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Fake Websites

Fake Websites - Warning!

Imitation is the highest form of flattery! 

The Urban Writers has a few imitators that you should be wary of. They are:

  • The Royal Writers
  • KDP Writers

The aforementioned sites may look similar to The Urban Writers as they’ve illegally made use of our stylized web design and graphics. They may claim to offer the same products, and have indeed plagiarized our verbiage and product descriptions, but these websites are in no way affiliated with or associated with The Urban Writers. 

In fact, these websites are fraudulent, which means that dealing with them might see you parting ways with your money without getting anything in return. 

If you’re looking for the real experience of working with The Urban Writers, there’s only one place to find it and that’s at https://theurbanwriters.com/ 

Remember to check the website you are on and be safe out there.

From your friends at The Urban Writers