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An in-Depth Review: What’s the Buzz on Grammarly Business?

by The Urban Writers

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No writer can write a perfect document that is 100% error-free, clear, concise, AND meets all of the requirements set out by a style guide, writing brief, and any other musts that need to be adhered to. And, not every business can afford to hire an editor or language guru … so, enter Grammarly Business.

Being highly popular, Grammarly Business scores highly on review sites with a 4.7 out of 5 rating from GetApp and a 4 from PC Mag, but is it worth your while?


What Is Grammarly Business?

Grammarly Business is a relatively new service offering from the digital writing tool that is based on natural language processing and artificial intelligence. Suited for teams from 3 to 149 members, Grammarly’s Business package ensures what your team writes reflects professionally on your business.


Looking at more than just the basic mechanics of writing, Grammarly Business offers real-time feedback and writing suggestions. It looks at:

  • Writing Correctness

Every business wants to ensure that any communication, whether it is for internal or external use, is 100% free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Grammarly checks the writing for all of these to make sure what you write is correct and polished to professional communication standards.

  • Clarity and Readability

The writing tool checks for clarity by making every sentence concise so it is easy to follow. This further makes what has been written easier for the reader to understand and digest.

  • Reader Engagement

Grammarly suggests words and phrases to liven up your messages and writing, thus boosting reader engagement. It removes weak phrasing to make your messages more powerful in meaning.

  • Apt Tone

Each business has a brand and tone. It can be formal, business casual, informal, or something in between. Select the tone you want your written communication to match and Grammarly will check that the tone is appropriate for your business.

  • Your Business Style Guide

A style guide keeps business content consistent across the board, and you can be sure that WordPress is spelled with the capital ‘p’, for example, or your brand name is stylized correctly each and every time.

Furthermore, a business-specific style guide helps everyone on your team capture the unique style and voice of your business with a shared library of words, terms, and phrases that are specific to your company, thus producing a cohesive communications package.

This video further shows you how Grammarly Business can work for your business and team:


And watch this video to see how it can improve your team’s effectiveness:


Grammarly Business Extra Features

Cost-wise, Grammarly Premium versus Grammar Business works out roughly the same. For a team of five, a Premium subscription starts at $11.66 per person per month on an annual subscription while the Business subscription starts at $12.50 per member. Per month, you’ll pay a little more than $4 extra for the Business plan, but with the slightly cheaper Grammarly Premium, you’d lose out on key extra features that would make your life, and that of your team, easier.

Grammarly Business gives you access to all the features from a Premium subscription, like those mentioned above, as well as a plagiarism check and third-party integrations in the form of browser extensions, native apps for iOS and Windows, and add-ins for Word and Outlook.

Grammarly also complies with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), both of which are working toward protecting consumers’ privacy rights.

The extra features that only Grammarly Business offers are:

  • The style guide, which is a must-have for every business to ensure style, language, and tone consistency across all company communication
  • An admin panel from which you can easily manage who has access
  • Centralized billing for easy payment and subscription management
  • Great security with 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption so you can be sure your content is secure
  • Smooth integration across existing workflows so your teams can seamlessly work together
  • Team usage statistics so you can monitor each member’s usage of Grammarly and see team trends
  • Priority email support when you need assistance ASAP
  • Single Sign-On to authenticate logins for teams of 50 or more

Alternatives to Grammarly Business

No review would be complete without offering you alternatives to team publishing tools.


Alternative 1: ProWritingAid

A popular alternative to Grammarly, ProWritingAid offers similar features and it also has a Business plan to help your team boost productivity and prevent mistakes. This writing tool also offers substantial discounts when you buy multiple licenses. For a team of five, you’ll pay $40 per month for an annual subscription compared to the $62.50 for Grammarly Business.

Key Features:

  • An automated style guide with up to 1,000 rules
  • Editing tool that provides spelling, grammar, and punctuation corrections, plus a suggestion tool tracking repetitiveness, vagueness, and clarity
  • Centralized user management, similar to Grammarly’s admin panel
  • Team analytics
  • 256-bit AES and TLS encryption with privacy guarantees and compliance with GDPR and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Third-party integrations, such as browser extensions, Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Google Docs integration, and a desktop app
  • Helpdesk support

Unfortunately, ProWritingAid does not include plagiarism checks as part of its services, but if you don’t need this feature, then this tool is one you should check out.

Alternative 2: Linguix

Linguix also offers advanced writing insights and checks with its Business plan that starts at $10 per team member per month on its annual subscription.

Key Features:

  • Corrects spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Third-party integration with website browser extensions, iOS and Android keyboards, and Google Docs support
  • Centralized billing
  • Team user management
  • Style guides
  • Team analytics

No information is available with regard to security or the speed and access to support when you need it.

Alternative 3: Ginger

Ginger works similarly to Grammarly, ProWritingAid, and Linguix as its AI writing assistant checks content in real-time and offers spelling, grammar, and punctuation corrections.

Key Features:

  • Translate your document into 40 languages
  • Easy onboarding for your team
  • Centralized billing
  • VIP support
  • Admin panel
  • Third-party integration with extensions for Safari, Chrome, and Edge, as well as apps for Windows and Mac

As the only writing tool that offers translation services, Ginger is a good alternative to Grammarly Business; however, you need to get in touch with them to find out about their Business pricing solutions as these are determined according to your business requirements.

Alternative 4: WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is an all-in-one spell, grammar, style, and punctuation checker with extra features on the Business plan.

For a three-computer license, WhiteSmoke is on a special offer at the time of writing at $11.50 per month (its normal price is $22.99 per month). If you sign up for three years, WhiteSmoke is even more affordable at $8.82 per month (discounted) or $17.64 per month (regular three-year subscription deal).

Key Features:

  • Translates content into 55 languages
  • Plagiarism checker with 500 credits
  • Telephone customer support
  • Compatible with Windows, iOS, all website browsers, Gmail, and the MS Office Suite

Out of all the alternatives to Grammarly Business, WhiteSmoke is the only one that offers translation and a plagiarism check; however, you miss out on centralized user management and a style guide, which I believe is a must for a business.

Grammarly Business FAQs

Is Grammarly Business better than Grammarly Premium?

The answer to this depends on your needs. Grammarly Premium is geared toward individual writers who want to improve their writing and want extra features only the Premium version offers while Grammarly Business is aimed at teams.

Is Grammarly Business a good investment?

If you have a business and you want a writing tool to check your team’s written communication to ensure it is clear and relatively free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes, then Grammarly Business is a good investment.

How much is Grammarly for business?

Grammarly Business starts at $12.50 per member per month on the annual plan while the per month plan for each team member is double at $25.00. The good news is that there is a special discount available for teams larger than 10.

The Final Verdict on Grammarly for Business Use

Choosing the best editing and writing tool for your business doesn’t have to be difficult. You need to look at your budget and the features that are most important and helpful.

In summary, use this table to help you decide which tool is the best for you, your business, and your team:


Grammarly Business





Grammar Check

Spelling Check

Punctuation Check

Style and Tone Check

No information available

Clarity & Conciseness

Style Guide

Plagiarism Check


Centralized Billing

VIP/Priority Support

No information available

Team Management and Analytics

Security Features

No information available

No information available


Third-Party Integration & Support


If Grammarly Business is not suitable for you or your business, check out our review on Grammarly Premium , and if you want to learn more about the features of Grammarly, check out our first article in this Grammarly review series  in which we look at the three key features you can’t (and shouldn’t) live without.

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