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When You Should Self-Publish Your Book

by The Urban Writers

When You Should Self-Publish Your Book

You’ve finished writing your book but are unsure of the right time to self-publish it. As a self-publisher, when you release your eBook is a decision you must make. It’s important to note that the time, date, and month you self-publish your book has an impact on how well it does.

Therefore, it’s crucial to do your research about the best release date for your book. You must do your research and seek advice from other self-publishers or from your distributor. Although you want to get your book out there, you should wait for the right time and date.

The Importance of Self-Publishing at the Right Time 

Did you know that there’s a specific time and date that will be most suitable for self-publishing your book? Publishing at the right time will improve the sales and engagement of your book. You may be excited to self-publish your book as soon as possible, but there are many other benefits to waiting for the right moment.

Benefits of Publishing at the Right Time

When you self-publish your book at the right time, you receive great engagement. This will help you receive sales and hype for your book as soon as it’s released! The time you choose to release your book impacts the audience you reach, how many sales you receive, and how well your book is received. 

Finding the Right Time as an Authorpreneur 

self publishing

As a self-publisher, you’re an “authorpreneur” who’s not afraid to publish a book on your own, without the help of a traditional publishing company. This method has pros and cons, which you must consider. 

Self-Publishing Versus Traditional Publishing 

Both self-publishing and traditional publishing have pros and cons. Self-publishing is a great route to take as it’s affordable, accessible to everyone, and can be lucrative if done right. 

However, a con of self-publishing is that you don’t have help from a traditional company in deciding when, where, and how your book will be published. This is something you must determine on your own. This can be challenging, especially when you’re new to self-publishing.

Questions to Ask Yourself 

A great way to find out whether it’s the right time to release your book is by asking yourself the necessary questions. Not only should it be the right time for your book, but it should also be the right time for you as an authorpreneur. These are some examples of questions you could ask yourself before self-publishing your book:

  • Is my book complete and ready? You should start by asking yourself if your book is ready to be self-published. Are you happy with the final product? Check for errors and ensure that the book is well-polished. You want to ensure that you’re ready to self-publish effectively
  • What is my primary goal? Before self-publishing your book, you must determine what your primary goal is. This will help you to determine what time is the best to post. You want to choose a time that helps you achieve your primary goal.
  • How many people do I plan on reaching? The time, date, and month you choose to publish have an impact on how many people you reach. You must ask yourself what your real goal is for how many people you want to reach. This number must be kept in consideration while you decide when to publish your book.

Do Your Research 

Above all, it’s important to do research before publishing your book. Once you’ve asked yourself the necessary questions and determined what you want from self-publishing your book, it’s time to start making your objectives come to life. 

When To Self-Publish

Many different factors contribute to the timing of self-publishing. It’s important to consider this when you set the exact time, date, and month to publish. Below are some of the best times you can self-publish your book. Although these dates and times are a guide for self-publishing, you must still choose a time that is suitable for your book and its genre.

Time of Day

Something as specific as the time of day can have an impact on how your self-published book does. When determining what time of the day to post, consider what day, month, and season it is. For example, if it’s the summer holidays, post your book in the morning, so people can download it for the day ahead.

Day And Month

Factors, such as what month it is and what day of the month it is, contribute to the sales of your self-published book. The following dates and months are best for sales:

  • January is the best month. Many people enjoy buying books at the start of the year. They want to pick up a new hobby and fulfill their New Year’s resolutions. 
  • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. These days are known as the best days of the week to self-publish your book. Many authorpreneurs think that the weekend is the best day to self-publish, but these days are too busy to generate any engagement.
  • Avoid September to December. Towards the end of the year, people are less likely to draw their attention and money toward self-published books. You should avoid self-publishing during these months. 


Seasons have a major impact on how well your book sales do. It’s important to know which seasons and holidays to self-publish in and which ones to avoid. These are some tips that will help you self-publish in the right season:

  • Summer. Summertime is known as one of the best months to self-publish your book. June and July are when self-published books sales skyrocket. During these months, people are on holiday, so many of them want to buy a good book, relax, and read.
  • Avoid Christmas. You may think Christmas is the best time to get your book out there, as it’s the time of shopping and gift-giving, but this is a common misconception. Self-publishing a book during Christmas may not get you the traction you desire. 
  • Winter. The cold season is a perfect time to self-publish your book, as people spend more time indoors, meaning they’re willing to spend money on self-published books to keep them busy and entertained. The best winter months to self-publish are January and February.

Using Digital Marketing 


Self-publishing your book at the right time entails digital marketing. You want your book to be released with some buzz around it, so sales can pick up soon after it’s published. Learning how to digitally market your book is crucial, as it can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful book. 

These are some digital marketing tips that can help your self-published book get the sales you want:

  • Utilize social media. Social media can aid your book sales in numerous ways. When you use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, you can reach a wider audience that draws more attention to your book. You can also urge readers to share your book and recommend it on social media.
  • Get reviews. As an authorpreneur, reviews are crucial. Good reviews from people who have read your book help to improve your credibility as an author. They show potential readers that your book is worth the read. 
  • Provide your book in multiple formats. A great way to be accessible to all your potential readers is by providing your book in various formats. You want to ensure that any individual can download your book from any device. 
  • Don’t forget offline marketing. Although online marketing is important as a self-publisher, you should also do offline marketing to get closer to your readers and reach a wider audience. This can be achieved by securing some local publicity through sponsorships. 


Once you’re ready to self-publish your work, ensure that you do your research and ask yourself the necessary questions. What do you hope to achieve from self-publishing? Who is your target audience? What genre is your book? All these questions, along with the tips you’ve read here and your own research, will help you self-publish at the best time.

Additionally, it’s important to do digital marketing, so you can increase the number of potential readers you reach. Doing all of this will help your self-published book be released successfully, and it will help you to get the sales you want!


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