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Revolutionize Your Book Writing: Dive into Dibbly & KIP

by The Urban Writers

Self-Publishers, Discover Your Dream: Dibbly Create – The Ultimate AI-Powered Writing Platform

As a modern author, you are constantly looking for ways to improve your writing, research, and work. Desperately searching for a writing tool to make your life easier. So, we have created the best collaborative ecosystem ever. The Dibbly Create platform and KIP will definitely be the new heroes in your writing journey. These innovations are part of the next generation of writing software designed to enhance productivity, aid in organization, and improve effective collaboration in your writing. At The Urban Writers, we know you want to craft your next bestseller, and our new software will help you create the book you have always been dreaming of. We will ensure that it gets done to a high standard and in a timely fashion without losing any of the magic.

In part one of our introduction to Dibbly Create and KIP, we want to show you the magic of this innovative platform and how it can work wonders in your writing journey. But first, let's take a look at exactly how we got to this point.

The Evolution of Writing Tools

Throughout history, the tools we have used to write have evolved significantly, from stone carvings to pen and paper to our new-age writing software. The Dibbly Create platform and KIP have now made their appearance to help you improve your writing even more and ensure you get your next best seller out there even faster than before.

The Personal Writing Journey

No one is born knowing how to write, and like any other physical skill you possess, you have had to learn and develop your writing skills over time since your childhood. To this day, as an author, you continue to develop your writing skills. These skills include time management and organization skills, as well as creating characters and plot twists nobody will see coming.

Our writing journey begins at the age of three or four because we develop fine motor skills at this age. Once we reach the age of five, we can write some basic words and our names. The letters of the words we write are often big and inconsistent, but it's a milestone we have to reach.

We write a lot more once we start school, both at home and at school. Our handwriting starts to improve, and later, we learn to write in cursive. We also learn about grammar and punctuation, which helps us tidy up our writing.

We have to train ourselves to be more creative and put exciting ideas on paper. When you think back to your first story and compare it to a recent one, you will see a big difference. As we gain more experience, we have the ability to create more complex characters and scenarios.

Our writing reflects who we are and what we experience. For example, as a teenager, you might be writing stories filled with angst and rebellious ideas. You might laugh when looking back on these stories, but it needs to happen in order for you to become a successful writer. Expression helps us write better stories, and this is learned from a very young age.

Sharing our first stories with others is an important time in a writer's life. This is often a story we are very proud of. It might make you feel vulnerable because you are sharing a piece of your soul, but this is where collaboration comes in. You need to find a place where you will receive genuine and constructive feedback that helps you grow as a writer. Collaboration will also help us determine if we are getting our point across to the reader (this is where our own KIP writing tool comes in).

                                   Collaboration with KIP

As we grow through our personal writing journey, we also grow as people! Organization is one of the most vital skills we need to learn if we are going to use our time wisely. We need to know when it's time to let our ideas flow around and get creative, and we need to be disciplined enough to buckle down and crank out a chapter. As writers, enhanced productivity is crucial if we want to get far, and Dibbly Create can help us with this.

Dibbly Create is a platform that provides you with a working space that is free from interruptions. It helps you take your project from ideation to research to creating amazing content without leaving your writing canvas.

When we look at it like this, it's clear that our writing journey starts way before we encounter writing software.

Writing Before Writing Software

Written language in itself is a fascinating area of human history. Archaeological research shows us that there is not a single point of origin for when we started writing as humans. Written language is often developed separately in different civilizations at different times in evolution. This was first discovered in Mesopotamia; however, writing also developed independently in ancient Egyptian society at a later time and then again in ancient China and Latin America. These societies weren't known to communicate with each other; they all came up with the same idea: to represent ideas with characters.

It often feels natural to write. After all, we are social creatures, and writing is a form of communication. As humans, we are constantly innovating and evolving, and Dibbly Create and KIP are evidence of that. Writing language developed through the ages, from using symbols to represent ideas to full alphabets.

As technology advanced, books were printed, which allowed them to be shared more broadly. And because more people were given the opportunity to read, the average person was able to write books.

From Pen to Paper to the Digital Age

As times have changed, we now have access to the internet and smart mobile devices. How we have access to the books we read has also changed significantly. This is due to the creation of eBooks, audiobooks, online mediums, and artificial intelligence. While you might not like AI, there is nothing to be afraid of. Computers have been designed to help us with our writing, and computer-generated artificial intelligence is a powerful, innovative writing tool. It is also the future of writing software and enhances productivity and creativity. You don't have to worry; this will not replace human participation. AI was created to improve writer organization, collaboration, and idea generation related to creative writing.

Introducing Dibble Create and KIP: Your Creative Writing Companion

The Dibbly Create platform and KIP are designed by writers for writers, with writers in mind! This is so it can not only be an innovative tool in the belt of authors but also help with the creative writing journey from start to finish, as well as assisting with marketing your book and creating attention grabbing descriptions.

A Glimpse Into Dibble Create and KIP's Features

Dibbly Create and KIP give you the freedom to craft your latest masterpiece with enhanced productivity. Along with our new AI friend, the writing software allows you to add different sections, adjust formatting, and collaborate with others throughout the writing process.

So, who is your new best buddy, KIP? Well, this tool is an AI-being; it is a cool little dude who loves helping authors. KIP is not only friendly and easy to talk to but also a good listener. KIP can help you come up with some great ideas. You might be wondering how you can talk to this tool? KIP is available on the Dibbly Create platform whenever you need someone to help you brainstorm new ideas. It can also help you develop your characters and plots. KIP has various useful writing tips and can aid you in getting past that dreaded writer's block. One thing that's really cool about KIP is that it can also do editing and will help you go through your grammar and punctuation to ensure that you are clearly getting your point across to your audience!

Navigating the User-Friendly Interface

You might be wondering what sets the Dibbly Create platform apart from other word processors? And we would have to say it has an easy-to-use interface. Navigating your way around the interface and getting access to the different writing tools has never been easier. You don't have to waste your time trying to figure out how it works!

For KIP, this tool will always be right there at the bottom-right corner of your screen or right there when you highlight a section of your work in Create.

Simply clicking on Kip's happy little face will open up the chat box for you to start collaborating with him. You can ask him anything and everything you need help with. You can clear out messages to make room for new chats as you work through your project. Another great feature of KIP is that it will help you create the outline for your book. All you need to do is ask him to give you bullet points on your book topic and give you ideas for your chapter content.

You don't have to worry about KIP turning evil like SkyNet in The Terminator; KIP is just a nice guy who wants to help you with creative writing.

In addition to all the wonderful benefits Create and KIP offer on a free trial, you can have access to even more wonderful features when purchasing a pro package. Our Create Pro package can be purchased monthly or renewed yearly for only $22.97.

Boosting Your Creative Process

As an author, you probably already know how lengthy the process of creative writing can be. We might experience times when inspiration, physical energy, and emotional enthusiasm are low, and this leads us to procrastinate or just sit there looking at a blank screen. This is why we have built this wonderful tool to help you. Read on to find out the various benefits you will get when using Create and KIP.

Seamless Idea Generation

Sometimes, coming up with ideas can be a daunting task. And we might not know how to come up with new ideas. But you will have the potential to come up with something unique and clever with a little help. Writer's block can be a major problem for many writers, and that's where KIP can help you out by helping you brainstorm your newest vision. Your new best friend, KIP, will help you generate ideas based on what you ask him.

                                     Research and Outline Generator

Structured Outlining Made Easy

The great thing about this writing software is that it is really easy to use! To your left, you have a bar that opens up and allows you to add separate sections to your book. 

Dibbly Create Notes and Sections

With this wonderful feature, you can work on different parts of your latest work separately, with individual word counts. This layout was designed to help you work efficiently and enhance your productivity. You have the freedom to work on different chapters of your book without getting confused about where you left off. You will be able to break down your tasks and work on them as you need to. Dibbly Create is truly a masterstroke in organization for authors and writers. 

The Joy of Distraction-Free Writing

Distraction can strike at any time, and we all know the feeling when it does. You have just gotten out your notepad and pen or your laptop, and you're ready to let the ideas flow when suddenly you get a phone call, your dog starts barking, or your car alarm starts blaring for absolutely no reason. These distractions have the tendency to happen at the worst possible moment, usually when you need to focus on the project at hand.

Unfortunately, these things can't be stopped because the world needs to keep turning, but we have created a distraction-free writing tool with Dibbly Create. You will have full control over your writing process, and you will never get annoying prompts or notifications. And to top it off, KIP understands how busy you are and won't interfere; this tool will only give you feedback when you ask for it!

Elevating Collaboration and Productivity

Productivity is not maximized by working harder; you just need to work a little bit smarter. With this wonderfully innovative writing tool, you can increase your productivity and collaboration with ease.

Real-Time Collaboration With Dibble Create and KIP Feedback

KIP gives you real-time feedback and helps you with your writing. This little guy never sleeps, so when you're ready to work, he will be right there, ready to help you. You might find it frustrating working with different people across different time zones, but you don't have to worry about that with our little AI buddy; this tool is available 24/7 and ready to work with you.

You also have the ability to work with others who have access to your Dibbly Create Document. Collaborating with others during your writing process is extremely valuable, and with Create, it has never been easier.

Editing in Create and KIP

Editing can be tedious and frustrating at best, especially if you are not sure what you should be looking for. But with Create, editing has never been easier. Other people who have access to your document can help you by leaving comments and recommendations throughout your document to help you not only improve your writing but also polish your work before publishing. 

Making Your Writing Dreams a Reality

The simplicity of KIP and Dibbly Create will help you draft the book you have been dreaming of, and with its easy exporting features, you can export your manuscript directly in a publish-ready format.

Export project in Dibbly Create

Before closing this blog, we would like to mention that, in comparison with other word processors, Dibbly Create is more cost-effective and affordable than the best competition on the market. Go ahead and look for yourself. The added benefits we offer are far superior to any other program on the market, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

In Summary

The Dibbly Create platform simplifies the writing process so you can focus on your writing. Create and KIP will help you with all the finer details before you start the actual writing process for your book. It will also improve productivity and organization. With the help of Create and your new best buddy, you can write a best seller in half the time than with any other writing tool available today.

Come back for Part Two, where we will give you more information on this wonderful writing tool, and watch this space for even more blogs! Happy writing! We can't wait to see you on Dibbly Create.


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