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The Best Freelance Ghost Writers For Hire

Struggling to hire the best ghostwriters? Find out what are the staples of top-notch ghostwriters and hire an expert worthy of your trust.


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Find the Best Ghost Writer for Hire

Have you been struggling with writing projects lined up, but no time or skill to complete them? We have content magicians for any of the following content writing needs:

  • Ebook writing

  • Creative writing

  • Website writing

  • Technical writing

  • Article writing

And any other type of copywriting and ghost writing.

Perhaps, you need a book written, and you need professional writers to take up your writing project and make it outstanding.

At The Urban Writers, we don't offer only freelance ghostwriters. Here, you can hire other professionals for your written content as well, including:

  • A trusted editor to further proofread and polish your book

  • Professional designers to create amazing art for your book covers and illustrations

  • Expert narrators who'll turn your full-length book into an easy-to-read audiobook

  • Spanish and German translators who'll make your content accessible to your target audience in 20 more countries!

Our content wizards specialize in various industries, niches, and genres. Hire freelancers from our Platform, and you can have your nonfiction, fiction, and other high-quality content ready to sell in months!

Ghost Writer for hire

How to Hire Freelance Ghostwriters at The Urban Writers

Knowing that you need a ghostwriter is one thing, but hiring a skilled ghostwriter who will follow through with your project is a different animal. Here are the sleuthing skills you'll need to find a good ghostwriter:

Sniff Out Professional Ghostwriter Skills

Now, you've come to the conclusion that you're in dire need of ghostwriting projects. What's next? Hiring ghostwriters for sure, but how can you find great ones whose work you'll enjoy? The top ghostwriters will put a smile on your face with these skills:

  • Extensive Experience and Writing Ability

  • Ebook Writing Portfolio

  • Creative Writing Expertise

Ghostwriting Services That Put You at Ease

Only hire ghostwriters whose skills match your needs and whose writing style makes you comfortable. The right ghostwriter is already waiting, but you're can't match with them if you don't know what style, tone, and content abilities to look for.

With that in mind, here's a short list of writing requirements to make sure that your hired ghostwriters check all boxes:

Hire a Ghostwriter With Fierce Writing Skills

An experienced writer has a good grasp of grammar and language use. Most people know the grammar rules of writing English literature, but using said rules creatively is a skill unique to talented writers.

Hire a Ghostwriter Who Writes Authentically

The internet is flooded with repetitive writing that doesn't benefit the reader all that much. A great ghostwriter will find a unique angle to write from and add your unique author or brand voice for even more authenticity.

Check if Your Ghostwriters Write Accurate Information

Professionals should have the skill to tell trustworthy sources from unreliable ones. To do this, a writer must have a lot of academic and literary knowledge.

They check source authors and references, and also research relevant information to ensure that only the most relevant content makes its way to your books, articles, white papers, and press releases.

Choose the Most Ethical Ghostwriting Services

Have you ever wondered why you so far failed to find a good ghostwriter? Ghostwriters must be highly ethical to give clients the best of their service and creativity.

When it comes to being a professional writer, numerous ethical nuances apply beyond simple plagiarism. We train our writers to flesh out unique content by:

  • Using multiple sources for each chapter and section

  • Making sure that their phrasing and content structure doesn't match other published materials

  • Checking for rewording, translation, and similarities with other authors.

Where can i find a ghostwriter - Best ghostwriters

Still Confused? Here Are 10 Steps to Find an Experienced Ghostwriter

Your story deserves only the best writing. Website search results can only take you as far as shortlisting writers with the right skills and acceptable rates. But, what comes next?

You have a great idea that can only be put in motion by a ghostwriter who understands you, your genre, niche/industry, and project goals. Your choice of writing experts is abundant, but there are only a handful of right matches.

Finding the best person to write your book, SEO content, white papers, and press releases are best done in these 10 crucial steps:

Ghost Writers

1: Outline Your Project Details, Requirements, and Goals

Before you start browsing ghostwriters, prepare a detailed overview of your project. Freelancers write best with clear expectations set beforehand.

First, write free-form notes about the project itself. Is it eBook writing, a series of articles, or website content? Let your future writing expert know what you need, and don't spare words. Be as detailed as you want. You can even provide samples that reflect what you want the finished writing to look like.

After you've outlined your project details, write out a list of 'musts,' or elements that a ghostwriter should include in your writing.

Most common requirements include content length or word count, specific industry, genre, niche and content category, structure preferences, as well as tone and style guidelines that you wish the ghostwriter to follow.

2: Write Down Writer Requirements

What are your expectations from the writer? You're welcome to mention as many as you want, but at The Urban Writers, we've trained our ghostwriter team to abide by the following:

  • Be professional, responsive, and communicate with the client frequently to make sure that your expectations are being met.

  • To be responsible and hold themselves accountable for the work that they produce. Being responsible entails independence in research and writing and being proactive in the creative process.

  • Write unique, creative content without committing plagiarism or other unethical practices.

  • Use various sources and draw inspiration from the most reliable websites, books, studies, and other available resources.

And more!

You can write your own list of requirements and let us know. We will make sure to suggest a writer who'd be the best fit, so that everyone works well together to create a fantastic piece of writing. Our writers take initiative and do the best they can to uplift the quality of writing at hand. They adhere to deadlines and communicate timely to prevent major delays to the project.

Ghostwriters for hire

3: Shortlist Favorite Writing Experts

Our Platform gives you the possibility to browse freelance ghostwriters, editors, narrators, translators, and designers to find the right match for your project. You can look at their work samples, check their availability, and even send them a personal message to ask additional questions.

4: Browse Writer Portfolios

Check out our writers' samples to see if you like their voice, style, and if their niche specialty matches your project requirements. Our clients usually take at least a couple of days to read through writing samples, which ensures that they'll be happy with the outcome of their projects.

5: Compare Best Writing Samples

After reviewing dozens of different writing styles, it's best to choose three to five favorite writers and compare their samples against one another. This will make your ghostwriter choice easier, and you'll feel more confident moving the project along.

6: Make Your Best Choice

Once you've chosen your favorite writing expert, you can assign your project to them. In fact, if you've already posted a project on our Platform, you can even directly invite your favorite freelancer!

7: Start Your Project and Follow Up

If you've uploaded an outline and shared all the necessary information, the writing can begin. Providing the necessary information allows the writer to work independently and prevents delays.

8: Get Involved in the Writing Process

Our Platform gives you two awesome features to collaborate on your project. The first is our freelancer chat feature, where you can introduce yourself to your writer. You can also use our chat feature to share questions, suggestions, feedback, and ideas to further improve your writing.

The second awesome feature is our unique Document View tab, which lets you not only read your ghostwriter's work in real-time, but also Comment on paragraphs and sentences that your wish to change or improve.

9: Provide Useful Feedback for Revisions

Our Platform gives you numerous possibilities to share feedback and have changes made within our Revision Policy. You can share feedback through chat and via commenting, and you can approve changes that were made once you're happy with the result.

Once the ghostwriter submits the finished project, you can review it once more and approve it for editing if all of your requirements have been met.

10: Complete the Project Once You're Happy

Once your writing is complete, it moves into the editing stage. Similar to monitoring ghostwriting, you can monitor further completion of your project, including editing, design, and formatting.

Once your content is complete, you can approve it, and our support team will further instruct you on how to download your finished copy.

Get a ghostwriter - How to find a great ghostwriter

Freelance Writer FAQ: What to Expect From Working With a Ghostwriter?

Successful ghostwriting is more than finding a freelance writer to write your project. More knowledge is necessary for your hiring process to yield quality work that would satisfy any literary agent. With that in mind, here's what most clients want (and should know) from our perspective and with over a decade of experience working with writers and aspiring authors:

Who Are Ghostwriters?

Ghostwriters write books, website content, press releases, white papers, blog posts, SEO articles, and many other written works for clients who are too busy to do their own writing.

Whether you're a business owner or a self-publishing author, having your own book written can prove too difficult and last too long.

In that case, hiring ghostwriters makes sense. Ghostwriters write business books, financial, self help, lifestyle, fiction, and many other types of books that become their client's intellectual property.

The discretion behind ghostwriting entails that a writer never speaks publicly about their past clients unless their contract specifies otherwise.

How to Find a Great Ghostwriter When There Are So Many of Them?

If you're on a mission to hire ghostwriters, you must feel overwhelmed by so many fiction and nonfiction creators out there. Instead of asking yourself, "Who is the best one?" try to discover which writer is the best for YOU. Look for a ghostwriter who:

  • Can use your unique voice so that your story reflects you as an author, or for your business voice to shine through.

  • Has excellent writing and self-editing skills so that your content is in its best possible shape before editing.

  • Has the right skills for the content that you wish to publish.

Short stories, ebook writing, and blog posts may share a similar form, but a writer's niche/industry specialty and background ensure that your book ranks well with other competitive (most popular) titles in its category.

Where Can I Find a Ghostwriter?

You can easily hire a writer through our Platform, or you can use other means to find a professional for your story. Some aspiring authors use job boards, while others contact writers through agencies.

Exclusive freelance ghostwriters sometimes only operate from their personal websites, in which case you need to contact them directly.

What Do All the Best Ghostwriters Have in Common?

Every ghostwriter is unique. Each writing expert has their unique writing process, voice, style, and research routines.

However, the core of the trade is in the following steps:

1: Getting to know the client. Professional writers only take up jobs when they have a good understanding of their future clients, their needs, and their expectations.

2: Agreeing on the terms of the job and signing the contract. Over a dozen different terms, requirements, payment methods, and other options apply for freelance writing jobs. Your seasoned professional will ensure to have all the nuances of your future project fleshed out before taking over.

3: Writing the first draft. No matter the writing form, a ghostwriter should always send the first draft of their work for you to review. Upon reviewing the written content, you can decide whether to move forward or revise and improve what's been previously written.

4: Revising and polishing their writing. A professional always gives their client at least one free revision to make sure that the content meets their needs and requirements. This applies both to fiction and nonfiction writing.

5: Completing the project. After the revisions are made, and the content has been fully written, writers and clients can agree that the project is finished. From there on, you can say your farewells, or proceed working together again if the collaboration proved fruitful.

How to Find Affordable Ghostwriters for Hire? Budget Your Project With The Urban Writers!

The size and complexity of your project also define its budget size. Other than that, writer specialty, background, and exclusivity may bring the price up if you decide to work with other platforms.

Sometimes, writers are willing to reduce the price if you choose to sign them as a co-author or share royalties. At the moment, The Urban Writers doesn't offer the mentioned price reductions. Instead, we give you control over your project size and features, freelancer choice, and the writing process.

While freelance ghostwriters might charge up to six-figure for a full-length novel, The Urban Writers has pre-set price packages that give you control over the budget and project size.

Regardless of your budget size, with The Urban Writers, you'll easily find great ghostwriters who write books, articles, and website content to your taste. With that in mind we have three categories of ghostwriting services for different budgets:

Beginner GhostWriter

If you wish to order some of our most affordable packages, you can choose to match with a beginner writer.

Experienced Ghostwriter

If you wish for your complex nonfiction or creative writing project done by a niche specialist, you can choose among our medium-range packages and watch your content being created.

Top and Premium Freelance Ghostwriter

If you wish your nonfiction or creative writing is done by our most experienced writers, then you're free to choose among our Top and Premium rates. Aside from top-notch writing, our best writers will use their utmost creativity to craft one-of-a-kind content pieces.

Get Your Ghostwriter From The Urban Writers!

Find a ghostwriter whose skills, writing style, and tone match yours. The Urban Writers helps you find ghostwriters with many different talents, and the best time to hire is now.

Prospective ghostwriters are waiting to hear from you! Book a demo to tour our Platform, and you'll soon hire a ghostwriter you've been waiting for. We offer the following writing packages:

  • Top-notch content writing

  • Fiction and nonfiction writing projects

  • SEO writing

  • Content design, narration, and translation


Frequently asked questions
Can You Pay an Expert to Proofread?

Absolutely! You shouldn't pay others to write your academic work, but it's currently legal to hire someone to proofread your writing.

What's the Average Proofreading Hourly Rate

There's no exact amount for an average proofreading hourly rate. Each freelance proofreader editor charges based on their skills, education, professional background, and experience.

How Much Does Proofreading Cost?

While each editor has their individual pay rates, your cost will vary depending on the type of work you need. It will also depend on the type and volume of your writing.

Step 2
Find The Right Fit Before, You Commit

Connect with the right freelancers for every job! Browse freelancers, review profiles, and send direct messages. When you find the perfect fit, you can invite freelancers directly to your project(s) and/or approve freelancer requests. No commitment until you find your freelancer!

Step 3
Track and Manage Your Project

Manage your project fully on the Platform. Track timelines, progress and chat with your freelance team via dedicated project chat for every order. Receive automated emails and internal Platform notifications as your projects move through different stages of the process. Chat directly with Admin if you need to escalate anything. Various approval stages allow you to be in complete control.

Step 4
Download and Share

Once your work is completed, and our quality assurance team has finished the product,  you are able to approve and download your project to share and publish.

Step 1
Post A Project

Sign up to the Platform to gain access to game-changing content creation! If you already have an account log in and you can either post a project or manage existing ones.


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