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How To Find Distribution Platforms As A Self-Publisher

by The Urban Writers

How To Find Distribution Platforms As A Self-Publisher

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You’ve written and produced an ebook you’re proud of, but you have no idea how to distribute it. Finding the right distribution platforms as a self-publisher is so important, as the distribution process determines how well your book does.

You need to consider so many factors during the distribution process, such as who your target audience is and how best to reach them. You also want to consider which distribution platforms are best for your needs. In this article, you’ll learn a bit more about how to distribute your ebook by using the best distribution platforms for you!

The Importance of a Suitable Distribution Platform 

You can write the best book ever seen, but you won’t get the sales you want without proper distribution. Although there are many credible and useful distribution platforms out there, you need to find an option that’s most suitable for your ebook.

Benefits of a Good Distribution Platform

You may be thinking that all distribution platforms are similar and serve the same purpose. While this is true to a certain extent, there are some major differences between distribution platforms. Each one of them can provide you with different distribution results for your book.

This makes it so important to find a self-publishing platform that aligns with your distribution goals. You want to get the most from the platform that you choose, and these are a few benefits you can experience from using the right distribution platform for you:

  • Reaching the right target audience. A good distribution platform can get your book out there to the right target audience. You want to use a publishing platform that connects you to an audience that’s suitable for your ebook. From this, you’ll notice more sales and interest in your book.
  • More cost-effective. A great benefit of using a distribution channel as a self-publisher is that it’s more cost-effective. Self-publishing platforms have very reasonable prices, compared to big publishing companies. Most distribution platforms will be cost-effective, but you should choose one that aligns with your budget and goals.
  • Makes the book creation process less stressful. It can be overwhelming as a self-publisher. You have so much to stay on top of at once, so when you get a reliable distributor it takes one thing off your list. You can rely on a professional to distribute your book effectively.
  • Get accurate statistics. When you are releasing a book, statistics are crucial, as this updates you on how successful your book is. If you’re using a good distribution company, they’ll provide you with a detailed analysis of your stats and sales. This will help you know how well your book is selling and where improvement is needed.
  • No gatekeeper. Another great benefit of self-publishing, as opposed to traditional publishing, is that you don’t have to worry about limitations and experiencing gatekeeping. Anyone can self-publish a book and no one will get in the way of your book being published. 

Examples of Self-Publishing Platforms 


You may be struggling to find all the different distribution platforms that are out there. There are many self-publishing companies that you can look into. Although they are all great options, you should do your research to determine whether the platform is right for you or not. The largest platforms include:

  • Kindle Direct Publishing, which is owned by Amazon. 
  • iBook, a publishing platform owned by the iStore.
  • Kobo is a popular platform that accounts for about 2% of ebook sales.
  • Smashwords is a book aggregator that distributes to platforms like Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and iBook.

Submission Guidelines for Self-Publishers

Publishers usually follow a set of guidelines before they submit their manuscripts. There are also guidelines for self-publishers that need to be kept in consideration. To have a successful distribution process you should keep the following guidelines in mind before submission.

Hire An Editor for Your Book

As the writer of your book, you may miss out on mistakes that you’ve made throughout your book. This makes it useful to hire a third party who can neaten up your work. It’s also useful to have a fresh set of eyes editing and reviewing your book. They can provide you with notes and tips that can help you to improve your book and your writing holistically.

Hire A Designer for Your Book Cover

You probably have less experience with designing as a writer. If that’s the case, you can hire a freelance graphic designer who can create a great book cover. An attractive book cover is so important, as it’s the first impression potential readers get. You want a professional to design something that sells your book well. 

Choosing Your Distribution Platform


We’ve discussed different distribution platforms you can look into, as well as why it’s so important to choose the best channel for you. Let’s look into how you can go about making the right decision. When choosing a suitable self-publishing platform, consider the following:

  • Your end goal. The first thing you should consider when making this decision is what your end goal is for self-publishing. Do you want to create buzz and attraction for a series you’re writing, or do you want your non-fiction book to create awareness? This helps you to choose a platform that can achieve this goal.
  • Your budget. How much you’re willing to pay for distribution is a big factor when choosing a distribution channel. You want to choose a platform that suits your budget and provides you with good quality services.
  • What you need. If you need technical skills or extra help from your distributor, you need to factor that into your decision-making. It’s important to find a platform that will satisfy all of your publishing needs.
  • The distributor’s reviews. Lastly, you can go through reviews of the distributor’s company. Seeing other people’s experiences with a distribution platform helps you to determine if they’re worth your money. You can see the results other customers have gotten from that distribution company.

Tips For Successful Ebook Distribution 

distribution platforms

Self-publishing has become relatively easy and accessible to most people. But there are still some tips you can follow that would lead you to success and more sales. These are a few things you should consider when you’re distributing your ebook. 

Do Your Research

There are so many distribution options available to you, so it’s important to know them all. You want to avoid choosing the first option that feels convenient, as you may find further along the line that it doesn’t provide you with the results you’d like. 

When you do your research, you should write a pros and cons list to help you narrow down your options. Your research should provide you with answers that make you aware of what’s best for you and your book. 

Use Your Own Website

Many self-publishers look for third parties to help them distribute their books, but you can use your own website. Creating a website as an independent self-publisher has many benefits, especially if you have the time to work on marketing it.

Firstly, it’s cost-efficient, as all you need to pay for is the domain and hosting of your website. It’s an affordable way to market and promote your books, as you can do your own marketing. However, it does take time and energy to make a website effective for distributing your book.

One way to promote your book through your website is by starting a blog. Blogs can help you to reach a wider audience, as you can create great content marketing. For example, you can write SEO articles that represent the content of your book. So when people search for anything related to your book, your website pops up.

Consider Your Competition

When you’re publishing a book, you’ll always have competition. This contributes to the sales and distribution of your book, so you need to find a way to stand out from your competition. Keep this in mind while researching, as it can help you find a distribution company that aligns with your goals.

While looking for a distribution channel, you must consider your competition. Although it’s good to find a self-publishing platform that distributes similar work to a suitable target audience, you also want to avoid a highly saturated platform.

For example, if you’re selling a romance novel about betrayal, you don’t want to use a platform that sells a large variety of similar books. This will decrease your chances of being the first pick for potential customers interested in romance novels.


After writing your book, the work is not over yet. You still need to distribute and promote your book so you get those sales up! Using the right distribution platform is the key to finding success; it’ll get your ebook out there effectively and professionally. Remember to choose a platform that aligns with you as an author.


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