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An Inspired Genre: How Helping Others Can Help Your Self-Publishing Business

by The Urban Writers

Did you know that the self-improvement industry is booming? Did you know that Millennials spend hundreds of millions of dollars on self-improvement each month?

That's right! Not only millennials but other generations as well spend generously on well-being, fitness, and life coaching! Moreover, books on self-help sell up to 20% more each year! What does this mean for a self-publisher?

Whether you run a company or you're a one-man-band, a book on self-help or success is the best way to crown your career, drive book sales, and gain profit.

Why is self-help literature so popular? This article will show you why spirituality and religion, aside from inspiration books, are so appealing to readers.

Spirituality and Religion Hype: Why Are Inspirational Self-Help Books So Profitable?

The modern culture is chaotic. People of the Western Hemisphere live more privileged lives than ever, yet lifestyle-related illnesses, depression, and anxiety are a pandemic.

Your readers feel lost, so they are searching for meaning and tools to improve their life. But, why would people need these tools, you ask? Here are a couple of reasons why inspirational and self-help books are so popular and profitable:

#1: Moral Confusion

With the freedom to live lives as they choose, people are increasingly lost when it comes to following a certain set of moral values. These values create a sense of security and pleasure with oneself. A person is deemed to feel good and right if they’re adhering to certain moral values.

But, what happens when value systems transform and change the way they do in the 21st century? The world is becoming more open-minded, but people are still raised with values that contradict modern views and even laws.

For many, even accepting the idea of inclusivity and diversity is scary because, deep down, they believe in different things. Traditional values are proclaimed old-fashioned, primitive even, while the modern open-mindedness leaves people not knowing how to value the behaviors and actions of others.

Needless to say, such confusion leads to feeling out of place, feeling like we don’t belong, or feeling threatened by what we perceive to be morally wrong. People look for a new moral compass, as their old one seems to point to the wrong north.

#2: Identity and Self-Esteem Crisis

With an option to be whoever they wish to be, many fail to build a sense of an identity. Now that we’re left with the freedom to be whoever we want to be, how can one know who they truly are?

Self-help books help people reach deep within and understand the unique, valuable traits. Self-help literature helps reveal the inner self, and for its owner, it's the start of a long journey toward self-actualization and finding happiness in life.

#3: Ambition, Stress, and Feeling Overwhelmed

Since the late 20th century, people are increasingly free to be who they want to be. This means that they can easily move through social circles, get rich, get better looking, or win the affections of the others.

However, people can also go bankrupt within days, get sick with no options for healthcare, get rejected, or left to fend for themselves in hardship. The safety and steadiness of traditional relationships has been replaced with instability and uncertainty in the world where everyone chooses their own path.

In such circumstances, people are chronically stressed out and overwhelmed. They’re always pursuing security, as their communities no longer guarantee it. They’re constantly wanting better themselves to stay worthy of the love and devotion from others.

Because of this, people turn to literature to find ways to get security and acceptance they’re looking for.

Why Should You Publish Inspirational and Self-Help Books?

Did you know that self-help publications alone make over a billion-and-a-half dollars yearly? Did you know that the market for religious, inspirational, and spiritual books grows by 10% yearly?

Self-help is one of the fastest-growing modern industries. Many companies and business owners even include self-help books as a part of their marketing campaigns and to advertise their classes, courses, and consulting services. Here’s how your brand benefits from publishing a self-help book:

Benefits of Publishing in the Religious Genre

Helping people enrich their faith isn’t only a noble goal. It's also quite profitable, with hundreds of millions of religious books being sold yearly. When publishing in the religious genre, you can take two different routes: academic and “mixed” religious books.

Academic religious scholar publishing has a certain level of authority, while the so-called mixed religious literature adds elements of personal growth and self-improvement to the topic.

But, why are people so excited about these books?

Religious principles and beliefs can be interpreted in multiple ways, and religious readers are always looking to find answers to difficult questions. When talking to their religious representative or adviser doesn’t satisfy curiosity, they need extra help from literature.

Benefits of Publishing in the Inspirational Genre

People are always looking for inspiration. With uniqueness and authenticity being some of the most prominent modern values, people can sometimes feel as if they’re not doing well if their work or life isn’t special enough.

People are looking for inspiration to exercise, learn, work, and even decorate their homes. Inspirational autobiographies and biographies are among the most popular books, as readers are looking for a role model to follow in their daily life.

The inspirational genre is mainly goal-oriented, meaning that it shows people how to fulfill personal goals by presenting them with likeable role models. Those who are looking to better their lifestyle, help, and relationships then use another person’s principles and experiences to better their own lives.

Benefits of Publishing in the Spirituality Genre

Spirituality revolves around mindfulness and self-awareness, all proven to help people overcome life’s hurdles and recover from physical and mental illnesses. With so much to do and so many choices, people can get stuck and not know what to do next.

In such a state of mind, spiritual literature helps them look inside, and define their thoughts, feelings, actions, intentions, and personal traits. Spirituality literature also celebrates life, nature, and connections among people. Readers sometimes need a gentle reminder that pursuing exterior goals itself won’t make them happy.

Practicing spirituality, within or outside the religious frame, is a way for readers to return to core connections and feel satisfied with what they have in the present day as they pursue future goals.

Self-Help Publishing Tips

Tip #1: Inspiration Is Key!

Whether religious, spiritual, or inspirational, self-help books give people a hormonal boost. Simply reading these books makes them feel like they’re doing something to improve their life, which is why they’re constantly on the lookout for a new, great, title.

However, to spark interest in your title, you must find a way to inspire your readers. Overcoming obstacles, finding success against all odds, or finding happiness and spiritual peace are common stories that inspire readers. Still, they need a likeable face and a personal voice to trust those stories, which is something to keep in mind.

Tip #2: Useful and Actionable Steps

Self-help is all about learning what to do to overcome the current state and achieve the desired goal. Regardless of your genre, your book must offer steps and methods for completing a goal it promises.

A successful self-help book always gives directions and contains checklists, steps, and even tests and forms that help people stay on track of their improvement.

Tip #3: Offer Proof

Remember, the success of a self-help book depends on whether or not readers find it believable. Before taking any advice you give them, your readers will want to make sure that your claims have any merit.

People will need verifiable proof in order to believe the claims that are stated in your book. These claims can be backed by studies, research, or testimonials. Either way, make sure to provide proof that your book will help readers succeed in finding the help that they’re looking for.


The self-help genre is growing in popularity year after year. A person's desire to improve their circumstances and find inner happiness is further fueled by increased challenges that modern life poses upon a person.

This simple concept created an industry that makes over $13 billion yearly, with a tendency to grow. However, for you to profit in this niche, you’ll need great writing, a genuine, a proof-based approach, and an inspirational tone to reel readers in.

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