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How Long Does It Take to Ghostwrite A Book

by The Urban Writers

Ghostwriting a book is a multi-step process. One may not think that apart from research and writing, there are any other steps involved in it. However, the reality is that the ghostwriting process typically has a checklist.

It begins with the customer (you) providing an idea of what you would like the book to be about. At this point, the writer receives a type of ‘blueprint.’ You can be as descriptive as possible or simply provide a topic that you have in mind. By doing so, you can keep the overall content as close to your vision as possible. On the other hand, by being less descriptive, you are giving the ghostwriter the freedom to bring the book closer to the vision created. Either way, the foundations for the book are laid by no one but you.

As such, you have a lot more processes to deal with. So, let us look at some of them to understand how much time it takes to write a book.



Ghostwriter Researches for the Book

When conducting research, there are various components that ghostwriters have to keep in mind. Firstly, they have to see if they were given an outline, which is simply a chapter or an overall breakdown of the content. It allows the ghostwriter to see how they should distribute the ideas throughout the book.

If no outline has been provided, then they will have to research the outline for the book. This means delving into the subject in detail and discovering all the relevant topics to cover. The ghostwriter can take inspiration from other books as well in order to discover a structure for the book that he or she is working on.

The second part of the research process is all about getting as much information as possible on the contents of the book. It is an important part of the writing process. The more data the ghostwriter has, the more informative and engaging the content will be. However, the writer has to beware that getting too much information can also overwhelm the entire ghostwriting process. The topic should dictate just how much information is required.

The final part has to be about how the ghostwriter will put the content together. You can think of this as the style of writing or the overall persona of the book.

Should the ghostwriter use casual language and add a bit of humor? Should the content be serious and devoid of a lighthearted tone of voice? Does the content require a degree of edginess to it? Shock value? Biography-style? Each style will dictate how the ghostwriter will approach the book. But you might wonder, “Is research really needed for this purpose?” It is, considering the writer can get inspired by reading books that have covered the same topic. It will allow them to visualize what the reader can expect from the book that they are making.

Ghostwriters Write A Book

This is the main part of the book writing process. The amount of time required by the ghostwriter depends on the degree of complexity of the book. For some ghostwriters, more time is needed to complete a very technical book that involves precise instructions. Others might not require a lot of time as they might be writing a self-help book, which focuses more on the ability of the author to articulate advice properly, concisely, and clearly rather than look at a specific code or number sequence.

When you are working with experienced ghostwriters (such as the ones here at The Urban Writers), their goal is to provide a quick turnaround. However, the speed of their writing process depends on the type of content as well.

Additionally, the ghostwriters have to make sure that they are using their creativity and writing skills to the best of their capabilities while keeping it within the constraints of the author’s requirements. This is another challenge that they will face quite often.

Ghostwriter Checks for Plagiarism

This is an essential component of the writing process. Apart from including copious amounts of creativity and writing skills to create the book, the ghostwriting process should be original. It does not matter where the ghostwriter collects the information from or how he or she derives inspiration; what is important is that, in the end, the output remains original.

To ensure that the work does not have copied phrases, texts, or even ideas from other books, the ghostwriter should typically perform a plagiarism check.

In many cases, the ghostwriter might not have intended to create content that is similar to another piece. But because there are so many various content available online and in books that are already published, chances are that you may find similarities somewhere. In such cases, ghostwriters often go back and rewrite the text to increase its novelty.

Intentional or not, a plagiarism check is useful to keep the work fresh, authentic, and original.

The Book Goes Through an Editing Process

Once the book has been written, it has to go through an editing process. Many people think that having a separate editor is redundant since the ghostwriter can edit the book on their own. However, the reality is that editors can bring a new perspective to it.

During the ghostwriting process, it is the editor’s job to refine the content further and enhance its quality. An editor will be able to uncover inconsistencies in the flow of ideas or direct the attention of the ghostwriter towards unnecessary pieces of content. He or she can also check spelling and grammar errors, typos, references, as well as if the book has met your requirements.

But one of the strongest suits of having an editor is that they can perform all of the aforementioned tasks in a way that also manages to keep the author’s voice intact. It is a difficult line to balance on, but good editors make it seem like a walk in the park. Additionally, a good one is capable of filtering through the content and ensuring that it is presented in a clear and understandable manner.

The whole editing process requires a completely different skill set than writing. That is why it becomes a vital part of content creation. Editors bring their own experience, viewpoints, and skills to the table, ensuring that the quality of the book does not miss its mark.

The Book Is Checked for Repetitive Content

Another important task of the editor is to make sure that the content does not seem too redundant or repetitive. From the ghostwriter’s perspective, the content always seems original because he or she is so engrossed with the writing process. However, they do not notice if they have created similar content earlier in the book. This is not an indication that the particular ghostwriter’s skills are poor. On the contrary, it shows just how interested and involved the ghostwriter is, which is what you should expect from one in the first place.

Ghostwriters Follow Editors’ Recommendations and Final Edits

Once the editor has completed working on the book, he or she will inform the ghostwriter about the sections that require revision. The writer will then add or improve the content and resubmit the book for another round of edits.

When the book goes through multiple rounds of editing and writing, the author can feel comforted with the fact that his or her book is receiving the best attention and work. It is important for the ghostwriting process to not be rushed in any way.

Final Thoughts

If you have been coming across books written by famous politicians, then there’s a high chance that they have been ghostwritten. For example, The Art of the Deal was a book published by President Donald Trump, but it was not written by him. Rather, the work was completed by a ghostwriter named Tony Schwartz. Of course, one would not have known that the book was actually written by a ghostwriter, but Trump had apparently allowed Schwartz to put his name in the credits.

The entire process of writing a book for a public figure like President Donald Trump took months. There were numerous interviews, researches, drafts, templates, and other processes involved. But one thing is clear: ghostwriting is not just about writing. There are so many important elements connected to it other than the writing part itself.

Here at The Urban Writers, despite the steps involved, the ghostwriters and editors make sure that books don’t take months to complete. They aim to complete the book and return it in a matter of days. But then again, that depends on the total word count, the complexity of the subject, research involved, and other factors. However, one thing is for certain: while other ghostwriters usually think of the work in terms of months, the ones you will find at The Urban Writers can do it in terms of days.

In the end, get in touch with the agency or ghostwriter, find out how long it might take to get your book and see what works for you best.


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