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Smashing Through Writer's Block: The Secrets of Success

by The Urban Writers

Have you found that breaking down the barriers of your writer's block has become a constant struggle and a generally unsuccessful endeavor?

Overcome your writer's block easily with these few simple tricks that are guaranteed to increase your output and improve your value.

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Writer's Block: The Motivation Quotient

If you're reading up on how to break through your writer's block, chances are you're experiencing a major barrier right this instant.

Whether you're struggling to find motivation, or are feeling less than elated about pounding out the next few chapters of a book, our esteemed writers have assembled their most important tips to help you achieve your writing potential.

What Causes Writer's Block?

Writer's block is caused by a variety of issues that all have one thing in common—distraction. That's right. From the fly on the wall to the itch you can't scratch, your block is a direct result of your disinterest, distractions, and general dissatisfaction.

But you were born to be a writer, right?

It doesn't matter how many award-winning literary pieces you have floating through your mind. If you can't turn your mind-blowing thoughts into meaningful words, your career as a writer will be over before it's even begun.

So how do you get down to business and get your most important works committed to paper?

It's as easy as this.

How Do You Get Over Writer's Block?

Find and understand your motivation. It's that simple.

While you may not have the luxury of choosing your work from home writing topics, you can always add your unique style to any project. In fact, inserting your own style is what will make your writing stand out.

Make your writing shine by writing with personality. The more personality you add to an assignment, the more motivated you'll become. Instead of writing with a stereotypical tone or standard voice, insert a bit of your own flavor into the story and watch it come to life.

Writing web content for a landscaping company? Try adding some humor. Stuck creating a blog post about 15th Century English customs? Use present-day comparisons to add contrast, humor, and inspire new story arcs.

Be inventive with your writing style! If you're the writer and you're boring yourself, you probably won't be winning over any new fans. Take the time to decompress and write quality-fueled pieces.

Overcome Writer's Block With Food, Smell, and Fashion

The smallest changes can easily turn your procrastination into a perfect creation.

If you've done everything in your power to avoid your writing project, and you're still struggling to get typing, you might need to trick your brain into letting its guard down; at least long enough for you to get a few chapters in.

So, how are you supposed to trick your brain? By using your senses of course!

Your brain is hardwired with triggers, memories, and instincts that are all activated by your senses. From smells to sounds, your brain has a subconscious reaction to each unique experience it senses.

Is writer's block normal? Absolutely. Is tricking your brain into being productive a great idea? Of course.

When you're facing your biggest blocks, try out these ideas to trick your brain back into motivation mode.

Cure Writer's Block With Soul Food and Snacks

All five of your senses have the ability to stimulate your writing. You can maximize your writing productivity by capitalizing on their basic instincts.

Combat Your Block With Simple Scents

Smells are intrinsically linked to memory. When you need to relax your brain and get your mind ready to write, bolster your process with aromatherapy.

Think back to a time when you were extremely productive, relaxed, or energized to learn. Wherever you were, your brain has associated a smell with that memory.

Calm down your headspace before you write by lighting a candle that makes you feel great.

Or try dabbing essential oils on your clothes, or spray a spritz of a fragrance you don't typically use. Regardless of your sensibility, you'll be surprised to see how quickly your brain calms down once it gets a whiff of a soothing smell.

Tell Your Story: Write Away With Fashion

Whoever said that fashion doesn't matter was totally wrong. Fashion totally matters when it comes to your writing regime; just maybe not in the way you think.

We're not talking about style; we're talking about clothing and comfort.

Writers have a style all their own; comfy, cozy, and easy to wear for long periods.

When you've got a long writing road ahead of you, switch into your favorite sweats, slip on your ultra-soft socks, and curl up as you write. You'll be surprised at how appropriate writing attire all but eliminates writer's block.

Cure Writer's Block Before You Get It

Remember when you were a kid, how scary it was to count down the days until you had to go to the dentist?

Your writing is no exception.

Your brain automatically begins to panic as your deadline inches its way closer and closer towards you. While you can't cure writer's block, you can absolutely combat it.

Start tackling your brain's anxiety and hesitation before it even sets in.

From routine breaks to a hardcore exercise sesh before you get down to business, alleviating your writer's block symptoms is easy.

Check out our five fun tips to overcome your writer's block instantly.

How Do You Beat Writer's Block? Plan Ahead

Getting yourself in the mood to write can mean tackling some tricky tips.

From last-minute deadlines to long-term projects that don't seem to be going anywhere, our easy and basic strategies are guaranteed to foster your success.

Get writing ready by trying out these tried, tested, and proven to work writer's block strategies.

Try our writer's remedies out for yourself, and breathe new life back into your writing career.

Put Your Mind at Ease With These Simple Tasks

1. Embrace time management skills, and schedule all aspects of your writing life. From breaks to designated down-times, scheduling time for yourself will foster a better product.

Be an organizational ninja and draft your outline before you write. Try creating a writing outline for yourself before you begin to tackle the bones of your project.

As time-consuming and annoying as they can be, outlines will ensure that you're kept on track when it comes time to start your assignment. A little extra effort now can cut down on inefficacy later.

Stay on task, and simplify your writing lifestyle by setting out your story before you've even written it.

2. Make writing fun by tackling all the not-so-fun stuff in just one day, and get it out of the way before you write. Get all your research done ahead of time. Program records, test your titles, and tackle any other boring items that make you want to quit writing for good.

Once you've got all of the totally mind-numbing stuff out of the way, you'll be open and free to start enjoying writing again.

3. Write about what you feel! Just because chapters are numbered doesn't mean that you have to follow them sequentially. One of the best rules of writing is to never write anything from start to finish.

Instead, jump to a section that compliments your emotions at that moment and start writing that portion instead. Harness your moods to create truly memorable writing.

Forcing yourself to write something from start to finish will burn you out faster and stifle your creativity. Start jumping around when you write by focusing on multiple chapters and areas.

4. Schedule breaks directly into your writing schedule. Set an alarm and ensure that you take time to stretch, decompress, and enjoy some personal time before you get back to your project.

In as little as 15 minutes, your personal time will begin to revitalize your mind and help combat burnout and fatigue.

5. Go hard on the exercise before you pound out your next project portion.

From those trusty endorphins to alleviating anxiety, pushing yourself into a challenging workout can leave you feeling calm and collected when it finally comes time to write.

Overcome Writer's Block With a Distraction Subtraction

Get your mind on task and your words on point with one of our distraction subtractions. If you're in a less than ideal environment, focus on one major distraction that you can eliminate.

Whether you're dealing with loud talkers, troublesome visitors, blaring music, or the click and clack of your furnace, set out to correct one of them. By subtracting a distraction, you'll feel in control and empowered to write.

Three Easy Subtractions

1. Background Noise — Get rid of it now. Turn off TVs, power down your phone, and silence all non-essential items.

2. Work Alone — Get everyone out of your writing space. Even pets need to go. Eliminate your people and pet distractions by already having a backup space ready to go.

3. Don't Get Up Once You Sit Down — Try to foresee how you'll feel in a few hours. Don't let hunger and thirst monopolize your most valuable writing moments. Make yourself something ahead of time and keep lots of bevies on hand.

By keeping everything within arm’s reach, you'll ensure that you won't be pulled away from your work.

Write Your Success

However you choose to do it, curing your writer's block doesn't have to be impossible. Get yourself into a positive headspace by motivating your senses and subconscious to be creative while ditching the distractions.

Write your own ticket to success with the skills, savviness, and creativity that all naturally born authors need.


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