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The Best Writer Award for Authors to Recognize Their Accomplishments

by The Urban Writers

After years of writing and publishing quality books, who wouldn't want their talents to be recognized in their own country or to win an international prize for literature?

The literary world stands out for its respect of competition, which can't be said for other industries. The best fiction, non-fiction, and prose writers from across the globe have the opportunity to receive recognition for their novels, short story, or children's books.

A cash prize often follows the most prestigious awards, like the Hugo Award and the Nobel Prize, but for most writers, the recognition of being a true writer is invaluable.

In literature, young writers who create within niche fiction genres, like fantasy, often find themselves exempt from being recognized as writers who've made a distinguished contribution.

These fantasy writers, and many other writers who don't feel like they belong within the confines of traditionally valued literature (e.g., works that would be recognized by the American Library Association), can still find other awards to look forward to.

Best writing awards - Most prestigious writing awards

What Are the Best Writing Awards That Authors Can Earn?

While a prestigious award puts the most established authors in the spotlight, they're given to only a handful of writers each year. Luckily, authors have more than a few opportunities for their book to be awarded annually within their niche and genre.

The following rewards are available to thriller, horror, young adult literature, mystery authors, and crime writers:

The RITA Award

The RITA Award is given to writers who’ve shown excellence in romance books and novellas. It was established by the Romance Writers of America, and it accepts submissions from both traditionally published and self-published authors.

It’s important to note that specific guidelines must be followed for an author to enter their book into the competition.

The Edgar Allen Poe Award

This competition was established by the Mystery Writers of America and is called The Edgar Allen Poe Awards. Writers who publish exemplary works in mystery fiction can enter their books within their category, while category winners are announced annually.

Bram Stoker Awards

This award competition recognizes extraordinary horror writers. It features several categories, including a first novel, young adult, short and long fiction, poetry, anthology, novel, graphic novel, screenplay, and nonfiction manuscripts.

Winners are chosen by the Horror Writer’s Association members, and the winning titles are chosen among those books that were submitted following the guidelines.

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Are There Book Awards for Writers?

Yes, aside from the Nobel Prize, the Hugo Award, the Pulitzer Prize, the Booker Prize, and the Women's Prize For Fiction, there are awards established within pretty much every country and major university or scholarly institution.

If you feel like your writing career would benefit from an award, you can consider submitting your writing for a competition or submitting your work for review to local educational facilities.

Aside from that, you can check what awards are given internationally since there are many countries that awards writers with achievements in science, fiction, or non-fiction.

What Are the Most Famous Book Awards for Book Authors?

Extraordinary achievements in literature may receive annual prizes, among which the most prestigious awards include the Nobel Prize, the Booker Prize, the National Book Awards, the Edgar Award, the John Newbery Medal, the Whitbread Book Awards, Costa Awards, and others.

The most prestigious literary awards, however, mostly focus on American literature.

Famous book awards - Book writing awards

What Are the Most Prestigious Literary Awards?

There are few things in the life of an author that matter more than winning a prestigious literary award. While some awards are universal in literature, like Hugo Awards and the Nobel Prize, others focus on specific genres. There are also awards that are given only in certain countries, and for a different range of achievements.

Authors who earn the most prestigious literary awards typically receive a plaque or a medal, and they’re also awarded a certain amount of cash. Aside from the Nobel Prize, which is thought of as the highest achievement in the literary awards, there are over a dozen more prestigious awards that are given annually.

How Many Book Writing Awards Are There?

Aside from distinguishing the finest writers, awards also help guide readers toward the best quality titles. If a book has earned an award, it means that the reader who enjoys the specific niche is very likely to enjoy it as well. Here’s a list of the most prestigious literary awards that a writer can win:

#1: Costa Book Awards

The Costa Book Awards' prestigious award plaque has been given to writers since its establishment in 1971, and it recognizes achievements by writers in Britain and Ireland. The award is given in different literary categories, including poetry, children’s books, novels, biography, and first novel.

#2: Women’s Prize for Fiction

The Women’s Prize for Fiction is the most prestigious female author award. It is sponsored in the United Kingdom, and female authors of all nationalities are considered in the choice of best original novel written in English Language.

#3: Jnanpith Award

This prestigious literary award is given annually to Indian writers who’ve created books of high value within the languages recognized by the Indian Constitution. This award was first given in 1965 to Sankara Kurup. The prized title, ‘Otkuzhal’ received a monetary prize of Rs11 lakhs and a citation plaque.

#4: Hugo Awards

This annual literary award was named after the "Amazing Stories" science fiction magazine author Hugo Gernsback. The first Hugo prize was awarded in 1953 and has continued to be awarded annually under the supervision of the World Science Fiction Society.

To be considered for an award, stories of over 40,000 words can be included in the Best Novel category, while stories of a minimum of 4,000 words to 7,500 words and between 7,500 and 17,500 words can earn Best Novella and the Best Novelette prizes.

#5: Sahitya Akademi Award

This top literary award was founded by the National Academy of Letters in India in 1954. The annual award recognizes writers who create distinct works in English and other Indian languages. Aside from a plaque, this award is also given a monetary prize.

#6: Neustadt International Prize for Literature

The Neustadt International Prize has two sponsors: The World Literature Day and the University of Oklahoma. The first prize was awarded in 1970. The writer who wins the Neustadt International Prize for Literature is awarded a $50,000 prize, aside from a certificate and the silver eagle feather.

#7: The Hindu Literary Prize

The Hindu Literary Award was established as a part of The Hindu newspaper in 2010 and is given to writers with significant achievements in English translation and writing. The award focuses on literary fiction, including novels and short stories.

#8: Man Booker Prize

Also known as the Booker Prize, this prestigious award was initially intended for writers from Zimbabwe, Ireland, and the Commonwealth. However, its scope broadened in 2014, with the Indian novelist V.S. Naipaul winning the Booker Prize prize for the title "In a Free State."

#9: Pulitzer Prize

The Pulitzer Prize is given to writers with outstanding work in literature, musical composition, magazine and online journalism, and newspaper. The prize came to fruition in 1917, and was named after an established journalist, Joseph Pulitzer. The award is administered annually by Colombia University.

#10: Nobel Prize in Literature

One of the best known awards in the entire world, the famous Nobel Prize for literature is held in Sweden. It is given to authors with the most extraordinary literary achievements. Aside from giving the winner a medal, the prize also includes a money award, with the amounts changing from year to year. The award is named after the world-renowned scientist Alfred Nobel, and it was established by the Swedish Academy.

#11 The National Book Award

The National Book Awards were established in 1915, as one of the most prestigious award in the American literary world. Many of America's most praised writers have won this award, which recognizes books in poetry, young people's literature, nonfiction, and best fiction categories.

#12 Orange Prize for Fiction

The Orange Prize for Fiction is among the most prestigious award competitions in the United Kingdom. It is given annually to female authors of full-length novels. This competition is international, and it was ultimately renamed as the Women’s Fiction Prize.

#13 America Award

In an effort to diversify the selection of authors and titles that receive rewards, the America award recognizes the most distinguished contribution of international writers. Although sponsored by Contemporary Arts Educational Project Inc., the award doesn’t include prize money.

Of course, this isn't the ultimate list of every prestigious award competition. There are many other competitions that are presented annually, like The Baileys Women's Prize, the Printz Award, and many others.

And the Top Award Winning Writer...

The title of the writer who received the most awards goes to Philip Roth. This author won a total of nine prestigious awards, including the National Book Award, the NBCC Award, the Pulitzer Prize, the American Academy of Arts and Letters Gold Medal, the Pen/Faulkner Award, the Man Booker Prize, and many more.

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