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Create Engaging Content That Will Challenge the Mind

by The Urban Writers

Whether you are a writer, a blogger, or a fashionista, you want to make sure that all of the content you create engages your target market. Content engagement, whether with a specific writing style or the use of personal stories, ensures that your visibility increases dramatically.

Creating engaging content does not need to be as difficult as many make it seem. This is why we are going to provide you with some helpful tips that will enable you to create content that represents you, or your business', image and aspirations.

What Does it Mean to Have Engaging Content?

You have most likely, more than once, asked yourself, "How do I write engaging content?" However, in order to find which content you need, you will need to know what 'engaging' means. Simply put, it is content that resonates with your target market. Simple, right?

The more content you create that is relatable to your defined market, the more you will be able to not only increase your reach, but you will also be able to alter your marketing strategies in a way to boost your visibility!

How to write engaging content

Tips on Creating Engaging Content

If we were all maestros at creating engaging content, there would be no need for this little blurb! However, content that engages with users has become more important than ever.

To get you started, there are a few tips that will definitely let you create content that stands out from the rest.

Create Content That Is Original

With all the different social media platforms, it has become immensely difficult to create content that is both original and well received by your prospective audience.

Focusing on creating an emotional connection with your follower base will not only encourage users to follow your journey, but it will provide a hook that offers a unique perspective that only you can replicate!

Make Sure to Use Actionable Content

You need to understand the content you are creating! After all, if you have no idea what your content means, you cannot expect your audience to stay engaged with what you have to offer.

You need to make the content relatable. Go further than just a picture and a few words. Produce content that is holistic, and that keeps the readers hooked.

The more you entice your audience by showing how your post or product can benefit them, the more loyal customers you will create. You want them to realize how reading and interacting with your content will make their life easier!

Only Post Accurate Information

Throw in statistics and data to show that you know the field you are talking about. Use this as a call to action, but be careful not to laden your content with too much data.

You want there to be more traffic, and you will only be able to do that by being succinct when creating content.

This becomes even more important when information about current events continues to change! Also, please make sure that your information is relevant and has at least one article intrinsically linked to it.

Types of engaging content - What makes content engaging

Tell Your Own Unique Story

As soon as you tell a story, you automatically spice things up! You become more relatable, especially when linked to social media posts. The more relatable you are, the more of a social media presence you will be able to establish.

Storytelling produces written content that is quality content! As soon as you share stories, you become vulnerable, placing more value on what you have to offer at first glance.

Always Include Visuals

This is where we bring the great news! When you include visual elements, you create engaging content that amplifies your written portion. Not only can visuals be used to tell a story, but they also make your site more attractive.

Trust us, if we had a choice, looking at a wall of text would never have been invented! It is definitely one of the most boring methods of trying to pass on information.

However, this does not mean that you can just add any type of imagery. You need to make sure that the images that you have chosen directly relate to the content you are writing about.

Just imagine the level of confusion that would exist when you are writing a blog post about a pet grooming business but then have pictures of cutlery and crockery throughout your post. It's this level of conflicting thought patterns that make readers just scroll past your content.

Prioritize Specific Headlines

Great content is more than just one page of pure information. It is highly unlikely that your posts will be engaging if the audience is faced with a wall of text. This is why it is important to master your headlines!

To increase engagement, make sure you research articles, especially those that come with a weekly newsletter, to keep up to date regarding which phrases are the most searched headlines. Currently, "will make you" is seen as the top-performing headline.

Engaging content - Creating engaging content

The Narrative Hook

An introduction is an excellent medium to really hook your target audience. You will notice that most content marketing campaigns have a single, gripping sentence, especially when presented as a blog post.

However, when dealing with video content, make sure that any voiceover that is being used fits perfectly with the written content. This is vital, especially when your content is going to be on social platforms.

Keep Your Audience on Their Toes

Make sure that you always have a vast array of different content types. Nobody wants to read case studies every single day. Show off your research, post a link to your favorite site, and engage with your followers in the comments section. These are all ways that drive engagement.

Setting a schedule is a perfect content marketing strategy! It not only ensures your content creation remains up-to-date, but it allows you to better analyze and read post-specific engagement metrics.

The Secret Benefits of Creating Engaging Content

Having followers interacting with you and your brand provides a thrill that few content creators understand. The better your brand, the more paying customers you will obtain.

Many of the known benefits are not as well known as you would think, so let's jump into a few of them!

Social Media Traction

When your audience starts to see you posting every day, they will wait in anticipation to see your next post. By engaging with your audience, you may even be able to obtain some user-generated content from them.

An example would be to ask your readers to use the comments section and tell you what they would like to see on your page. This is how you will be able to diversify your post types in order to fit your audience.

Give them what they want, and they are bound to stay! This is how engaging content can be pivotal in giving your audience precisely what they want.

Becoming Top in Content Creation

Engaging content can really boost your blog, business, or social media page's success. Sometimes, it is difficult to differentiate between two businesses that have the same product.

A reader may choose to focus more on businesses that took the time and effort to create engaging content. This is why a focus on engaging content should be included in all of your future marketing efforts.

You can't expect to have the same level of success as other top content creators if you are using the same tricks of the trade that made them famous. You need to hone in on your individuality and develop your viral trends!

Building Your Brand as a Content Marketing Strategy

A blog post that focuses on your brand, while including your target audience, is the pathway to success! It is the perfect formula to establish a successful brand that represents the values and aspirations you have for your business/venture.

Imagine how amazing it would be should your business grow at such a rate that whenever someone searches for an item or niche that you specialize in, you pop up as the top hit!

By always ensuring that you are writing great content that is unique, engaging, and inclusive of your target audience, you guarantee that any items you sell as a business will be linked to your brand.

Measuring Your Engagement

Engagement metrics are the best way to see whether your content is actually reaching your target audience. These metrics will not only allow you to measure engagement, but they will also inform you on whether you need to change the approach to the content you are creating.

Your metrics will improve as long as you have relevant content that is supported by internal links that your audience finds beneficial. But what does it mean to measure engagement?

Likes, Shares, and Comments

We all love seeing the 'likes' number increase! It means that there is an audience that agrees with the content you are posting. Many businesses establish a social media presence by taking control of a specific platform's algorithm.

Take TikTok as an example. Driving engagement on this platform requires you to know how the algorithm works. Naturally, you will need to engage with your audience daily. This is why we recommend you create content in advance and plan ahead regarding when to post it.

The more engaging content you have, the greater traction you will get on other main advertising platforms, such as your website.

Writing content and making sure your audience approves of this content will always ensure that the value your customers receive will always be top-notch!

What is rather great is that by seeing readers interact with your website and business, you become more motivated to create engaging content!

Readers want to see content engaging with day-to-day problems! They want to see how the product or service you are providing them with will add value to their lives.

Impressions and Reach

You want to ensure that your posts pop up on other people's timelines. After all, this is how you become more popular. This is what we refer to as 'impressions.'

'Reach' refers to how many unique readers could have been reached with the content that you posted.

An example would be an article that has 600 impressions but has the potential to have a reach of more than 900.

Naturally, the impressions are those that are actively engaged with the content. The reach is how many could have interacted with your content.

However, what you need to remember is that one of the most important aspects to consider is being able to turn the same number of those within your 'reach' category, into those that actively engage and click on your content (i.e., those in the 'impressions' category).

What You Need to Create Engaging Content

It does not matter whether you are using a website, or you write your own articles. There are a few things that you will need in order to ensure you can engage with your readers.

Depending on whether you have your own image repository, you may need to access a website that has a paid option for royalty-free images. Whether it be premium Pixabay or Shutterstock, having access to more imagery allows you to create a wider variety of content.

However, if you find yourself just starting off, a site such as Canva will provide you with all the materials needed to create posters, information leaflets, and different text fonts! This is guaranteed to keep your readers hooked.

You also do not need to have the latest iPad or iPhone to get started with your content creation journey. Having a laptop that connects to the internet is all that you need!

What Are the Different Types of Content?

As you journey through the different aspects of creating your own content, you will come across a wide variety of different types of content. Some types will be of more benefit to you and/or your business than others. It is all about what your readers respond to the most.

Some readers engage with a repository of articles on a website much better than a single blog post. Other readers may be more visual and would prefer infographics. The only way you will know what content types are best, as well as what to write, is through trial and error.

Let us delve into a few types of content that you are bound to utilize on your site.


The use of podcasts has increased to such an extent that more than 21% of the population will regularly tune into their favorite podcast.

Not only does a podcast allow you to interview actual customers to obtain their viewpoints, but it also allows you to categorically tackle aspects of your business that you want to let shine!

A podcast can also be used as a reference point, and even as a metric, to see how much your business or blog has progressed over a set time period. Linking all this onto your website will show your readers that at no point did you remain stagnant.

Case Studies

A case study provides your content with more depth, providing the audience with a mixture of knowledge and information that they can act on.

You see, creating case studies gives you a degree of uniqueness that is not easy to come by in a market that is oversaturated. Ultimately, case studies can even be put in an article that describes what you do or the business that you run.

A case study also allows you to think practically about a specific point. For example, a clothing business may find that producing content every day rather than once a week increases both impressions and reach.

Your case studies exhibit your own ideas, so the chances of your scenarios being repeated by others are near impossible! This is how you develop your brand!

Case studies also have a very easy structure to them. You write a summary of what you want to explain, followed by identifying solutions to problems. It really is that easy!


If you follow mainstream media, you will notice a lot more businesses using infographics as a definitive way to create content. An article written by Piktochart showed that there is a marked benefit in using infographics to explain difficult information and processes.

One of the major benefits of an infographic is the ability to merge an insurmountable amount of information into one image. Play around with color palettes and different graphic representations, and you will get content that is visually appealing and informative.

Don't know whether you want to use an infographic or not? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. Would you rather see 20 different statistics in the form of a plain, simple, and boring bullet list, or easy to look at charts and graphics?

Luckily, there is also not just one type of infographic. From comparison infographics to statistical infographics, you can find the type that bests suits your needs.


If you want your content to be engaging and dynamic, using videos as a guiding element will definitely prompt heightened user engagement. Videos, especially on some websites, provide metrics that will also be able to inform you of the degree of reach you are achieving.

What is great about using videos is that you are able to merge both written text and imagery to really provide well-balanced content. Should you have sponsorships from other brands, a video is also the best way to ensure they get the publicity that you contractually agreed upon.

The best way to incorporate videos into your content timeline is through uploading them on sites such as YouTube, including their links in blog posts, and even embedding them in any other relevant post or article you write.

In Summary

You no longer need to fret when you start off on the journey toward creating the perfect content. As you start to see what your audience enjoys, you will be able to fine-tune your approach toward your content to give them what they want.

Whether it be videos or infographics, or even creating your next SEO article, The Urban Writers will always have freelancers available to ensure that the quality of content you are pushing is of the top-most quality!


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