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Confessions of a Ghostwriter: The Remote Writing Job that Changed My Life

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Do you enjoy writing? Have you ever dreamt of creating captivating stories or researching topics that inspire you and make a living out of it? If so, this is the right guide for you!

With so many freelancing platforms out there, you might feel tempted to join in—but, wait! These platforms are notorious for troublesome working relationships and low-paid work.

Finding clients on your own is twice as difficult, isn’t it? You need to set up administration, payment, systems, a website, a portfolio, plus spend countless days pitching to clients. So, is there a solution that combines the best of both? Find out!

Why Should You Choose a Remote Writing Job?

Unlike working for numerous platforms, remote writing is a job that gives you the stability of regular assignments with the combined security of company management. With The Urban Writers, you get to enjoy all of the perks of freelancing if you adhere to a couple of common-sense guidelines. With that in mind, remote writing gives you:

Time Budgeting and Flexibility

Choosing to ghostwrite for a living means that you’ll spend your precious hours writing about interesting topics, rather than being stuck at your day job. This also means that each hour that you work can be profitable.

This is great news for everyone who feels like their talents are wasting away on jobs that don’t provide growth opportunities. Imagine being able to turn your time into earnings by choosing where, how much, and what you write about!

Choosing Projects That You Like

Remote ghostwriting allows you to choose projects instead of having to cope with whatever assignments you’re given in a regular company. If you have a knack for writing, you’re likely already much more comfortable with administration than many 9-to-5 workers.

But, you’re stuck with mundane tasks and topics. If you’re the sort of person who reads, does research, and watches videos about various topics for hours on end, why not capitalize on this talent? Believe it or not, not everyone is so curious! You have a unique talent and a curiosity for learning and artistic creation, so why not turn that into a career?

Training, Guidance, Secure Projects, and Support From TUW

Here at The Urban Writers, we have set up a platform for ghostwriters to choose from a pool of projects. The difference between our  platforms and others are:

  • You are guaranteed to have work. If you adhere to our requirements, you will be able to choose your next project as soon as you’re done with the previous one! Plus, if you’ve proven to successfully manage several projects at once, you can do that as well.
  • You can choose your preferred niches and formats. Writing for any genre you can think of, we provide SEO articles, fiction and non-fiction eBooks, and book descriptions that suit different talents and literary expressions.
  • Your rights are protected. We provide contracts with secured payment upon completion for each project that you choose. There’s no worry that the client might change their mind or that you’ll be left without pay for your hard work!


How to Leverage Benefits vs. Disadvantages of Freelance Work

Of course, remote ghostwriting has both advantages and disadvantages that come with every freelancing job. If you’re thinking about changing career directions, you should know what to expect and what to watch out for.

Here are some of the benefits and challenges that come with ghostwriting:

The Advantages of a Remote Ghostwriting Job

Remote ghostwriting allows you to fully balance out work with your lifestyle. If you work out the right schedule, you can enjoy as little or as many hours of work as needed to support your desired lifestyle.

Remote writing lets you set up a job station wherever you please, choose your work hours, and vary the workload on a month-to-month basis, depending on your needs. For example, if you face a sudden expense, you don’t have to chip away at your savings. You can simply work an extra hour or two a day to make extra money!

Another important benefit of ghostwriting is that you’re better positioned with your clients compared to a regular job. When working with clients, you’re an equal who can either set or negotiate the terms. When you work for a company, you can either accept the pre-set terms or walk away.

Finally, ghostwriting is the type of work that you can adjust to any changes in your life. Whether you choose to move to a different town or even country, start a family, or increase or reduce work hours, you can do so on your own terms and without having to switch jobs!

The Downsides of Freelance Work

As with any other job, freelancing comes with a set of challenges. Reduced work demand is one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome. Most freelancers face months without work at least once in their career, which is a valuable lesson on the importance of scheduling in advance and saving.

Furthermore, working directly with clients, without support, can be challenging. As a freelance writer, your expertise lies in writing, and not necessarily customer support.

Perhaps, one of the biggest obstacles that arise is communication problems when discussing terms of the contract, the outline, plot, structure, tone, and other elements of the work.

How to Benefit From Our Ghostwriting Platform and Support

The Urban Writers allows you to fully experience the benefits of remote ghostwriting while minimizing the downsides. We offer:

  • Admin support with scheduling, outlining, and discussing projects. Our training manuals and materials show you how to research and craft an outline in a time-efficient manner. Plus, you get a team of admins to answer all of your questions or to reach out to the client to resolve any issues.
  • Pre-written outlines. The bulk of our orders are already planned out when they reach the ghostwriter. While we do provide outline writing services, most of the time, you will get a complete outline. All you need to do is start researching and writing.
  • A dependable support system. After you’re done writing a project, an editor joins your team so that you can proofread and finalize the work together. Your work goes through several rounds of reviews, which minimizes the chances of having to revise the work because the client is unhappy.

Plus, we offer free courses and webinars for how to streamline your work and improve your writing skills, with new webinars available each month. Moreover, we have an established payroll system that ensures that you’re compensated as soon as possible upon the editing process completion!

Write for money

How to Manage Your Ghostwriting Career with TUW

The Urban Writers is an ever-growing business, so we’re constantly on the lookout for new, talented Urbanites! You, too, are invited to join our family.

Requirements to Work for The Urban Writers

If you wish to become an Urbanite, know that we require quality and professionalism. You need a computer, a steady internet connection, plenty of creativity and intellectual curiosity, and appreciation for quirky memes—we love sharing those on our platform!

Our style is business-casual. You are expected to perform like a professional and submit quality writing, but we also appreciate your personality, sense of humor, culture, and unique insight regarding our work and company policies. Yep, we have a 24/7 company feedback channel where you can speak your mind and be heard.

Benefits of Working with The Urban Writers vs. Going on Your Own

The Urban Writers provides security, advertising, and a constant stream of projects to choose from, plus a funky community of diverse writers across the globe to chat with and exchange experiences and anecdotes.

Our culture is inclusive, which means that we ensure everyone has an equal chance at getting work, advancing, and growing their skills. We have a steady set of rules and standards that are the same for everyone so that your success depends only on your effort.

Important Tips for Success

If you’re a talented and diligent ghostwriter, then your professional and time-management skills are the main things that will determine your progress at The Urban Writers. Here’s how to increase your chances of success and earnings:

  • Communicate. Talk to us about your lifestyle, how many hours a day you can really work, how many words per day can you truly write, and partner with a member of the admin team to consult about the right niches and projects to choose from.
  • Be open. Everyone faces setbacks, but if you communicate with us and the clients in a timely manner, no harm will be done.
  • React on time. Need extra work? Write to our admins! Need a couple of extra days because you got sick? No problem! At TUW, we expect everyone to adhere to deadlines, but there are common-sense situations that entail giving you extra time and help to complete projects. The most important thing is to communicate!


Ghostwriting as a remote job has never been more accessible than it is today. Like any other job, ghostwriting has both pros and cons. The same flexibility that’s appealing for anyone who wants a better work-life balance can be tricky when you need to manage projects on your own. So, why not get support?

If you want to become an Urbanite, reach out to our hiring team today!

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