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Craft Your Publishing Niche: 5 Reasons How-to and Craft Books Are Hot

by The Urban Writers

Have you ever thought about writing a book about the things you are passionate about?

These days, writing how-to books has become a huge trend, as more and more people are interested in learning new skills on their own. As a person who wants to share what you know, now is the perfect time to write an amazing crafting or how-to book.

Why Is Writing How-to Books so Hot Right Now?

Right now, our world is at a standstill, and we are still trying to get used to the “new normal.” Due to this, people are looking for ways to make the most of their time, and most people turn to books to achieve this goal.

If you're still wondering why you should write a crafting or how-to book, here are some reasons for you.

People Are Always Looking for New Things to Learn

This is the most important reason why how-to and crafting books are so hot right now. With the pressures of modern-day life, people need books to learn new things and keep up with the trends.

Crafting books

If you are very creative and want to share your unique skills with other people, it's time to write a book now. People want to learn, and this is your opportunity to give them what they want.

There Is a Whole Genre for You to Choose From

These days, writing how-to books has become so popular that a whole genre exists for it. Crafting and how-to books belong to the non-fiction genre, and they are all about crafts, skills, the tools needed to learn them, and other unique ideas.

The books in this genre are more on the creative side rather than providing technical information. Some examples of books in this genre include digital editing, knitting, painting, making jewelry, and so much more.


They also include images and step-by-step instructions to improve the learning process of the readers. Such books are even more popular because readers find them easy to understand and follow.

It Gives You a Chance to Share Your Passion

When you are very passionate about something, you want to share that passion with others. All over the world, people like you who have something special to offer have already launched their own craft books.

This is a unique opportunity to spread the word about your passions and encourage others to follow suit. In this world where gaining followers is beneficial, writing a book is an amazing way to introduce yourself as an expert in the thing you are most passionate about.

It Could Be an Amazing Source of Passive Income

Apart from getting the satisfaction of sharing what you know, creating your own craft and how-to books will help add to your income. Although having a day job is important, you can earn some extra bucks by launching a book that is in demand.

If your target audience enjoys your work and asks for more, you might even get the chance to take a break from work (especially if you aren't enjoying it) and focus on finding your dream job because of the money you will earn from your books.

Nowadays, you need to find creative and innovative ways to increase your income—and launching your own book is one of the hottest things you can do right now.

Your Book Could Be the “Next Big Thing”

Although we are now in the digital age, people are still interested in books, both printed books and eBooks. By seizing this interest, you might create a work of art that will turn out to be the next big thing in the world of crafting.

If you don't feel like you're ready to create a book right now, you can always hire a professional to write it for you. Professional ghostwriters will collaborate with you throughout the process to create the book that contains everything you want to share.

Together, you can decide on the content, images, tone, and flow of the book. Then all you have to do is get your book published to make it accessible to your target audience.

Tips for Writing About Crafting

Now that you know why you should write, it's time to learn how. Crafting and how-to books are unique in the sense that they should deliver very specific information in a clear and detailed way.

Since the book will help your reader learn how to do or make something—or even learn a new skill—the procedures are very important. To help you create the best book ever, here are some tips to start with below.


Decide What Type of Crafting Book You Will Write

Unless you only have one talent, skill, or passion (which is highly unlikely!), the first thing you need to do is to decide the type of book you will write. For this, you can ask yourself some questions like:

  • What do I enjoy doing the most?
  • What am I good at?
  • What book will I have fun writing?
  • What are the most popular skills, crafts, and trends right now?
  • Are there any gaps in the craft or how-to book market I can fill?

Answering these questions will help you come up with a narrowed-down list of options. From there, you can choose which one to pursue.

Create a Book Proposal

Writing about crafting shares something in common with other books too: the book proposal. If you would like to publish your book, you must create a killer proposal for it.

Apart from including the basic elements of a book proposal, you should do the following:

  • Include all of the relevant information about your book.
  • Include the working title of your book, a summary, an outline (even if it's just a draft), samples of projects, and photos showing those samples.
  • Showcase your experience in the craft or skill you will write about.
  • Find out how you plan to set your book apart from the other books in the market.
  • Supply information about your target audience.

Also, make sure that the proposal you make is neat and professional. That way, anyone who reads it will have a great first impression of you.

Do Your Research

No matter what book you plan to write, you will always have to do some research on it. If you're an expert, you still have to find out if you can add any other interesting or relevant information about the topic.

Writing how-to books can be a lot of fun—even the research part of it. After all, you will be learning new things about a topic you are very interested in. Try to look for information that will make your book more valuable, unique, and enjoyable to read.

Add Images to Enhance Your Book

For books like these, images are very important. Adding high-resolution images will level up your book in so many ways. You must add the final products that your readers will have after they follow the step-by-step instructions.

It's also very helpful to add images of the steps themselves, especially if they are complex. These visual representations will make it easier for your readers to follow the steps and create the final product.

Bring Everything Together

Finally, make sure to bring everything together in a smooth and cohesive way. Go through your outline to make sure that all of the sections flow smoothly. Then, think about the color scheme and fonts you will use, as well.

From start to finish, your book should be properly organized. This will ensure that your readers will feel engaged with each page they turn. You may have to try a few different layouts before you find the perfect one, but that's part of the fun!

How Do You Publish Your How-to and Craft Books?

After learning how to write a how-to book, it will take some time for you to finish it. If you will write it yourself, it will take at least six months to complete the content, depending on your writing experience.

As you are writing, you should also start thinking about how to publish your book. You need to create a “publishable” book that will catch the attention of your target audience. Here are some guidelines to help you achieve your goal:

  • Present all the information in your book in a visually appealing and easy-to-read way with proper formatting.
  • Make sure that each step in your book is clear, concise, and engaging to read.
  • Let your personality shine through by using a style and tone that is uniquely you.
  • Come up with a schedule for writing, marketing, and publishing your book.
  • When you feel confident enough to pitch your proposal, reach out to several publishers instead of just one.
  • If you decide to self-publish your book, research on how to do it properly.

Also, accept the fact that this will be a long-term project. If you have other important things to do, that's okay. Just try to devote enough time each day to create your content so that you can finish your book and have it published in the time frame you have set.

Final Thoughts: Unleash Your Creativity Now!

Unleashing your creativity in the form of a craft or how-to book is an enjoyable and fulfilling process. If you have been thinking about this endeavor, there is no time like the present to take action.

People are looking for the books you are planning to write. Now that you understand this urgency and you know how to begin, the next step is to start planning!

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