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The Role of Social Media in Book Marketing: Best Practices for Authors

by The Urban Writers

When it comes to social media book marketing, many authors are lagging behind. Authorship and book promotion can feel like alien concepts to creators who are more accustomed to book writing than book marketing strategies. In this piece, we have put together a guide to effective social media strategies for authors and best practices for book promotion on social media. Once you've learned how to leverage social media for book marketing and boost your author branding on social media, you'll be able to reach a new world of readers and build a new following.

The Importance of Social Media Book Marketing

In this modern world, social media is everywhere. Everybody you know probably has at least one social media account that they check regularly enough. Over the last 15 years, social media has just exploded and become this ever-present, almost omnipotent thing in our lives. It's not just people either; businesses have social media pages, as do things like movies, TV shows, and even some pets! There's not really any getting away from it these days. And if you want to market yourself and your brand as best you can, you need to be on it.

As an author, you've worked hard to write a masterpiece. You've probably spent a lot of time planning and going over drafts of your work; so, it's easy to forget about your author role and book promotion. It may feel like this isn't your area; you're a creator, not a marketing guru! But when it comes to getting as many eyes on your work as possible, it's vital to use effective social media book marketing strategies and work on your author branding across social media.

If you're not promoting your work and using effective social media strategies, then you are missing out on a massive number of readers who would be inspired and follow your work. By building your author branding on social media, your readers can form an intimate relationship with you and your book.

Scoial Media Book Marketing

Leveraging Social Media for Book Marketing

So, it is common that everybody uses social media, but not everybody uses it as well as they could. You want to make sure you are taking full advantage of your social media presence and creating an appealing author brand. Here are some effective social media strategies for authors you can use to maximize your author and book promotion.

Digestible Content

We always hear about how people these days have short attention spans and are constantly moving on to the next trend or story. In a way, that's what social media was built on: People constantly create content, people constantly consume that content, and it keeps going in a never-ending cycle. So it's important that you produce the right kind of content so it grabs people's attention.

You want your content to be digestible—something people can easily get their heads around. When it comes to book marketing strategies, focus on short, snappy content that your people can easily process and understand. Short videos and eye-catching pictures are particularly good for this because they give your customer something aesthetically pleasing to watch or look at without having to think too much.

Follow for Follow

If you're just getting started on social media or haven't used it much, your follower count is probably low. A great way to build your following is by getting in touch with other authors who write books in the same genre and category. You can make them aware of your author branding on social media and ask if the two of you can follow each other. This way, you are making connections and getting access to their fan base. This way, you are leveraging social media for book marketing because you will be able to promote yourself. By doing this, you can build your platform around like-minded fans of the topic you write about.

This leads to social media book marketing for your target audience.

Market to Your Target Audience

You probably hear people brag about how many followers they have, but before you get carried away with that figure, stop yourself and ask, "Who are they?" Unfortunately, a lot of followers on social media platforms are just bots; there's nothing we can do about that. However, an effective social media strategy for authors is targeting the people you actually want to read your book. There's no point in blindly posting to boost your follower account if those followers are not in your target audience. You need to market your author branding on social media towards your potential readers.

If you're a horror writer, you don't have to worry about what fans of romance novels think of your posts; they aren't the demographic you are aiming for. Your posts need to be related to what you are writing, and they need to be of interest to your readers.

Sure, you may get people outside your target market who go out of their way to comment on your posts to tell you they aren't interested, but those are just trolls to be ignored.

Crafting your content for the people who will pick up your best seller is a crucial part of social media book marketing.

Social Media Book Marketing

Know Your Platform

Not all social media platforms work the same way. Different platforms are better suited to different types of content, and a different type of audience. So it's important to know what to do and where to do it! Here are a few tips for social media book marketing on the different platforms:

  • Facebook is used by an older demographic. It is suited to text posts with pictures. You could create a page for your work as an author that your fans will like. Then, you can post regular status updates.
  • Instagram is used by a younger demographic than Facebook. It's great for posting images with captions.
  • TikTok is a newer platform that is popular with young people. This platform is for posting short videos.
  • LinkedIn is based on posting content related to professions and making connections to help you in your job. You could post about the business of author book promotion and book marketing strategies or just general writing advice.
  • X is the new name of Twitter. For this platform, you would post short pieces of text.
  • YouTube is the most popular website for sharing videos. You can post long or short videos and even podcasts about your work.

It's worth doing some work on your author branding on social media sites to adjust your content to work best with the platform.


Anyone who has a social media account will know that you are constantly getting recommendations for other content you might like. This is the way of the online world nowadays. After all, when you've finished watching something on a streaming service, don't they always recommend something else that's similar? It's all down to the algorithm.

Social media sites want to keep your eyes locked on them. Whatever platform you use, it wants you to keep scrolling through content and making your own. That's why social media accounts try to learn your behavior and find out what you like. They can keep promoting more items you'll like by doing this, which will keep you aware.

If you learn about the algorithm, you can start leveraging social media for book marketing. Use keywords in your author and book promotion, and look into when the opportune times to post are. By doing this, more people will see and interact with your posts.

One big thing to take away here is that your social media book marketing needs to revolve around you getting yourself and your book seen.


We can tie this into building a community of like-minded followers. Have a look at the kind of hashtags people who engage with your posts are using. You can use the same hashtags to reach more people. The benefit of hashtags is that they are keywords that enable people who don't already follow you to see your posts. It's common for hashtags to be abbreviations or informal, so look into which ones other authors in your area are using. You can do some research by searching for some key terms on a social media site and seeing what kinds of hashtags get thrown up.

Get Personal

Once you start accumulating followers, you can start to express yourself. Readers want to know the person behind the book and create an intimate relationship with the person they are following. Share parts of your writing journey and what inspired you to write your work. Let your readers know what challenges you faced. Remember, you may have some followers who are aspiring writers; they would love to hear your advice. Part of author and book promotion is showing your readers who you really are.

Appreciation Posts

People like to be thanked. Whenever you hit a follower milestone, post something about how you can't believe you've picked up so many new followers and tell them you appreciate them. It can even be a good idea to do a competition or a giveaway to reward your fans. You can leverage these posts in your favor by asking your followers to share your work and keep building your community.

Best Practices for Book Promotion on Social Media

Social media book marketing is a competitive area. For every author who posts something that gets thousands of likes, there are some people who can barely get any engagement to begin with. It's important to go about author and book promotion the right way. Here are six tips for leveraging social media for book marketing that you need to know:

Scoial Media Book MArketing

  1. Have a Marketing Strategy: Plan out an effective social media strategy for your author profiles. When and what will you post where? It's important that you know the answer to that question. Keep a calendar or a file on your computer where you can keep track of what you are going to post. This helps you avoid posting the same thing twice while also ensuring you don't forget. Some platforms will even let you schedule a post. Think about your author's branding on social media and how you want to come across it.
  2. Budget for Marketing: There are plenty of expenses when it comes to writing and publishing a book, and it's worth putting aside something for marketing. Spare some finances and some time to spend on author and book promotion. You've taken the time to write your book, so now it's time to make sure people can see it.
  3. Research: What are other authors doing? Take a look at the writers you follow and see how they are promoting their work. This goes back to finding the right hashtags and types of content to post on different platforms.
  4. Collaborate: One effective social media strategy for authors is to team up and work together. Get in touch with other authors to see if they'll share some of your stuff if you share theirs.
  5. Share Good Reviews: If you've gotten good feedback on what you've written, let people know! Post screenshots of good reviews that you've gotten. This can encourage others to give you more positive feedback and will get new readers to give your book a chance.

In Summary

When you are considering a book marketing strategy, you simply must be online and look into authors and books promotion through different social platforms. Social media book marketing is the modern way to reach waves of new readers and share your work. By leveraging social media for book marketing, you will see your next masterpiece become a bestseller!


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