The Urban Writers

Marco & Natasha Moutinho


In March 2017, Marco and Natasha decided to start a Self-Publishing business in the pursuit of passive income. With determination, and a deep burning desire to succeed, they built a successful Self-Publishing business that was able to support their income full time. Marco and Natasha worked hard and surrounded themselves with like-minded individuals. Networking and making connections were key factors in their success.

In March 2018, Marco had an idea to launch The Urban Writers, and by April 2018, The Urban Writers was operating for business. Countless hours were put in to create a solid writing and editing team. Today, The Urban Writers is known for providing exceptional written content and state of the art customer service.

Marco and Natasha have made it their mission to ensure that no shortcuts are taken, that quality is the number one priority followed by customer support that genuinely cares.

If you’re looking for a company that thrives from your success, Marco and Natasha can help.


Marco and Natasha didn’t have the best experience using other writing services and found that these businesses lacked the experience they were after. The intent for creating The Urban Writers was to provide an easy, trustworthy, and professional experience for all customers.

They wanted to instill the experience they were seeking on the customers they served. This was the sole purpose of implementing a system where their customers feel part of the process.


Do you provide essay writing or academic writing services?

No, The Urban Writers do not provide writing services to students or for any academic purposes. We are a professional service for professionals. We do not condone cheating.

Do I own the copyrights to the content I order from The Urban Writers?

Yes, you are the copyright holder of all content you purchase from us. The Urban Writers do not retain any rights to the content we deliver to you.

Are orders processed right away?

All orders are usually processed within 24 hours. Order delivery time is set once the order has been processed. If you order on a Thursday, your order will be processed no later than Friday and your delivery time will be counted from Friday, not Thursday. Please keep in mind, in some cases, order processing time may take longer.

Are packages restricted to certain topics?

Yes, our Urban Writers and Urban Rising Writers packages have content restrictions. The niche dropdown contains the relevant niches for each package. If it is not listed, it is not available in that package.

Do you add content to existing books?

Yes, we can add content to your existing books. The price is the same.

Do you have writers that can produce content in other languages?

At the moment, our primary focus is on English content. At some point, we may introduce different languages.

Can I request revisions on my order?

Yes, we allow for revisions of content to ensure it meets your outlined requirements. We allow for revisions but it must be requested within the allotted time frame. For Urban Rising Writers and Urban Writers, the time frame is 5 days after delivery. For our Premium and Top packages, the time frame is 10 days. We may allow exceptions if the reason is exceptional.

Revisions are accepted in Word, please use the Comment Feature from the Review Tab, we will deliver your project back to you with the changes tracked.

How long will it take for delivery?

We created a delivery estimating calculator that you can find under the Order link at the top of the page. Use this calculator to get an estimated number of days for your order.

Can I choose a writer?

At the moment, the only way to choose a writer is to provide a Writer ID. This is currently only available for Premium, Top, and Fiction packages.

When ordering an eBook, does it come formatted for Kindle?

Yes, every eBook order comes properly formatted to be published on Kindle.

Can you add images to the content?

We can add images to content as long as the requested images can be sources from or Or, you can provide your own images when placing an order. Up to 10 images for Top or Fiction and up to 20 images for Premium.