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Freelance Writing Jobs for eBooks and Blogs

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 As a writer or an aspiring one who wants to do freelance writing, there are many different opportunities on the web today. What makes freelancing so appealing is that most of the jobs are offered over the internet and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Two of the most sought-after types of online writing jobs in demand today are for eBooks and blogs. This is due to the fact that companies, from the giant corporations to the one-man run businesses, use blogs filled with interesting articles to create repeat customers or audiences. This is done with interesting blog posts, articles, and free giveaways. Anyone loves receiving free stuff, especially if it’s interesting and useful information.

This is where the freelance writer comes in as most companies, unless they are media ones, do not really have in-house writers. Instead of hiring a full-time writer, which can be costly, it is much more cost-effective to out-source the position as a remote writing job.

With mobile book reading devices, authors are turning more and more towards writing ebooks that can easily be read on them. Self-publishing has become popular with authors as it gives them more control over their marketing and customer base. It is also a lot more cost effective for authors. eBooks have also become a popular free giveaway for websites and blogs to entice customers to buy something, sign up to their newsletters, or become a member of their site, and so forth. This means there is a call for writers who can write on all genres within the non-fiction and fiction spectrum.



The Four Most Sought-After Writing Jobs

In this article, we look at some of the most popular eBooks and blog writing jobs for freelance writers who want to enjoy the freedom of being able to work remotely.

Be sure to read How to Become a Freelance Writer for anyone who is just starting out as a freelance writer or wanting to become one. 



Copywriting is the diamond standard of the freelance writing world. It is one of the best-paid jobs for writers and there is quite a high demand for experienced copywriters. Depending on the company and nature of the writing assignment, some companies will hire new writers with less experience, as long as the writer can demonstrate they are up for the task.

Copywriters are the salespeople of the writing world, and just like an excellent salesperson, they write content that engages, inspires, and prompts their audience into action. You could say copywriters are the writers gifted with a silver tongue that could sell anything by wrapping it up in an attractive package.

Copywriters write content

  • flyers
  • billboards
  • Internet marketing campaigns
  • Internet advertisements
  • blurbs
  • social media posts
  • inspirational quotes
  • greeting cards
  • speeches
  • landing pages
  • websites
  • SEO-optimized content

Bloggers use copywriters to write content that will entice readers to sign up to their newsletters or to advertise a big event, buy their product or service, or make them want to get a free ebook download.

Authors need the skills of a good copywriter in order to help promote and sell their books, whether they are ebooks or paper ones. A reader may not judge a book by its cover, but they are probably going to judge it by its description or blurb.

Technical Writing

As technology and science advance the demand for top-quality, qualified, or experienced technical writers increases. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job growth rate for technical writing jobs between 2018 and 2028 is predicted to have an 8% faster growth rate than average. However, unlike most remote writing jobs, technical writers need to have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in the chosen technical subject. 

Technical, medical, science, research, and other such companies, blog sites, or online magazines know the value of finding a good technical writer. A technical writer with a proven track record or who has demonstrated they can produce high-quality written content is all but guaranteed repeat business with or without a degree.

Technical writers are referred to as technical communicators.

Documents Prepared by Technical Writers

Here is a list of documents that technical writers commonly need to create:

  • instruction manuals
  • how-to guides
  • journal articles
  • product supporting documents
  • medical inserts
  • white papers
  • product or technical specifications

Technical writers have to take be able to take technical, complex information and rewrite it into a language that anyone can understand. In order to do this, they have to be able to:

  • Understand the technical requirements of the subject by studying it.
  • Determine the product’s target audience in order to be able to write the content in a way that speaks directly to them.
  • They will need to produce any supporting content that may be required for the products such as graphs, photographs, illustrations, graphics, and animations.

Technical writers usually specialize in one technical niche and only write on that or related-subject matter. For instance, a writer with an IT/robotics background could also have a medical background in medical equipment or prosthetics. But you rarely get one that is both a doctor and a robotics engineer, making such a person very valuable.

General Content Writing

General content writing is the most popular type of remote writing jobs available to writers who want to or already freelance. General content writing is where nearly every freelance writer starts out, especially those without a Bachelor's degree. It is a writer’s stepping stone into more advanced writing jobs where they will gain valuable experience. There are so many opportunities for this type of writing work and the rates vary depending on the scope of work or who the employer is.

General content writers are expected to be able to cover a broad range of topics from the bizaar to self-help articles to short stories. They are mostly for blogs or articles that will appear on the customer's website as a guest post or ghostwritten by the writer. The writer is expected to do research, make sure the work is not plagiarized, and usually requires the writer to do their own basic editing.

Popular General Content Article or Blog Writing Niches

In-demand writing niches for content writers include:

  • family and parenting
  • travel
  • sports
  • health and fitness
  • beauty and fashion
  • entertainment
  • news
  • product reviews
  • what the best or top sites are for various subjects
  • food and recipes
  • diet

When you first start out on the freelance track it is best to get your feet wet taking a few varied assignments in order to get the hang of the freelancer way. It is very different from your everyday 9-to-5 job and it does take some getting used to. General content writing gives you a way to test your freelance wings and decide in which direction you are wanting to fly in.

Ghostwriting of Non-fiction and Fiction eBooks

Ghostwriting of non-fiction and fiction books is fast becoming one of the most popular writing types of jobs for freelancers. You can choose what niches or genres you want to write for and you get to decide which topics of that niche you want to write about. If you join a ghostwriting company, like The Urban Writers, you’ll have a stream of steady work.

Most ghostwriting companies offer a host of different niches and their genres may include:

  • fiction
    • romance
    • sci-fi
    • young adult (YA)
    • paranormal
    • adult fiction
    • crime
    • mystery
    • thrillers
    • children's books
    • fantasy
    • scripts
  • non-fiction
    • health and fitness
    • art and photography
    • culture
    • biographies
    • mystical
    • diet plans
    • recipes and cookbooks
    • business
    • finance
    • parenting
    • family
    • technical
    • programming
    • music

Writing for a Ghostwriting Company

Writing for a ghostwriting company is a great way to break into a career as a freelancer or transition slowly from your current one by writing part time. They offer some stability for the new freelance writer who has the potential to become a great freelance writer.

Another great reason to become a ghostwriter is that it builds your confidence as a writer. If you can show you have the potential, are willing to work hard, learn from your mistakes, and grow, your freelance writing career will get off to a good start.

Final Thoughts

More and more people are opting to freelance with the internet making it possible to do so remotely. If you find the correct freelance job for you, it can change your whole life, as you get to choose your hours of work, where you work, you get to decide who you want to work for, and sometimes, how much you get paid.

Writing ebooks or blogs can be as lucrative as it can be frustrating; as with anything in this world, there are legitimate jobs and a lot of scam artists. Always make sure you have a signed contract that clearly states the scope of work, rate of pay, and frequency of pay. One of the safest ways to ensure you get paid and the customer can monitor the work they are getting, is to work on a milestone or deposit basis.

If you choose your contract wisely and have an excellent work ethic, you will find there are a lot of exciting opportunities for freelance writers. It is by no means easy, but it gets easier the more experience you get and as you build up your portfolio along with your customer base.


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