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Leveraging the Perfect AI-Powered Content!

by The Urban Writers

Exploring how AI is revolutionizing the Content Creation Industry.

The idea of artificial intelligence (AI) comes up in a lot of conversations. Now many don’t necessarily understand how it can be of benefit in our lives, resenting that it takes the humanness out of making decisions.

But what if we told you that using AI would allow you to create flawless content while retaining the “human touch?” Don't you believe us? Well, stick with us through this blog, and we are bound to change your mind!

Retain Human Touch In AI Content

All You Need to Know About AI Content Generation

The use of AI in content creation has been quite a hot topic, especially because many creators feel it is a very specialized skill that only tech-savvy people can master. We're here to tell you and demonstrate how false those claims are!

In movies made in the 1990s, AI was a topic that seemed rather farfetched. Now that it is within our grasp, it isn’t that we don’t want to use it; we just don’t know how. This is especially true for people who make content and want to use AI to make their work better.

Instead of just mentioning that AI is beneficial to creating your content, let’s give you some practical tidbits of advice on how the strategies AI-optimized content uses will make you stand out more than any other content creator in your field.

Always Use AI-Enhanced Writing for New Content Generation

Many of us have hit a slump when planning what content to create next. If you haven’t, you are probably not being completely honest! But that is a thing of the past when you use AI.

AI has the ability to harness idea generation in such a way that you create unique content that paves the way for other content creators to follow the trends that you have set. It is one of the simpler uses of AI but one that provides the greatest yield.

How AI does this is by analyzing the type of audience that your content reaches and developing new, innovative, and creative ideas and topics that you should focus on. Call it the hidden inspiration that you never knew you had!

There is a smorgasbord of different AI tools that will enable you to really harness the concept of “idea generation.” Think about using Persado and ChatGPT which will give you topics based on the parameters you set.

Automate repetitive tasks

The AI-Assisted Writing Processes

As a content creator, there are few things more tedious than needing to do your own proofreading, line editing, and making the next perfect outline. For freelancers, just imagine how the entire workflow would be streamlined if there were a tool to help with this!

Well, AI has filled this gap! Some AI tools, like Grammarly and Writer, can find mistakes in areas like grammar, syntax, and spelling that need to be fixed. It will even make sure that your content flows well and incorporates the perfect tenses, style, and tone!

Think of it as more than 1,000 eyes skimming through your work, looking for corrections. That is exactly how accurate and simple using AI tools to assist with your writing process is. If you want to tackle more search engine optimization (SEO) content, why not try SurferSEO?

Think of it this way: The more seamless your work, the greater your audience and visibility. What more could a content writer want? That, and more time to work on other projects instead of needing to spend hours and hours proofreading content!

Maximizing Visibility With AI-Enhanced Writing

To diversify your audience, you don’t need a team of linguists to painstakingly translate all of your content into different languages. AI gives you all the benefits of adding captions and subtitles in different languages and even converts your text into speech!

You see, making content that everyone enjoys and can access is difficult for a one-man team. Using AI is the ideal solution because it eliminates all of the extra salaries, coworker conflicts, and employee sourcing that you would have had to do! 

  • One of the best ways to maximize visibility is to have your content available in a multitude of different languages. As you may have already thought, there is an AI tool for that! Take a look at DeepL, the most accurate language translator to date.
  • Need some captioning or an audio description? Using Veed.io for the former and automatic sync technologies (AST) for the latter will boost your content further than you ever could have imagined!
  • AI can even go further than simple text-to-speech and establish image recognition! This provides alternative descriptions of text, allowing people who can’t necessarily see the image to understand exactly what you have created!
  • Have you ever written an essay that sounded like it was 90% fluff? Well, some AI tools have text simplification techniques that will suggest alternative descriptors to make your content easier to understand! These tools can even simplify your content! Interested? Hit up Rewordify and check it out!

Drastically Enhance Your Audio and Video Content Creation

As content creators, especially those who are just starting out, there is little to no extra money to go around. Yes, many content creators begin their careers broke. There are even those creators who just aren’t design-inclined, and that is completely okay!

With that being said, AI can help you create different types of visual content, including pictures and videos! A few examples of AI tools that will automatically broaden your viewership are Deep Dream, Lumen5, and Dall-E!

These tools will help you create content that is appealing, effectively conveys your content’s intentions, and is as unique as content can be! Many creators use a combination of tools to bring about their final product.

For example, you may find that Deep Drem creates the perfect abstract social media posts. You will then harness this data and place the posts or images through Lumen5 to create a promotional video. This process, with enough practice, can literally take you just minutes!

But What About the Human Element?

Even though it might seem like the goal of putting AI into content creation is to get rid of all human involvement, that is not the case at all. You see, the best AI tools are used to augment your already-created work, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of not just your content but everyone in the industry.

For instance, some AI fact-checking can only work well if you give it both the content you've already written and the resources you used to write it. It isn’t aimed at replacing your skills, talents, and hours spent honing your skills.

All AI is programmed to do is fill in for the skills you have yet to acquire! Think of it as moving your grade from an A to an A+! AI copywriting and AI writing assistance tools will show you what your capabilities are. It is all about how you frame your mindset to think about AI!

AI is optimizing workflows so that heavy caseloads can be handled with much more ease. This decreases your stress levels, provides a healthy and supportive mental health environment, and ultimately lets you find joy in the work that you are doing!

AI will even provide a level of “humanness” that you, as an employer, cannot provide. This isn’t because you don’t want to, but more because you have too many employees to pay attention to! 

Why do we say this?

Well, this is because AI even matches injured workers with healthcare workers that will best fit their occupational history, severity of injuries, and even their medical history! This is how the humanizing effect of AI can be used to make sure that technology doesn't make us less human.

All the Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Simulating human reasoning is the function of AI. However, can you believe that this term has been around since the 1950s? As coined by John McCarthy, you can revolutionize not only your personal life but even the way your professional life operates.

AI-assisted writing will reduce the extent to which human error impacts the quality of anything you create. The AI tool will use all of your previously written content to identify which errors are made most commonly and keep its digital eyes out for all those types of errors.

AI tools are also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week! This is much better than having employees available for work for only four to six hours per week. This even allows you to work whenever you want to, even if it is at 2 a.m.

The use of AI can even help you negate certain risks and, in some cases, completely prevent massive disasters. Some AI tools can run simulations to see whether your project will explode or not. It seems a bit drastic, but not putting people’s lives at risk seems like a perfect aim for any business!

Finally, AI maximizes the extent of productivity that you can determine! Rather than forgetting what to buy at the store, use Apple's Siri or Google's Ok Google to help you write lists, make phone calls, and respond to emails while on the go to save time!

After all, content creators lead very busy lives! Wouldn’t you want a few extra hours to enjoy your life, go to the gym, or work on that passion project? This is exactly what using AI can get you—a new and improved lifestyle!

In Summary

The fear of using AI has been masked behind the facade that it wants to remove every human element from any decision. When, in fact, AI creates flawless content and reminds us to go beyond what we thought we were capable of.

AI will make your life easier, give you time to focus on your own mental health, and even give you the opportunity to step away from work while an automatic process runs in the background. Breaks, spending more time with family, all while cultivating content with a greater audience reach, is what AI is really about!

As a content creator, you need to learn to pivot. Exploring AI will let you do that.


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