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Using Analysis of your SEO Competitors to Write the Best Content Known to Man

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How do you imagine an Ancient Roman gladiator feels before the sword of his opponent comes crashing down on him? He has been defeated, but this isn’t the most damaging thought that crosses his mind at that crucial moment. 

It’s the sound of the crowd roaring that raises his hair follicles. He was once a mighty warrior who earned the roars himself, but now his heart speeds up with a different flood of emotions. 

The sound of the crowds edging him on has come to an end. The adrenaline that once pumped through his veins has escaped him, and all he can fathom is his followers deserting him. 

I can guarantee you that this is what has crossed this once brave warrior’s mind. Competitiveness is in the genes of every living organism, including humans. Science has confirmed that we are driven by our need to better others and succeed.

It wasn’t the edge of the sword coming down on our warrior, sealing his fate, that made him see failure. He has been a gladiator who has thrived on giving the crowd what they want. Sadly, on this occasion, he underestimated the new opponent. 

In business, blogging, writing, and content marketing, we are the warrior who seeks to please our audience. I’ll be damned if I use these primitive methods of underestimating my opponent. 

We all have that competitive predisposition, and it’s up to us to lead our industry. Don’t expect your opponent to be weaker, slower, or less intelligent. Use our carefully guided advice to run a complete SEO competitor analysis. 

Put your cuirass on, and use techniques provided by a market-leading writing company, with countless professional writing services, to arm you with a victory that will make the crowd roar louder than ever before. 

Using SEO Competitor Analysis to Write the Best Content Known to Man 

There’s more to leading in an industry, and gaining favor. We need to study our opponent’s every move. Before we get into the stepping stones of an all-out spy saga, you need to know a few things. 

Key Factors of SEO Competition

Five fundamental rules apply to consider an analysis of your competition. They are:

  1. Making it your goal to be the best.
  2. Success means you need the traffic to your website. 
  3. Comparing what works for your business/blog/article. 
  4. Google, among other search engines, must value your content above theirs.
  5. Using research to gain inspiration.

Understanding Organic Keywords 

Organic keywords give you a free-pass to traffic on your website, without having to pay for pay-per-click (PPC) words that are often sold to the highest marketing campaign bidder. They give you a loophole, directly bypassing paid advertising. 

Make organic words your best friends. There’s a way around these hidden gems. Sign up on the Google Console to view stored information on traffic search analytics. 

You can use filters to find words that relate to your niche and if you’re interested in keyword research tools, we have an article on that! 

The Warrior’s Step-by-Step Battle Plan

There’s a manual way of doing this, and there’s an automated way of blowing money on this. We’ll take a look at both options, and you can decide to spend or put in the effort. The manual option might not be as accurate as paid-for services. 

Manual Evaluations

Evaluating your opponent is simpler than many people think. It’s just time-consuming but gives it that extra essence of human touch. 

Step One: Insight

This investigation has steps of its own. The insight will require a vigorous collection of data. You will need to use popular search engines to:

  • Find the top five unpaid competitors in your industry.
  • Any website that has the word ‘Ad’ in front of the title, is a paid spot. Your product, service, or topic of discussion should be similar to your search. 

  • Look for keyword gaps, placement, and appeal.
  • This includes attention-grabbing words, long-tail keywords, and organic keywords that your competitor has, and you don’t. You might find inspiration from theirs. Look at the placement and frequency of each keyword. Are they appealing to you?

  • Search for link building, including inbound and outbound links. 
  • Search engines optimize websites that build a community of connections. Focus on inbound and outbound links that serve to increase the website’s rankings. Look at the quality, information, and volume. 

  • Find strengths and weaknesses.
  • Weaknesses can include the misuse of information, a lack of engagement, and poor product display. Strengths can include comprehensive information, high-quality interactive content, and video links to useful material. 

  • Take note of featured snippets.
  • Featured snippets provide consumers with the option of definitive answers without browsing through all the content. 

  • Determine whether the information is up to date.
  • Now you have all your manually gathered data and can proceed to counter the rating of your SEO competitors. 

    Step Two: Affiliates

    Affiliated websites work together, rather than being in a battle royale. This is personal and can be considered if you wish to work with your opponent in a tag-team effort. I call it an optional but suggestive recipe for success. 

    You can link to each other’s pages and boost rankings. This will only work if you offer similar services, but not exactly the same kind. Contact the website to enquire about a joint effort. 

    Search engines promote this behavior among comrades and will push your ratings automatically. 

    You can watch this informative video by Stefan from Project Life Mastery, to understand the basics of affiliate marketing:

    Step Three: Preparing for Battle

    You’ve got the most crucial information that you can attain manually from your insight investigation. Now you can plan your defenses and improvements. Keep your pillars of competition in mind, and:

    • Improve every weakness you encountered
    • Provide a story to engage people
    • Add authority to your page
    • Link to quality affiliates or information
    • Use relative and useful media
    • Use social media marketing and affiliation to your advantage
    • Add wordplay to your organic words

    This is as far as manual evaluation can go. Now, let’s look into some automated options. 

    Automated Resources

    There are terms that the standard individual won’t understand, and there’s data we can’t capture without the assistance of online resources. However, we can correct this. 

    Option One: Run your competition through the SEMRush online analyzer. The good news is that you get seven days to try their services for free. The fact is that we need marketers on our team when we’re scoping out the opponent. 

    This platform can give you insight, feedback, and suggestions by analyzing algorithms involved with:

    • Competitor domain ratings to see where they stand realistically
    • Comprehensive insight into the competition’s keywords, media quality, content gaps, and popularity of their outsourced information, to mention a few
    • In-depth backlink or internal link data
    • Real-time fluctuations in search engine result pages (SERPs)
    • Live trends in the market

    SEMRush offers you one more golden ticket. It has a program called Double Jeopardy. Information is sent to Google twice to unveil judgment. This is a great tool to keep up with your own ranking.

    Option Two: The second option is Google Advanced Search Operators. It’s no secret that the name Google resonates with anyone who owns a piece of technology in the modern world. 

    This paid investigation service, among other things, can help you:

    • Use comprehensive audit tools to find out what you need to about any competitor
    • Identify symbols and triggers that allow the opposition to gain traffic
    • Popular trends in SEO content
    • A detailed search on your competition’s upper hand
    • Data on the position of your opponent in domain ratings
    • Revenue growth in specific niche markets

    This platform offers you tools to use at your disposal for reasons beyond the typical investigation of your foes. 

    Option Three: Use the services of a company, such as The Urban Writers, to evaluate the competition for you. Our SEO writers have been trained to find weaknesses in the competition and launch a full-scale attack.

    Contact us to find out more about our specialized SEO products. Let professionals take care of the complex analysis that ensures your success. 

    Bonus Material: Definitions

    Conducting an elaborate insight into your SEO competition will expose you to various words. Some might be familiar, while others can strike you as strange. Here are some of the words you need to know, along with their meanings:

    SEO Title: This is the formation of keywords, used in either an engaging manner or one that bores people to death. It’s the line you click on to enter an opponent’s page. 

    Meta Description: This is another attention seeker that aims at luring us in. Unfortunately, it can leave us wishing to pull our teeth out instead. It’s found under the SEO title.

    Page Links: These are the hyperlinked words you see on their page. They can be inbound, directing you to another page on their website once you click. Or they can be outbound, leading to external information. 

    Your outbound links should defer from information that leaves readers thinking “what the hell?” Please do avoid sources that require some abstract squinting as well. 

    Domain Authority: A metric evaluation of the estimated success of a domain name. Brought to us by MOZ, the leader in domain ranking statistics. 

    Search Intent: This relates to what users expect from their word search.

    Search Query: The word users enter into the Google search bar. 

    Search Engine Results Page (SERP): The pages that Google throws our way after the search query. 

    These are all items you’ll be on the lookout for if you choose to do this manually. 

    Final Thoughts

    The bottom line is that we can use our competitive edge to create the greatest lines ever read. Our inner warrior can defeat his rival and listen to the sounds of thundering rumbles from the colosseum stands if we prepare him well enough. 

    Whether your need lies in selling products, raising your voice, or sharing knowledge with the online world, you can use tried and tested methodology to guide you. 

    It doesn’t matter if you have a lion stalking its prey inside of you, or you want to partner up with pages that will help you voice the roar yourself. Using your competitive edge is what will get you there.


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