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  • Manipulation

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Book Outline:

Introduction: Leveling the Playing Field with Psychology's Darkest Secrets

Chapter 1: Understanding Dark Psychology


  • Is Dark Psychology a Real Thing?
  • Why Dark Psychology Matters
  • A Way of Empowering Yourself

Chapter 2: Mind Control


  • Detected Versus Undetected Mind Control
  • Media: Mind Control Masters
  • Common Techniques

Chapter 3: The Infamous Dark Triad


  • The Holy Grail of Dark Psychology
  • Deciphering the Traits
  • Can Dark Triad Traits Make You Successful in Life?

Chapter 4: The Dark Side of Persuasion


  • Not All Persuasions Are Created Equal
  • How to Recognize a Dark Persuader?
  • Fundamental Dark Persuasion

Chapter 5: CEM – Covert Emotional Manipulation


  • Purest Form of Manipulation
  • Can’t Escape From it
  • Common Techniques

Chapter 6: Mind Games or Psychological Warfare?


  • They Aren’t Really Games, Are They?
  • Three Mind Games We’re All Guilty of Playing
  • Why Do We Play Them?

Chapter 7: Deception: More Than Just Lies


  • What Is Deception?
  • Common Techniques
  • Small-Scale Deception

Chapter 8: Brainwashing:  Hollywood Got It Wrong


  • What REAL Brainwashing Looks Like
  • Collective Manipulation
  • The Consequences

Conclusion: When Knowledge Becomes Power

Sample Content From the Book

Chapter 3: The Infamous Dark Triad

“Always treat everyone with respect. You never know who is secretly a psychopath.”

― Alex Wayne

Both history books and works of literary fiction are filled with dark but compelling characters. Judged by purely moral standards they should be characters of pure loathing, but yet there’s something that attracts them to us. While these darkly attractive characters have many different characteristics, modern science has pointed the way to three particular traits that are especially powerful, and dangerous.

The Dark Triad. It sounds like a criminal organization from a work of fiction, but it’s a psychological concept that is all too real. While the different traits have gone by various names over the ages, publications like Psychology Today have defined the three as psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism. These three traits are powerful on their own, but when they’re combined in an individual they can be earth shattering.

If you want to understand the nature of power, then you need to understand these three attributes. Knowing what to look for is the first step towards being able to defend yourself from their pull. But be warned, even those who understand the theory of dark psychology can still find themselves becoming hypnotized by the talents of a Dark Triad individual. Dealing with them is like interacting with a wild animal. The moment you get too comfortable with them is the moment when they’re most likely to strike.

The Holy Grail of Dark Psychology

The study of dark psychology could be said to be the study of the Dark Triad. This is because the Dark Triad has been around much longer than the science of psychology, or any science for that matter. The Dark Triad arises from human nature, the science of our brains, and the natural neurodiversity that accounts for the many personality types that exist.

There have likely been Dark Triad individuals for as long as humans have been walking upright and speaking in full sentences. These individuals were given the natural talent and aptitude for manipulating their fellow humans, while the innocents around them didn’t have the tools necessary to see just what was being done to them. Fortunately, we now live in an age where the triad has been identified and defined. Still, it takes careful study and practice to recognize the most subtle Dark Triad individuals, and it requires even more to learn how to harness the power for your own purposes.

Dark psychology has developed so that individuals who don’t possess Dark Triad traits can develop the skills and understanding that come naturally to those born into the Dark Triad. 

Chapter 6: Mind Games or Psychological Warfare?

"In the big leagues everyone has ability. It always comes down to mind games. Whoever is more mentally strong-wins."

- Muhammad Ali

The term “mind games” can be difficult to take seriously at first because the name has an almost playful connotation. After all, who doesn’t like to play games? But this is precisely what can make mind games so dangerous. Anyone who has wrestled with a sibling knows that the line between play fighting and actual fighting is thin. Even if neither party is trying to hurt the other, all it takes is one miscalculation to inflict pain and suffering.

Now imagine that one of the individuals involved has malicious intent.

The problem with mind games in the dark psychology sense is the disconnect between the two parties involved. The person being targeted is playing by the normal rules of human society and is limited by things like empathy and a sense of right and wrong. The dark persuader often operates without these restrictions. The only thing written in their rulebook is that there are no rules.

They will do whatever it takes to win.

They Aren’t Really Games, Are They?

When do games become something more?

Imagine finding yourself in a fencing match. You might be a little nervous if you’ve never taken part in such a game before, but you won’t be too nervous because you know that fencing is a safe activity. The person across from you looks like they know what they are doing and has a relaxed attitude that puts your mind at ease. Everything fits with your preconceived notions, and so your critical thinking shuts down so you can follow the steps you’re expected to take.

But once the match starts, something starts to feel off. Your opponent is going through the motions you’d expect, but there is an edge to him that feels like it doesn’t belong in the game you’ve agreed to take part in. Still, your first few exchanges of lunges and parries goes as you’d expect, and in the rush of the moment you get so caught up with moving from moment to moment that you lose sight of the bigger picture.

It’s only when you feel a stinging in your side that you realize something is wrong.

You look down and see that your opponent’s foil has drawn blood. He’s not using the blunted blade that the rules call for, he’s using a real weapon that has just done real harm.

Looking up, you see that his expression is unchanged. He looks calm and in control. His demeanor is so commanding that you start to question your own.

As you deal with your confusion your opponent is able to capitalize on your weakness. He slices through your guard and cuts you to ribbons. By the time you realize it’s not a game, it's too late. You’re lying bleeding on the floor.

This scenario may seem outlandish, but it is an accurate depiction of the damage a dark persuader can do with mind games. You never know just how dangerous a game can be until you play it with someone who is willing to do whatever is necessary to win. You quickly learn that any sport can be a blood sport when approached with a dark mindset.