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Top 10 Websites to Find Remote Freelance Writing Jobs

by The Urban Writers

Once you have taken steps to become a freelance writer, the next logical one is to find freelance writing jobs. There are dozens of websites offering remote writing jobs, all you have to do is type the magic words into your search engine and you will get at least half a dozen site names. Okay, that is probably close to a dozen or more website names that may seem like a goldmine, but this is the Internet! Nothing is really as it seems, so you have to err on the side of caution. When you are starting out, you may just want to get any work from home writing jobs that you can — don't!

Before taking any writing contract online, do some more research on each site (or client) before jumping in feet first. Because seriously, this is your career that you are trying to get off the ground and make a name in. Yes, you do need to start to build your portfolio and gain experience, but you want to do so with quality work. You also want to get fairly paid and have some assurances that you will be. As with most things on the Internet today, there is an information overload that makes your brain ache when trying to sift through it all.

To take away a bit of the job searching headache, we have put together a list of the 10 top websites where you can find some of the top writing assignments. Freelance writers use them on a daily basis, and these sites regularly update their jobs (so there are always opportunities available).


Top 10 Freelance Job Websites

There are 3 different categories of websites that offer freelance job opportunities. We have split up the top 10 sites into these categories according to the type of jobs they offer.

Ghostwriting Websites

Ghostwriting sites offer some of the best writing opportunities for freelance writers as they will have a steady stream of work. It is great for gaining experience and does wonders for honing your writing skills. Ghostwriting companies that offer remote writing jobs usually need writers who can write ebooks, both fiction and non-fiction, but they usually have sections for article and content writing as well. You usually get to write on an array of different topics, which is another bonus because you get to find your writing niche.

The Urban Writers

The Urban Writers is a ghostwriting company. They offer writing contracts for ebooks, articles, and blog content across all genres. They do have various criteria for becoming part of the dynamic team, but they are always on the lookout for dedicated, passionate writers who are willing to work hard.

This is an excellent company for work from home writing jobs; they offer consistent work that is enough to keep you busy, and depending on how much you can write, you can earn a decent income. What's more, it is a perfect stable company to join.

General Freelance Websites Offering Freelance Writing Jobs

There are freelance job websites that offer a wide range of freelance jobs from virtual private assistant to website development, remote writing jobs, and so forth. Most of these websites need you to create a profile with all your credentials, skills, and experience. This allows your profile to be visible to their customers looking to hire freelancers, so use this service as a marketing tool and make sure you have a strong profile.


Hubstaff has a lot of quality jobs posted by all different sized companies looking for good quality freelancers. The service is completely free and it allows you to build a profile on the site.

The nice thing about Hubstaff is that you can see who the employer is and read their profiles. You get paid directly to your choice of payment service and they do not take a commission from your rate. The jobs on the website are updated daily and the service is free.


Outsourcely is another great website for finding quality writing contracts. The companies that advertise on the website are clearly visible for the freelancer to see, so it is easy to do your research on them. You get to build a great profile along with being able to rate each of your skill sets.

There is both a free and paid membership option, but the free one is all you really need.


Flexjobs is a site that has been around for over 10 years and has a large job board that is updated on a regular basis. It offers some great features such as skill tests, in-depth research on employers, and so on.

It a site that you need to pay for your membership but you get access to a lot of extra features.


Pangian is a huge job board that offers some of the top remote jobs both for long-term and short-term contracts. It is also a great way to connect with other freelancers and build an online support network to help grow your online presence.

Pangian has both a free and pro-membership with a lot of great benefits.


Upwork has some really good contracts for writers advertised on it. But they are not an easy website to work with as they have very strict rules and vetting requirements. They also have both a paid membership and a free membership option.

Writing Job Boards and Websites

There are job websites dedicated to writing and editing jobs. As with most of the job sites on the Internet, there are some sites that give you limited free access while their pro memberships will cost a monthly fee.


ProBlogger is a job board that advertises online jobs for writers in all niches. They have recently upgraded the site with some newly added features that enable you to create a profile. You can keep track of which jobs you've applied for and subscribe in order to receive new job alerts through email.

The service is free for freelance writers and it is a great site to find work from home writing jobs on.

Freedom With Writing

Freedom with Writing is an online subscription magazine that is updated every week with new writing opportunities. They scour the Internet, websites, blogs, publishing houses, and various magazines for their latest job offerings for writers. These range from paid blog posts, short stories, writing competitions, and publishers who are looking for submissions.

It is completely free and you get the information delivered to your email account.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing has been around since 1997; they are a large writing job board that have new updated jobs for writers on a regular basis. They scan all the top job sites specifically for recent writing jobs and conveniently list them on their job board.

It is a free service for freelance writers.

Constant Content

Constant Content is a great site to launch your freelance writing career by connecting you with some top companies and brands. They do have a vetting process and you have to apply to join their website, but for legitimate content contracts, they are one of the best sites to find remote writing jobs on.

Final Thoughts

When joining a freelance writing job website there are a few things you should check for, especially if you are going to pay for their pro-memberships. There are also some really good sites with a lot of helpful information about freelance writing to help you get started.

Website Ratings and References

Check to see what other freelancers are saying about the website.

Regular Writing Job Updates

Make sure that they update the site with new contracts and positions on a regular basis.

Protect Your Personal and Financial Information

Be careful when using your debit or credit card online.

Your Profile Picture

Use clear professional pictures for your profile.

Your Profile Information

Keep your profile(s) up to date.


Check what the payment rules are and what percentage they take from your rate. If possible, try to work that into what you charge your clients.

There are a lot of sites out there offering amazing opportunities; just remember if it sounds too good to be true when it is on the Internet, it probably is.



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