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The Best Freelance Medical Writers For Hire

Need content for your medical blog, website, or social platform? Then hire medical writers, and turn over your content creation to professionals.


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How to Work With Freelance Medical Writers

Are you publishing a blog for your doctor's office?

Perhaps, your healthcare-related organization needs fun, engaging, yet professional content? Or perhaps you are in search of medical journal editors?

You're not alone! Many clients come to The Urban Writers looking to access the medical writing market. You might benefit from medical content writing services if you're publishing written content in one of the following areas:

  • Healthcare related organization

  • Research organizations

  • Clinical research organization

  • And more!

Medical writers - Medical writer - Medical content writer

While you may have qualified medical staff working for your organization, their writing and content organizational skills may not be enough for your copywriting needs. You may find yourself needing one or more of the following services:

  • Marketing content calendar creation

  • Market access writer for your research, medical, pharmaceutical industry, or therapeutic materials

  • Marketing access content strategy campaign staff to research, analyze, and complete audience targeting, content writing, editing web content, and publishing.

  • Market access content writer who'll help your products and services break through in the market.

  • A marketing specialist writer who understands how to communicate effective messages to patients in regards to their client's goals.

What Is Freelance Medical Writing?

Freelance medical writers create educational and promotional materials. These texts are intended for medical-related companies, and the process of creating and distributing them is also called healthcare content marketing.

Clients use these written texts for advertising copy, talent training materials, and other materials used in advertising and marketing campaigns.

Clients who most often hire freelance medical writers include:

  • Healthcare marketers

  • Medical sales representatives

  • Healthcare specialists

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Health tech firms

  • Hospitals

  • Healthcare agencies

Aside from general medical writing, there are also additional specializations within the niche itself:

Health Writers

Health writers focus more on topics like wellness, fitness, nutrition, and general medical topics. While they need superb writing skills, they also have a background in healthful practices like fitness, nutrition, yoga, mental health, and meditation.

Health writers create content for wellness, lifestyle, and nutrition blogs and websites. While their quality work does rely on their skills and experience, they don’t need extensive education in medicine.

Medical Journalists

Unlike regular freelance medical writers, medical journalists don’t write for patients and potential customers/clients. They write mainly for the general public and publish medicine and health-related news.

Medical journalists don’t have only a unique aptitude for discovering new and interesting information. They look for updates in the medical and pharmaceutical field, and have the ability to write about complex medical topics using simple terms and reader-friendly styles.

Regulatory Medical Writers

Regulatory writers specialize in writing approval processes for medications and medical devices. They also help prepare clinical trial protocols, technical documentation, FDA submissions, and help analyze research data. These writers mainly work with biotech firms, medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, and research organizations.

Regulatory medical writing requires higher levels of skills and expertise, and is more expensive than regular medical writing.

Freelance medical writing rates - Content writer healthcare - Health content writer jobs

How One Becomes a Healthcare Content Writer

Not everyone can become a freelance medical writer. Medical writing is a specialty field in freelance writing that includes two important skill sets:

  • Medical expertise. Medical writers need to have medical certification that makes them knowledgeable for this form of writing. The better their career background, the more experience, expertise, and background they can draw from.

  • Content writing skills. Aside from unmatched medical skills, a medical content writer needs superb copywriting skills. They need to understand the reader’s mindset, and be able to write about complex medical ideas and concepts using simple words while maintaining accuracy.

While freelance medical writers must have medical qualifications, they don’t always have to have a medical degree. The first requirement is that they have a science degree in various fields, from journalism to English language, while having a certification in medical training and a medical writer.

With these certifications, medical writers can create health news, website content, blogs, patient educational content, and promotional literature.

Medical writers rely on the help of medical editors, who are qualified for editorial work in medical journals. They help writers create medical abstracts and medical journal manuscripts, which helps publications have better readability.

Aside from the previously mentioned requirements, your medical writers also must have professional aptitude for following duties:

1: Developing Content Ideas

Creating informative blog posts, website content, strategy campaigns, promotional materials, medical white papers and press releases, and other forms of medical publishing.

Our writers also conjure up audience-centric content ideas, which makes for better audience targeting and increases your website traffic.

2: Executing Content Strategy Campaigns

Organizational skills, including brainstorming content ideas, content planning, research, and time management with writing and content editing.

3: Expertise in Writing Medical Content Overviews and Writing Market Access Content

Expertise in writing medical documents, technical documents, and regulatory documents.

4: Crafting Technical Content

Writing and researching scientific documents. The writer should love drafting document content and successfully use previous experience writing documentation to provide their clients with quality medical content.

5: Writing Visually Engaging Content

Writing content is more than the information passed on and the style being used. Aside from good writing skills, a medical writer should wield content formatting and content structure nuances that ensure visually engaging content.

Medical writer hourly rate - Freelance medical writing - Healthcare content writer

What Will it Cost to Hire a Medical Content Writer

What Are Freelance Medical Writing Rates?

Medical writing is considered to be one of the more expensive writing niches, with average $1/word needed to compensate the writer alone. This means that an intermediate-level writer could charge more than $500 for a single 500-word article.

More specialized writers charge up to $4 per word, meaning that you'd have set aside thousands of dollars for a single blog post.

Luckily, The Urban Writers has predetermined price rates for all our packages to ease our customer's cost control.

What's an Average Medical Writer Hourly Rate?

Medical writers charge different hourly rates depending on their niche specialty and qualifications, writing, and career background. Their price ranges anywhere from less than $50 per hour to close to $200 per hour.

At The Urban Writers, we have set price ranges so that compensation is transparent for our freelancers but also affordable for our clients.

How Pricing Works at The Urban Writers

The final cost of your project will depend on the service and package you choose, the individual writer you wish to work with, the size (length) and complexity of your project, as well as any add-ons you choose:


We currently offer separate nonfiction and SEO packages for authors who wish to publish medical writing.

These packages vary in price depending on the bundle or service that you choose. Aside from purchasing bundles, you can also purchase content writing only, with separate pricing that depends on the writer specialty.

Our bundles include content writing, proofreading, formatting, and royalty-free images, as well as several revisions that vary from bundle to bundle.


At The Urban Writers, we believe balance is the key to success for us and our customers. We have price ranges that keep freelancer compensation fair and consistent while ensuring top-notch content creation is affordable for our customers.

Add-ons And Other Services

The price of your order will also depend on whether or not you chose additional editing, illustrations, or book cover designs.

When it comes to potential savings for your project, we offer article and book bundles that arguably provide the highest value. Order our package bundles, and you'll receive the broadest range of products and services in our offering.

Ready to Hire a Medical Writer? Here's How to Do it:

Becoming a freelance medical writer is an enjoyable career path for many medical experts who wish to upgrade their writing careers and share the knowledge that they have. Love for medical content is the driving force behind their ambition, as there are many other career options for people with medical expertise.

If you hire a medical writer and turn your project over to The Urban Writers, you know that you’ll be working with highly motivated individuals who are passionate about high-quality medical writing. The second main benefit from working with The Urban Writers is that our medical writers choose projects based on writing inclination and topic expertise, rather than just project size and budget.

Other freelance platforms have medical experts apply for projects, but our community stands out by being thoughtful of whether the project is the right fit for the freelancer.

In simple words, other hiring platforms don’t ensure that the writer won’t take up a project they’re not passionate about, and simply for the profit that’s been offered.

Other job platforms don’t monitor their freelancers or the choices they make, while we listen to and learn more about each of our writer's individual talents and strengths.

With that in mind, your selected writer begins working on your project already fascinated by the topic that they’re about to research and write about.

Here are the main steps to hiring your best medical writers with The Urban Writers:

Step 1: Gather Content Writer Healthcare Requirements

The first thing to do when creating healthcare content writing jobs is to let us know what you need. With that, your content writer will have a clear picture of the type of content you need once they receive their latest job alert with your job summary included.

While our freelance medical writers have project management experience, you'll be more satisfied with your blogs, manuals, education materials, and white papers if you provide freelancers with the following content requirements:

Content Type

Before your writer considers taking up the project, they should know if you're planning to publish research proposals, blogs, or educational materials. The content type determines the style, tone, and structure that your writer will use.

The type of content you need also helps with search engine optimization. You writer needs to know if you need keyword research. When the writer performs literature searches, keywords help direct their research.

Content Topic

A clearly formulated topic (which isn't as same as the content title) directs the writer's literature search and writing. If the writer doesn't have information about the specific topic they're working on, their literature search can take them in the wrong direction.

Reader/Patient Targeting

This is particularly important if you're having regulatory writing done and you need regulatory writers to craft content that will be reviewed by high authorities. Regulatory writing is always done with the reader in mind, as is other medical content: Scientific documents, blogs, technical and regulatory documents, manuals, pamphlets, etc.

Step 2: Post Health Content Writer Jobs

At The Urban Writers, you don't have to spend a ton of time figuring out how to craft an appealing job post. We help job posting by providing a Platform layout for you to share the information about the medical field expertise you're looking for, as well as the type of work you wish your writer to do.

While you can't post academic writing jobs on our platform, you can post one or multiple projects in:

  • Overall scientific leadership

  • Writing clinical study reports

  • Medical devices

  • Medical communications

  • Healthcare communications

  • Scientific writing

  • Technical writing

  • Healthcare writing

  • Formatting clinical reports

  • Clinical data from clinical trials

  • Medical editing

Step 3: Choose Your Favorite Freelance Medical Writer Or Senior Medical Writer

Choosing your favorite health writer has never been easier. Our Platform displays medical writer profiles from those medical professionals who applied for your projects. You can browse and view their writing portfolios, and you can also send direct invitations to the freelance medical writers you like best.

Once you've chosen your favorite writers, you can assign your project to them. You can even create your own content writing team, where you can add freelance medical writer and editor experts that you like, and then invite them to take on one or multiple projects.

Step 4: Monitor Your Medical Writing Content Development (Sources, Clinical Trials, Writing Style, Content Requirements)

Once you start your project and your medical writer begins working, you can monitor their progress from start to finish. You can follow up on the work of your medical writer to make sure that the entire writing process is going as planned.

Once your competent medical writer finishes with their portion of the job, you can then select our editors to further polish your medical writing.

Step 5: Complete Your Medical Writing Project

Whether in medicine, biotech, or human resources, your medical writing project is only finished once you're certain it meets the highest standards of medical writing.

The final stage of your writing process ends with your approval of the finished work and moving the order into editing.

Try The Urban Writers Medical Content Writing Packages!

Tired of shady medical writer profiles and unverifiable certifications? Don't worry! At The Urban Writers, we vetted all of our writers to ensure that they have the skills and expertise for the highest level medical writing services that we pride ourselves in.

With the exception of academic writing, we have trained talent (medical writers, editors, designers, narrators, and translators) for all of your medical content needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our Platform now, and choose some of our top performing packages:

  • SEO writing

  • Nonfiction writing with medical writing niche specialty

  • Medical editing

And more!

Frequently asked questions
Can You Pay an Expert to Proofread?

Absolutely! You shouldn't pay others to write your academic work, but it's currently legal to hire someone to proofread your writing.

What's the Average Proofreading Hourly Rate

There's no exact amount for an average proofreading hourly rate. Each freelance proofreader editor charges based on their skills, education, professional background, and experience.

How Much Does Proofreading Cost?

While each editor has their individual pay rates, your cost will vary depending on the type of work you need. It will also depend on the type and volume of your writing.

Step 2
Find The Right Fit Before, You Commit

Connect with the right freelancers for every job! Browse freelancers, review profiles, and send direct messages. When you find the perfect fit, you can invite freelancers directly to your project(s) and/or approve freelancer requests. No commitment until you find your freelancer!

Step 3
Track and Manage Your Project

Manage your project fully on the Platform. Track timelines, progress and chat with your freelance team via dedicated project chat for every order. Receive automated emails and internal Platform notifications as your projects move through different stages of the process. Chat directly with Admin if you need to escalate anything. Various approval stages allow you to be in complete control.

Step 4
Download and Share

Once your work is completed, and our quality assurance team has finished the product,  you are able to approve and download your project to share and publish.

Step 1
Post A Project

Sign up to the Platform to gain access to game-changing content creation! If you already have an account log in and you can either post a project or manage existing ones.


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