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How AI Can Improve Your Content: The Ultimate Assistant

by The Urban Writers

How AI Can Improve Your Writing: The Ultimate Assistant

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the field of computer science that's all about getting machines to do things that we humans typically do with our brains. AI uses algorithms and data models to teach those machines to make predictions based on the data provided - it’s like teaching computers to think and learn like us, but without all the grumbling and procrastination.

Think virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, image recognition software like your phone's lock-screen, self-driving cars, and recommendation systems used by streaming services - Netflix knows what you like and recommends similar shows, all based on the data you provided.

All you need to know about AI writing assistants

AI is a rapidly evolving field with the growing potential to significantly change our future. From robots that can assemble complex machinery to systems that can perfectly predict your future health concerns - or in my case, the perfect cozy-by-the-fire read (who needs the hassle of reading the blurb of twenty novels before picking one at random if AI can tell me exactly what I would enjoy?).

As we start to traverse the new world of artificial intelligence (AI), we begin to understand how it can be used to our advantage. This is true in all areas of life, but especially if you're a writer.

What AI has done for us as writers is simplify tasks that we first struggled with.

AI has impacted the lives of so many, and we are going to show you exactly how it can act as your next perfect writing assistant! Stick with us to have your entire workflow augmented beyond your wildest dreams.

AI how toInnovative Ways to Utilize an AI Writing Generator for Better Writing

The question that plagues most of the minds of anyone within the freelancing realm is, “Will AI replace writers?” The short answer is no. The reason for this is that they simply cannot. Here is why!

As soon as you start to fully automate content, you remove the humanness that many content creators include in their writing. As you read more, you start to latch onto one author’s style of writing. With AI, that is hard to replicate perfectly, even if you train it.

This is why we refer to AI as your next writing assistant and not the next author of your novel. An AI content generator can write your content, but ultimately, it is your editing, proofreading, and individual flair that round off your next bestseller. The bare bones are there, but it is the writer who breathes life into it.

The question that everyone should be asking is, “How can I harness the potential of an AI writing generator to skyrocket the quality of my writing?”

Clarifying Vague Ideas

When you decide to start your next novel, you will find yourself with an endless list of thoughts and questions, all the while trying to put them to paper. This can be a major source of frustration for writers, leading to the abandonment of their project in some cases.

With the use of AI, you are able to write down snapshots of your thoughts and ideas and expand those ideas. You don’t need to flesh out everything; just the key concepts are enough. 

With a base idea and an AI writing assistant you can generate story beats, characters, and even a twist or two. With your own skill in turning plain words into well-crafted paragraphs and AI offering a soundboard to bounce off of, you are given the opportunity to grow your abilities.

You can now edit, add your personal touch, and even switch things around so that you are happy with it. After all, you are the brains of the outfit and AI your superhuman side-kick.

Suggesting Changes in the Point of View (POV)

One of the classic ways that writers keep a story interesting is by changing a character’s POV throughout the story. For beginner writers, this can be a major roadblock.

POV changes are important for a plot’s progression and are basically the angle from which you are telling the story. Most of the time, writers will let characters see the same part of the story from different points of view to generate interest and tension.

But if you don’t know how to use POV correctly, or change to another one, then you are setting yourself up for a rather bland story. Luckily, by using an AI writing assistant, you can have POVs curated specifically for your plot. The resultant POV changes might not necessarily be the ones that you would expect. However, it may just spark a new viewpoint that you previously would never have thought of. 

How to get AI to help you

Perfecting Your Book’s Structure

Most AI content writing tools will be able to assist you with your book’s structure. More often than not, we either add too little or too much before the plot reaches its climax. The effect is either a conclusion that is reached too quickly or a story that is dragged out much too slowly.

Reading a book where the path to the conclusion is rushed makes the reader feel that the writer was way too eager to finish the book. The contrast shows the reader that there was just poor planning on the writer’s side. You want to ensure this doesn’t happen, and AI can help you with that!

How AI does this is by digesting all of the information you have provided. Include your introduction, plot, and conclusion to give the AI as much data as possible to work with. It then outputs how many chapters, based on your expected word count, should be included from the beginning until the end.

This provides you with a near-perfect structure where you can insert all your events in a timeline that is well structured, has the perfect amount of tension and suspense, and ensures the reader is never left unhappy.

Enhance Your Storytelling Through AI

It does not matter if you are planning on writing the first draft of your first novel or if you have published more than 100 books; you need to be a master at storytelling.

Storytelling is what enables you to grip your audience. It makes the reader believe, or doubt, a character’s convictions, what their true intentions are, and ultimately where they fit in within the context of the overall story.

If you lack storytelling skills, your story will most likely not be as well received. A novel fails to sell not because the story is bad. It is because the nuances and technicalities of storytelling have not been adhered to.

So, how does AI help you become the perfect storyteller? Well, to do this, you need to first understand what it takes to be the perfect storyteller:

  • A deeper insight regarding the audience you are tailoring your novel toward.
  • A way to produce content that is exciting, gripping, and nail-biting.
  • Placing everything together in a way that makes sense but provides the reader with enough breathing room to digest how the plot is progressing.

How can AI assist in these three domains? Stick around and prepare to have your entire view of storytelling enhanced!

Using AI to Understand Your Audience

AI isn’t going to be your audience. The sooner you get this idea, the sooner you'll realize that AI can't take the place of writers or readers.

This will most likely be the most time-consuming part of the novel-writing process. It is going to start by asking the public—your audience—what they want to see and read.

What you then do is take those responses and feed them into an AI writing tool. How you interact and input data will determine how the AI responds. Be creative. Did you know you can ask certain bots to create data tables for you?

This provides a perfect foundation for you to create a novel that is exactly what your audience wants.

Crafting the Perfect Narrative

The perfect story has a smooth structure, an interesting tone, and a style of writing that keeps you interested from the beginning to the end. It also has no grammatical mistakes.

As we spoke about taking bits from each of the different options that AI provides you with, the tool can also place them in the perfect order for ease of reading (keep in mind that AI can still make mistakes). By reading through everything, editing, and adding your own personal touch, your narrative becomes your own perfect masterpiece with a touch of AI assistance to jump the hurdles of writing.

But keep in mind that just because you've used AI to help build plot and structure doesn't mean you can't change your mind to make it exactly how you want it. It is your novel, and your vision of the perfect narrative needs to shine through.

In Summary

As you start to understand that the resistance content creators have toward AI is both futile and exaggerated, you are able to see the benefit that using an AI writing assistant can have on your future as a writer or freelancer.

Your novel is a bit of who you are, despite what people may want to say. After all, you are the one telling the AI writing tool what to do, not the other way around! Using an AI writing assistant is just a simple tool to get to your goal.


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