Spanish Translation Package

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  • Kindle/eBook Formatted (If applicable)
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Spanish Translation Package

The Spanish Translation Package is the perfect package for those looking to translate their content into Spanish. Perfectly suitable for those looking to enter a new market with their content. With the fastest delivery times, you can expect to receive your fully translated content in no time! 

The Spanish Translation Package offers our fastest delivery times. Please use our Delivery Calculator to estimate how long your order will take. Also, please keep in mind that these are estimates and are not guaranteed. Only when your delivery date is set, after you place the order, is it guaranteed.

We have a specific formatting style that we use in-house. All of our content is delivered using this formatting style. To keep a streamlined process, we are unfortunately unable to provide custom formatting.

Need a revision? No problem! The Spanish Translation Package includes up to 2 revisions. Each revision must be made within 5 days of delivery to qualify.

Revisions are accepted in Word, please use the Comment Feature from the Review Tab, we will deliver your project back to you with the changes tracked.

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