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How To Pick a Ghostwriter to Write a Series of eBooks

by The Urban Writers

Do you want to publish a series of books but don't have the time to write them? Perhaps you have great ideas, but you're not confident in your writing skills? If so, working with a ghostwriter to create your book series might be a great idea. This article will review the reasons why a book series is a more demanding project than writing a single book. It will also give you some ideas to find the best expert for your book series, and plan your project so that it runs successfully.


Should You Choose Ghostwriting for Your Book Series?

Should you hire a ghostwriter for your book series? There are many reasons for you to hand over the demanding work of creating a series of books to a ghostwriter. First and foremost, a book series is a difficult concept. It involves creating multiple books that are based on the same idea or the same premise. If you don't have the time or the skill to work on your books, it could take a lot of time to get a successful series published.

A good ghostwriter can help you get your books published within a reasonable amount of time. Aside from that, they can make sure that your books align well with one another and with your general concept.

There are plenty of reasons why you should hire a ghostwriter to write your eBook series:


If you choose to write a book series on your own, it will take a lot of time. Each book might take you up to several months to write. It will take additional time to have the book edited and subsequently published. A ghostwriter's main job is to write, so they will devote their entire workday solely to do your project.


When it comes to the cost of writing a series of books, it is not free, even if you do it on your own. Writing a book by yourself may not require paying a writer; however, it will cost you in time. You will have to either sacrifice your free time or take time away from your work to write. Compared to that, ghostwriting an eBook series can be cost-effective.

You can streamline your ideas, create a concept, gather all source materials, and turn everything over to an expert. This way, the quality book series is being created for you without having to take the time of your day.


When a ghostwriter, or multiple ghostwriters devote their time to writing your book, their sole focus is on the depth of research and the quality of the content. They will make sure that your content is well-researched and presented in a way that will be the most appealing to your audience.

How is Ghostwriting a Kindle eBook Series Different?

Writing a series of books and publishing them is different than writing a single book. With a single book, the writer's supply of creativity and innovation can serve for that single manuscript. A book series requires the mental capacity to stretch across multiple copies. It takes a lot more devotion, creativity, and consistency in writing. Here are the following reasons why it would be better for you to have a ghostwriter write your series of books:


When multiple books are based on the same topic and revolve around the same/similar concept, the content can easily end up being repetitive. If you choose to work on a series of books on your own, a lot of time can pass between publishing them. You might lose the common thread that ties the books together. You might forget some of your ideas or give up on them due to the lack of time.

When a ghostwriter works on a series of books, they will employ all of their creativity to find an authentic approach to each individual part. They will focus on finding unique and original ways to craft unique, interesting parts within the same concept. The end result will be a series of books in which each part offers something special to your reader. Each part will be authentic but will fit the general concept.


A book series consistency in style and tone to maintain an impression of the same author. You may not have the subtle writing skills to attune different parts to one another, regardless of your expertise. A good ghostwriter will be mindful of the necessity to use the same style and tone of voice while providing variety of content or originality.


As already mentioned, a tricky issue with a series of books can be achieving originality within the same concept. One thing you want to avoid is having repetitive content across the multiple books. If you write the books on your own, you can lose touch of the things that you already said. This can happen because of a busy schedule, when you don't have enough time to cross-compare books. With a full-time writing job, your ghostwriter will compare the books. They will ensure that they are consistent in concept, style and tone, and that each of the parts offer unique, informative content. The ghostwriter will make sure that there are no repetitive passages or sentences across multiple books.

As a result, your reader won't feel like they are paying to read content that’s been published. They will feel that each of your books was worth their time and money.


Writing, editing, and publishing a series of books can be very demanding in terms of schedule. If done on your own schedule, delays are possible and very likely. On the other hand, writing books on a schedule is the ghostwriter's main job. They are skilled and experienced in evaluating the time they need to complete a book. For this reason, they will be time-efficient and capable of balancing the time required for quality work with your schedule and budget.

How to Pick a Ghostwriter for Your Book Series?

Now that you know what it takes to write a successful book series, you understand that leaving the work to the experts is your best option. You can rely on our professional team of writers and editors to deliver the top-quality eBook ghostwriting and editing. If you want to know more about Kindle eBook ghostwriting, here are some tips to find the best ghostwriter.

Test Their Knowledge

You want your ghostwriter to have thorough knowledge on the topic so that they can do the research and write an abundance of material.

You want to make sure that the writer will keep their inspiration and creativity in the long run. For these purposes, test their skills to present similar concepts in different ways. Check to see if they are able to evaluate the individual differences in the requirements of each book and how each part fits the overall concept.

Check Their Niche Expertise

When deciding which ghostwriter you’ll trust with the full series of books, you want them to be capable and knowledgeable in your niche. You don't want the same errors repeated across the entire series. You also don’t want the writer’s inspiration to run out, which can happen if they don’t know enough about the industry.

Ask the Right Questions

You want to make sure your ghostwriter understands your project and your requirements well. There are many things you need to define with your ghostwriter for a successful project, such as:

  • the general topic
  • the individual subtopics
  • the content volume of each book in a series
  • the general idea that ties the series together
  • the specific topics that each book will cover
  • the course of writing
  • the length of the project
  • the matter of payment

Question the ghostwriter regarding all relevant issues, and choose the one who understands your idea best.


In this article, you learned that writing a book series isn't anything like writing individual books. A series of books will take much more work and creativity. First and foremost, it will require careful conceptualizing so that each part of the series plays an essential role in the big picture. Next, a quality series of books need a writer who has plenty of passion and creativity to research and craft the authentic content while staying true to the source idea. Last but not least, a quality book series is best done on a steady schedule. It will take additional work to ensure originality across the individual books.

You may not have the capacity to do this work on your schedule. However, a full-time ghostwriter is a skilled expert in making sure that all parts of your book work well with one another.

Still, not all writers are the same. When hiring a ghostwriter for your book series, you want to make sure that they have a deep understanding of the topic. You also want to make sure that your ghostwriter has enough creativity and motivation to last through the entire series. To make sure that your ghostwriter has the desired traits, question them about the relevant aspects of the series. The writer who understands both the general idea and how each of the parts fit into that concept is the right writer for you. Ultimately, your writer should be mindful and understanding of the reader, having a clear image of what the reader needs to gain from the book.



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