive experience, but they also have the love for literature and English grammar that makes experienced proofreaders so meticulous about their work.

English grammar is more than meets the eye. A person with an advanced degree in English, particularly one who specializes in editing, can spot the finest of errors and inconsistencies, whether or not they work flexible hours.

Step Four: Hire The Right Editing/Proofreading Experts

Editing and proofreading are a lot about having the right editing experience within a writing niche. That way, an editor knows how to make the content more interesting, the tone better adapted to the audience, and the style of writing best suited to the topic.

While gaining editing experience takes time, and arguably results in higher price rates, your editor will likely have a flexible schedule that will work well with the rest of your team.

However, account for your native English speaker editor to request higher average pay, particularly if they have a bachelor's degree or a graduate/ Master's degree in the English language.

Although there are many individuals with admirable editing experience from all over the world, being a native English speaker sometimes comes with the advantage of understanding types of people and their slang, as well as unique phrases and linguistic intricacies that are geographical, niche related, or industry-specific.

Editors are among talented freelancers who'll proofread your emails, cover letters, ebooks, or blog posts to find misspelled words.

Whether you only need the simple contract work of proofreading/editing or you're looking for book editors who'll do some developmental editing, make sure that your editor has a BA degree or a master's degree, or at least years of experience!

Frequently asked questions
Can You Pay an Expert to Proofread?

Absolutely! You shouldn't pay others to write your academic work, but it's currently legal to hire someone to proofread your writing.

What's the Average Proofreading Hourly Rate

There's no exact amount for an average proofreading hourly rate. Each freelance proofreader editor charges based on their skills, education, professional background, and experience.

How Much Does Proofreading Cost?

While each editor has their individual pay rates, your cost will vary depending on the type of work you need. It will also depend on the type and volume of your writing.

Step 2
Find The Right Fit Before, You Commit

Connect with the right freelancers for every job! Browse freelancers, review profiles, and send direct messages. When you find the perfect fit, you can invite freelancers directly to your project(s) and/or approve freelancer requests. No commitment until you find your freelancer!

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Step 4
Download and Share

Once your work is completed, and our quality assurance team has finished the product,  you are able to approve and download your project to share and publish.

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Post A Project

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