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Do you own an online business or company website that sells digital or material products? If so, the success of your sales largely depends on how many visitors you get to your online store. To fully understand how you benefit from hiring a product description writer, let’s start by examining how product descriptions boost your online store, marketing strategy, ROI, and bottom line.

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Why Does Writing Product Descriptions Affect Your Sales?

Effective product descriptions are short pieces of marketing copy that explain, promote, and advertise your product. As a result, they have many different roles and meet many different legal, social, style, and optimization requirements:

Advertising Aspects of Product Descriptions

A quality product of description writers uses your language, tone, and brand voice to showcase the main product benefits, power words, as well as product features like:

  • Size

  • Color

  • Smell/Taste

  • Design

  • Use/purpose

  • Add-ons

  • Etc.

Aside from successfully using your brand voice to emphasize the key benefits of your products, the best product description writers have the main advertising tricks under their belt, like:

  • Understanding the demographic, needs, and content preferences of your target audience

  • Creating sublime, yet effective product description calls to action (CTA) that will appeal to your ideal customer

  • Knowing how to structure the content and use the correct formats for your niche, industry, and customer base

  • And much more!

Beyond that, our writers are trained to write all website copy and product copy with good insight into market trends. Plus, they will ask about your marketing goals to have a solid understanding of how to tweak the product copy so that it drives potential buyers to the right action.

Product description writer - Product description writers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for High Search Results Ranking

One of the first things our writers do when writing product descriptions is to ask about the main keywords. Our copywriters and editors check search engines to discover competitive keywords to give your product description copy a competitive edge.

Well-optimized product descriptions increase your organic search rankings. Whenever a potential customer searches for a product similar to your offering in their search engines, your listing will show up among the first searches.

When written in this way, product descriptions can easily act as free ads for your online store. All our writers are trained to create a copy with search engines in mind, so you don't have to worry about publishing content that will fall flat.

Legal Aspects of Product Descriptions

In order to create product descriptions that will keep up with the legal requirements in your industry, they must first be accurate. Hiring an unreliable product description writer could be detrimental to your business, as they might write inaccurate, false, or even plagiarized product description copy.

The risk from such low-quality writing would be that your company is accused of plagiarizing and having your website taken down, aside from potential accusations of misleading or false advertising.

Our product description writers are trained to ask the right questions, overview your project details, and use correct language to entice your readers without using misinformation. That way, you can be confident that your on-brand product descriptions represent your company well.

Writing product descriptions - Product description writing

What Is a Product Description Writer?

Now, we get to the fun part (at least for us) of explaining how a trained product description writer is different from any other technical writing or copy writing expert.

The talents that product description writers have can be best compared to those of technical writing. In this sense, the former includes many skills of the latter, such as research, search engine optimization, and using content marketing skills for high-quality content.

The main difference is that, in order to write product descriptions, one doesn't have to have the extensive knowledge of technology that technical writers typically do. Given that technical writing is higher on the pay scale, it is recommended for technical product descriptions where such skills are necessary for accuracy.

Our Product Description Writer Skills and Capabilities

To master product description writing, one must complete training and gain experience in the following skills:

Quality, Unique Writing for Target Audience

Our writers first research how to reach your potential buyer based on buyer personas. This process is called targeting. Your potential buyers have common traits, despite some demographic differences in their geolocation, age, and shopping habits.

Aside from that, our writers have the ability to present the most mundane features in a fun, creative ways to attract your audience's attention and spark their interest.

Content Optimization (SEO) for Product Title, Bullet Points, and Paragraphs

Our writers use carefully chosen keywords when describing your product benefit. Our writers don't just list your product features. They ensure that each product feature is described using the competitive keywords that will help said product position itself among the competitors in search results.

To do this, our writers first research key features in your product category that online shoppers typically rave about, and then check how other online stores similar to yours used product details and bullet points to make customers choose their products.

Product and Market Research

Before they begin writing, our copy experts will research online for good website examples. They will make notes about the top-selling brands and products within your category, and shape their writing toward the best product description examples found online.

Their search will result in mapping out a great product description example that's most likely to reel in customers in combination with your product's story. To further boost your marketing copy benefits, our writers will also:

1: Write effective product titles

Aside from optimization, ecommerce site headings and titles require careful wording in order to drive sales. Our writers help you boost sales by including all the relevant information in the product title, yet make sure to include certain words that drive emotional reactions in customers.

2: Emphasize product quality by emphasizing the problems your product solves

Your product pages serve a greater purpose than just showcasing product details. All content on ecommerce sites is, in fact, marketing content, that showcases company values. Our writers ensure that each short paragraph they write for your product descriptions brings in more business and more sales.

3: Present product details in a fresh, interesting fashion and more!

If you submit original product photos for our writers to include in the copy, our design team can turn them into superb product images. Put together, they'll make great product descriptions that your customers won't resist.

Website Copywriting For Quality Marketing Copy

Your product descriptions are a part of your general strategy to attract customers using content marketing, so the same copywriting principles apply to them as they do to landing pages and other product pages. Only the best product descriptions use powerful words that affect customers, and our writers know how to use them!

Product Description FAQ: The Urban Writers' Answer Questions

How Does One Become a Product Description Writer at The Urban Writers?

Writing product descriptions takes strong copywriting skills. The Urban Writers makes the following efforts to secure the best quality services:

Background Checking

We vet all of our writers to ensure that they have the right skills and knowledge to write a great product description.

SEO and Copywriting Skills Training

We test all of our writers, monitor their work, and provide continuous upskilling to provide high-quality services. We've trained our writers to research competition, sources, keywords, and your customer base so that they find the exact power words that drive purchase decision on your product pages.

Supreme Copy Editing

Our editors are trained in copy editing and proofreading. They will put their utmost effort into creating seamless copy for your ecommerce site, combining essential technical details with a reader-friendly tone.

Impeccable Product Images Design

Our graphic designers will help with your product images to make your product's staple features and technical details stand out, while enough white space on your page for a smooth customer experience.

How Much Do Our Product Description Writing Services Cost?

Look up online product description writing services, and you'll find that price rates range anywhere from $5 to $150 per product description! Writers who charge hourly rates typically list their services for $50-$165/hour, creating a significant dent in your marketing budget.

Not here! With freelancer support and the smooth workflow that we established, we're able to provide competitive prices that are the same across the board, for all our clients. To order product descriptions, you'll only pay our standard SEO rates. Isn't that amazing?

Why Do You Need a Product Description Writer?

Success stories from our clients attest to our writers' abilities to consistently produce effective marketing content that serves your business. Our product description services help your online store grow by helping you:

Rank Better in Search Engines to Reach Potential Customers

Well-written product descriptions drive online shoppers. The better your product description page content is, the more likely you are to increase the number of loyal buyers who'll subscribe to your page and keep coming back for more of your amazing product or service.

Get Quality Content Marketing for Your Ecommerce Website

Content marketing is more than search engine visibility. Your content, including product descriptions, must align with your company goals. Your company goals reflect on your offering, the type and style of content that you publish online, frequency and volume of publishing, and your target audience.

Increase Your Sales and Revenue

Better search engine visibility, and the right content marketing strategy, combined with prime content creation helps boost your sales and revenue. The more customers you have coming to your website to browse your products, and the better your product descriptions appeal to them, the more sales you score.

How to Find a Description Writer to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

You now know what kind of quality writing product description entails, and what your product descriptions should look like to boost sales. But, how to find the right writer for your ecommerce site?

The good news is that The Urban Writers already has an army of eager SEO writers ready to start creating amazing content for you! The basic steps to getting your product descriptions are few, and they begin with joining our Platform and purchasing your most preferred SEO package.

Once you have ordered your package, provide us with the following information:

  • Your company, products and services, marketing goals

  • Content quality requirements, product category, volume

  • Detailed information about your products

  • Two or three main competitors on the market

And our writers and editors will be ready to go!

Next, post your project description, and watch our writers apply. Once you feel like you're ready to select a writer for your product descriptions, all you need to do is assign the project to them.

You'll find navigating our Platform and projects to be simple and straightforward. Your project tab will also display all writers who applied to write your product descriptions. You can read each freelancer's application, and even browse their freelancer profiles to see their writing samples!

Once you found your best freelancer and you're ready to start your project, simply assign your order to the selected freelancer, and they'll be ready to start writing.

Nuances of Quality Content Writing for Product Description

You'll find a tremendous number of freelance writers claiming to be able to write quality product pages and descriptions. Yet, as you learned, doing so isn't easy, and with the wrong choice of writers out there, you could easily end up disappointed.

How to Tell a Quality Product Description?

One of the best ways to tell that a product description is well-written, is to simply read it yourself, and answer truthfully the following questions:

  • Does the product description read smoothly?

  • Are there any unanswered questions about your product benefits?

  • Does the description make you want to buy or try the product?

In that sense, looking at competitor product descriptions, which our writers do on a daily basis, helps us get the sense of language, tone, and style that's effective for the similar customer profile.

Beyond that, there are other key performance indicators that you can rely on to track and measure the efficiency of your product descriptions, like:

Website Traffic Increase

Our writers have been trained to write in ways that benefit our client's website traffic. This is due to their ability to analyze competition and track how much content they upload to their pages, what style, tone, keywords, and content structure they use, how they write their product titles, and much more.

If the aforementioned strategies are implemented well, you'll see an increase in your daily website traffic.

Sales Increase

Well-written product descriptions drive more shoppers to your website. The more potential buyers come to your store, the more your sales increase over time. Aside from optimization and traffic, the targeting and branding of your marketing content increase your potential sales.

Website Performance Metrics

Finally, another indicator that your product descriptions are performing well is that they increase the overall performance of your online store. Shall you upload well-written content to your website, you should see more daily visits and longer times spent browsing your website.

How Our Writers Write Quality Product Descriptions That Sell

Sales are the ultimate goal of each of our clients, even if they don't come from ecommerce. Anyone in need of online content is selling something, whether it's their book, services, or the value that their brand provides to readers and followers.

Our writers are trained to write for sales, which means that they use a reassuring, positive, engaging, and persuasive language in all of their writing. This might sound mundane, but is not at all an easy skill to master.

In this regard, our writers pay attention to their word choice, word placement, content readability, and much more!

Writing Product Descriptions Resources: A Free Product Description Template

Writing quality product descriptions requires following a certain format. Here’s a short template from The Urban Writers for you to use if you wish to streamline your description writing process:

1: Headline: Product Name, Main Keyword, Category + Subcategory

Make your headline moderately long, containing your product’s name, category, and subcategory.

2: Description Paragraph: Text + Bullet List + Details

Write a short, compelling paragraph about your product’s general use, purpose, and the main benefit.

Use a bullet list to showcase further the most essential benefits or the most prominent features.

Include necessary information about the product, like size, color, style, functions, etc.

3: Call to Action

Finish up with a fun, reassuring call to action that creates a sense of urgency to shop.

Order Product Description Writing from The Urban Writers

Why wait any longer, and miss out on all the website traffic, sales, and revenue that you can gain with great product descriptions? Choose your freelance writer now, and load your ecommerce website with exceptional quality content that's worthy of your brand.

Start your journey by sending us a message to learn more!

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