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Some of your readers are actually listeners!

75% of adult Americans listen to audiobooks each month.

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Increase your revenue stream and reach new audiences with audiobooks.

The children's audiobook segment is expected to experience the fastest expansion with a CAGR of 29% during the projection period - largely due to the benefits seen from a sensory perspective with children.


of listeners agree that audio engages the mind more positively than other mediums


global audiobook market anticipated growth by 2030


of the total revenue share in fiction was due to audiobooks


Ready to tap into a new market that can grow your passive income?

With many readers also opting to purchase audiobooks to engage with while running, commuting to work, or traveling - you have a captive audience waiting to be introduced to your content!

Stop holding yourself back - take the leap into a new way of publishing today! Post a project on our platform, then browse the pool of talented narrators to find the perfect voice for your content.

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What is included in the full done for your Narration Bundle?

    Get Ready to Publish Your Next Bestseller with our All-in-One Book Bundles. Including Services from Cover to Cover and Everything In Between.

    Access to our vetted team of expert freelancers and professional narrators

    All-in-One collaborative Platform

    High-quality, fully edited narrated content

    Content Revisions

    Audiobook Bundle includes all Platinum Bundle services + audiobook narration

*20 Commercially Free Images
*Cover Designs for ebook, paperback and audiobook
*Writing, Editing & Proofreading, Formatting, Professional Description for Non-Fiction
*Professional Outline for Non-Fiction

*If you would like a fiction audiobook, please contact us by emailing so we can get you a custom invoice based on your needs.

A Platform built with you in mind!

A step-by-step flow designed to make posting your project simple and easy. A guided menu that allows you to capture your exact requirements, ensuring quality content creation.

We’ve built a seamless workflow for your projects, so we do all the heavy lifting, and you get to focus on the end result. You will receive updates for each phase of your order, so you are always in complete control. Ensuring fast and effective execution and reducing the time you need to manage your content. Time you can use to run your business.


Not sure when to find a writer, editor, or designer for your project?Don’t worry. We’ll tell you.

    The platform will automatically perform plagiarism scans for you to monitor and review, and you can add a human layer here as well for a deeper dive.

    Content creation is at the forefront of our offering, and one of the biggest problems we found and addressed is content tracking and collaboration.

    So, we built it right into our platform to make monitoring your content creation a breeze!

    Watch your content get created before your eyes, know exactly how many words have been written, how much is left, and even know if the writer has been actively writing or not.

    You can leave feedback via comments, request and approve content changes, and chat directly with your creatives to ensure the content meets your standards.

    You can do all this seamlessly - without ever leaving the platform!

Find your perfect fit - every time!

Built-in freelancer search tool to simplify the hiring process and find the right person for your project. We leverage a tag-based system so you can narrow down the right candidates for the job. Simply select a few tags, such as niche, and the results will show you freelancers specializing in that content.

    But that is not all!
    You can build out an entire team - ready to take on your project, and hand hold it - every step of the way.

    One of the biggest issues with freelance platforms is the inability to build dedicated teams. We saw this, and we knew this was a huge opportunity missing in this space. So we built it! (hope you’re starting to see the trend here)

    Build deep connections and work directly with your go-to freelancers every time without requiring third-party tools/software, it is all done in-platform.

    We’ve even built a collaborative chat system designed specifically for teams. Think of a subset version of Slack directly in the platform. We cover all bases!


Why go it alone? Need more support?

The best part is that you never need to worry about losing money, or scams that may exist on other platforms. Not only is our vetting and training process a blocker for scams and money loss, but our dedicated support team is readily available to help you and your project progress. If you find that you are misaligned with your freelancer, we’ll even fire your freelancer for you and we can find you a replacement at no additional charge! We take the stress out of removing freelancers that you are not gelling with.

Need someone to oversee all your projects? Are you too busy for the details? We hear you! We’ve introduced project managers because we know business people are busy.

We can take care of everything for you so you can sit back and receive the content you’ve always dreamed of! Just reach out to our support or sales teams to get Managed Services!


Who is the NARRATION BUNDLE perfect for?

Businesses & Organizations

If getting your business and/or organizations' content into the hands of your audience is your number one goal, it's time to expand your offering to include audiobooks.

Whether your book is related to self-help, business, finance, technology, or something else - you're going to reach more people and create new revenue streams by entering the audiobook market.

Level up your business and tap into a new audience demographic.

Self-publishers and Authors
Reading and listening are two different ways to experience a book or other content. Why limit yourself to only reaching one type of consumer?

give the people what they want by offering your content in and audio format as well.

Find the perfect voice from our team of professional narrators and bring your book to life. Maximize your reach and influence - gain more success and tap into a growing market.

Personal brands
Every reader counts when it comes to your personal brand and/or small business.

Get your book into the hands (or ears) of an even bigger audience by offering audiobook versions of your new and existing content.

Let our team of vetted narrators help boost your engagement, leads, and sales by delivering top-notch audio files for anything and everything you have to offer your audience.


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Get The Best With Our Narration Bundle:

    When you order a narration package or bundle with The Urban Writers, you get everything you need to publish your manuscript on various audiobook platforms!

    We deliver professionally recorded, edited, and mastered audio files that are ready for your listeners.

    Add new revenue streams by offering audiobooks for existing content and future projects.

    Whether you’ve already entered the audiobook market or are just getting started, TUW can help!

    No matter the project, you're sure to find the perfect voice amidst our diverse team of narrators.

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