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Business Writing: Why All Your Brand's Copy Needs to be Top-Notch

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by The Urban Writers

Are you launching a marketing campaign or a new product line? If so, you must be gearing up to publish the most amazing related manuals, ebooks, and blog posts.

But, wait! Do you know how to create those professionally written scripts for your business?

Here at The Urban Writers, we constantly hear from talented, driven business owners who have most innovative content ideas but insufficient time to put these ideas into action.

It’s such a shame for your launch to lack a featuring digital product, be it a downloadable manual, a lead magnet, or an Amazon Kindle ebook! If you’re in the same boat as many successful CEOs, you’ll most likely have to delegate your business writing.

You need pristine digital content to flatter your brand’s reputation. But, how to do that when you’re too busy planning, producing, and managing?

It’s easy—turn to The Urban Writers!

Business writing

Why Do You Need Professional Business Content?

Having your content written by an expert from The Urban Writers ensures that all of your printed and digital content is accurate, informative, interesting, and professional-looking.

You might be the most esteemed expert in your industry, but if your online posts, ebooks, and documents have grammar errors and typos, or if they’re difficult to read and don’t spark interest, no one will want to read them!

What Is Business Writing? How Do We Do It at The Urban Writers?

Business writing is a form of strategic, purposeful content creation that we use for your company’s specific needs. It is a writing style used when crafting business documents, emails, blog posts, and social media posts, for which we strategically use the following elements:

  • Reader persona, or a specific reader profile for your piece of content
  • Pain points, or specific needs that your copy is aiming to resolve
  • Substance, which combines both accuracy and relevance in the use of information, key terms, style, and structure
  • Clarity, or the use of clear, accurate, error-free language that eliminates the possibility of misinterpretation
  • Concision, or maximum use of relevant information within the minimal content length to synthesize the messages you’re sending. This ensures your readers perceive your content as significant

Why Is Business Writing Important for Your Brand?

The Urban WritersSEO package will help you communicate everything about your business and services through writing. Your products, emails, websites, and social media platforms all need to feature a thoughtful blend of multiple elements to convey a wholesome message, including:

  • Essential information. Whether it’s a product description, a promotional email, a business offer, or a product deal, all of your copy must be polished, specific, on-point, and accurate. You may think that a quality product will sell itself, but this is not true.

Both the style and form you use to share the necessary information affect how your consumers perceive your brand. Your written content needs to showcase product and service features accurately, first and foremost.

Sharing deceitful, vague, or inaccurate information can harm your reputation, and even cause legal liability. To avoid this, anyone who publishes written content in your name must possess a sense of ethics, as well as good technical skills to convey your messages truthfully.

  • Marketing. Our content responds to your consumer’s needs, and it will be done in a thoughtful way. Regardless of your industry, the content you get from The Urban Writers will appeal to unmet needs in an optimistic, positive manner to instill trust and spark optimism and interest.

You may possess industrial knowledge and leadership skills to craft a powerful product, but it won’t be enough if you don’t present these in a compelling way.

Here enter The Urban Writers’ copywriters with their ability to understand what your consumers need and what style and language to use to ensure your brand is the first they come to (time and again!).

  • Brand values. Ultimately, your content is always a representation of your brand identity and values. These elements reflect in our compelling punchlines and staple words and phrases that will align with your authentic style.

How Your Business Benefits From Social Media Post Writing

Social media

Social media has transformed the business and marketing landscapes. It granted the power of instant access to millions of prospective readers. But, it also requires strategy, creativity, and sensitivity you’ll find with The Urban Writers.

Over 70% of customers are likely to share a positive experience with your brand on social media, increasing your outreach and boosting your reputation. But, cutting through the noise is tough, since numerous other brands are leveraging its tools to reach the same consumer as you are.

Social media is a place where your users can interact with your brand quickly and easily, which is why you need to use a methodical, careful approach to maximize its benefits and minimize the risks.

Social Media Posting Benefits

Aside from helping you contact your consumers faster and easier, there are many ways in which your business benefits from business writing and social media posting written by The Urban Writer’s copywriters:

  • Consumer feedback. Have you been wondering how to update your product line? All you need to do is let us write a compelling story for you, post a poll or a simple question in the end, and your customers will be quick to respond!
  • Networking. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram do more than just promote your business. They present you with the opportunity to team up with other experts in your niche, particularly those who are relevant to your audience and those who offer products and services that complement yours.

Our expert copywriters will research your brand, competitors, and potential partners to find out who to address in your posts!

  • Organic outreach. Imagine your social media page as one giant free billboard. Anyone who is looking for a type of offering that you provide will find you quickly and easily, and all you need to do is make them stay!

On the plus side, each time a user comments, likes, or shares your post, it will appear on their friend’s pages as well! This way, you get referrals quite literally for free!

  • More website traffic. Promoting your website is likely a steady item in your budget plan. But, with paid and free social media posts, you can share your web content with thousands of new visitors each day!

That is, if your posts are carefully written to comply with SEO standards, which you’ll get with our SEO package.

  • Increased brand awareness. Let’s face it. People come to social media for thrill and excitement. Whether they wish to partake in social justice, or simply share ridiculous raccoon memes, adrenalin is what gets them and keeps them there.

Users come to brand pages to get inspiration, quotes, and of course, chat about their favorite products and user experiences. Whenever your viewers discuss your brand online, these discussions are immediately available everywhere else online!

That’s right! A simple comment thread below your Black Friday discount announcement can end up anywhere, from another person’s search results to a niche forum discussion. That way, it’s much easier for people all over the web to learn about your brand.

Why You Need Killer Social Media Post Writing

We use the same strategic approach as mentioned above, plus some tweaks. Business social media posting is a writing style and form that’s adjusted to specific platform requirements, your business needs, and your social media followers’ interests!

Learning how to write quality social media posts will help your authentic style get noticed, but what if you don’t have the time for it?

In this case, you'll need the assistance of expert copywriters who know how to get your authentic message across while being mindful of your consumer demographic, and their needs and wants.

How to Find an Amazing Website Copywriter

A good social media post writer must have the following skills:

  • They need to be able to tailor the content towards your target audience
  • Know the posting policies for each social media platform, including maximum post length, what type of content they can and can’t post, etc.
  • Identify and write around your target audience's specific needs or pain points
  • Proper use of keywords
  • The right use of tone and style to make your brand stand out on social media


Our team at The Urban Writers will do thorough research to understand your audience, emulate their language when writing posts, and use it in a thoughtful manner to evoke an emotional response.

If you’re running a social media campaign, you need to have a strategy in place that helps you allocate resources and use creativity to highlight the specific features of your offering to those who are most likely to respond to it.

This is called targeting, and whoever writes your content must know how to speak to your audience. Remember, your consumers won’t know why they need your offering unless you explain it to them!

It is up to your copywriter to keep your social media pages informative, interesting, fun, and engaging but also to consistently link everything that’s been published with your product or service.

Hire The Urban Writers for Your Business Writing

Do your business a favor today and drop us an email, and we’ll let you know what we can do for you and give you a quote!

You can count on The Urban Writers to take over any form of business writing or social media post writing for you; our writing services include but are not limited to:

  • Writing an ebook that will promote your brand and complement your product launch
  • Writing a professional book description to advertise your publishing
  • Designing strategic SEO articles and posts that cover your target keywords, niche, target audience, and brand identity
  • Researching your brand and website, as well as competitors, to find the right style and tone
  • Researching your audience to find out what they truly need
  • Web copy, proposals, training manuals, and company profiles and so much more!

Don’t see the product you want on our website? No problem. Simply head on over to our Request a Custom Quote feature and tell our customer service team exactly what you want. We’ll get you a quote in no time. 

Our team includes writers, editors, and graphic designers who are professionally trained to help your business stand out! Check out how you can make your own personal team on our platform and work one-on-one with us as we create your awesome content:


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