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SEO Growth and Conversion Optimization Specialist - Contractor

SEO Growth and Conversion Optimization Specialist - Contractor

Seeking an Independent Contractor to manage Strategic SEO Content Marketing and Development for The Urban Writers and its parent company, Dibbly Inc.

Outputs and Expectations:

  • Increase revenue from organic traffic by 30% in three months
  • Increase DR by 10 points within six months


  • Researching, designing, planning, creating, and sharing valuable content for prospective customers, and freelancers.
  • Technical SEO Optimization – Optimizing the technical implementation of our website and platform where required, to increase its organic search visibility, increasing our domain authority (DR and UR).
  • Image optimization to ensure sizing and alt text is provided.
  • Increase organic traffic with SEO Best practises, site audits and modification of link building.
  • Link Building – Implementing specialized techniques and methods that encourage other trusted websites to link to our website through relevant guest blog posting.
  • On-Page SEO – Optimizing individual web pages to enhance their visibility in organic search results.
  • Website Administration – Using website content management systems to publish SEO-optimized content, manage comments, and perform other administrative tasks.
  • HTML/CSS – HTML and CSS are languages that define the structure, style, and format of content on a web page. SEO managers who understand HTML and CSS can implement simple coding changes to a website without developer assistance.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – Using specialized software to perform content experiments for the purpose of increasing conversion rates and driving revenue. 
  • Project Management – Planning SEO projects, establishing realistic timelines, communicating with stakeholders, allocating resources, troubleshooting issues, and delivering (and measuring) results.
  • Guest Post/Blog and Podcast negotiation - approaching relevant blogs to spread content and provide high value backlinks as part of the strategy.
  • Crafting sustainable relationships with the leaders in the industry - to ensure we are at the forefront of information for customers and freelancers.
  • Building spiderwebs of content and promoting both our products and services as well as freelance roles/gigs.
  • Constant monitoring, review and refinement of our current blogs to ensure they remain within the SEO best practices guidelines.
  • Writing of internal and sensitive content deemed confidential (these cannot be passed to our freelancer team via order process)

Technical Application:

  • Brainstorming and planning the SEO content, strategy and roll-outs with the Marketing Team
  • Defining relevant keywords, clusters, and coordinating the topics into relevant roll out campaigns
  • Creating the briefs for the DP orders to request the content to be written internally
  • Monitoring the orders within the system
  • Manually moving the orders from stage to stage
  • Running the Plag scan
  • Proofing the final works
  • Vetting the links and images
  • Loading them onto the blog on the website
  • Providing info for the social media platforms and emailers that will be linked to the blogs
  • Goal to post 2 -3 blogs per week
  • Crafting regular SEO best practice update seminars for the internal team
  • SEO Editor training
  • Developing SEO writer and editor resources
  • Assisting with SEO writer training
  • Developing new products/services related to SEO for customers


  • Proof is in the pudding, show us examples of how you've been successful as an SEO Specialist 
  • Ability to use Google Search Console, Google Analytics, SEMRUSH, Ahrefs, software and platforms like Ubersuggest, hubspot, conversion minded, GT metrics, SEO surfer, Ask the Public, outbrain.
  • Relevant current knowledge of emmerging technology