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Giovanni Antonelli

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Furthermore, not only can you find excellent writers, but also graphic designers, etc ... One of the services they have, it offers you a complete package where you provide only the topic and they do the rest: research, writings, description, cover. .. fantastic service!"

Charlie Lopez

"I just recently published my first book that was written and edited by the UW and man, the book is AMAZING! I was recommended to use by a close friend and they blew my expectations above and beyond. I chose the Urban Package and it was perfect! The writer and editor did great jobs and if you have any questions, they have assistants waiting to help! They have tons of options from getting your books written to getting them translated in some languages! I will using them again for my next book :)"

Gal Agadi

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As self publishers and content creators, our main challenge was to find very high quality writers who write original content on various fields. With The Urban Writers we found not only the top content creators in the industry, but we found a home and a family. A team that takes care of us, is super responsive and goes out of its way to make sure we are happy. It’s the best one-stop-shop for content creators, period. Not matter if you are a website owner looking for the best articles or a self publisher who needs help ghost writing your fiction or non-fiction books. We are a small family business and we are thankful for The Urban Writers for being a part of our journey and happy to highly recommend them from the bottom of our hearts ❤️"

Jordono Marchesano

"I used urban writers 4 times now. Product arrived written, edited and proof read. Extremely convenient for me. The communication was great. One if my orders was a little delayed due to pandemic and they reached out to me and apologized and let me know which i thought was very thoughtful. It was only delayed a couple days and arrived with a great finished book. They can write a lot of different topics and subjects. I will continue to use them and i highly recommend."


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